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7 years ago

Problem with the light scattering detector

I am facing a problem with the light scattering detector on my GPC. I removed the columns and connetced the pump to the light scattering detector and flushed first Decalin for 48 hours at 160 degrees, then flushed the detector with acetone at 40 degrees and then moved back to 160 degrees and fulshed TCB. The detecor response still showing 400mV (LS15) and 220mv (LS90). Any thought of how I can solve this high response.

Thank you

Hoshiar Molod


5 years agoReply from venus666
avatar placemark Call the after-sales service.

5 years agoReply from CusopTech
avatar placemark Have you adjusted the pots

Varian - PL-GPC 220
by Varian

Varian - PL-GPC 220
Integrated GPC/SEC System

Gel permeation chromatography is the technique of choice for rapid and reliable characterization of polymer molecular weight and molecular weight distribution. Advances in polymer science and technology mean that a more diverse range of solvents and temperatures are required in the modern GPC laboratory. With ever increasing workloads the GPC system must deliver greater accuracy, reproducibility and reliability with automated high sample throughput. The PL-GPC 220 ensures excellent chromatographic performance across the full operational temperature range, from 30 to 220 °C, whatever the application. It is an extremely flexible system, designed to run almost all polymer, solvent and temperature combinations, with full automation.