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17 days ago

File Programming

Is There anyone have Experience In File Programming In GC shimadzu model GC14A with FID detector? Can help me to Do File Programming?
14 days agoReply from AYSA
avatar placemark What do yuo need ??

Do you need a temperature ramp into GC-14A ??

My e-mail is aysa96@hotmail.com

Shimadzu - GC-14A
by Shimadzu

Shimadzu - GC-14A

Fully programmable(time & temperature) GC system. Multi-linear programming capability using up to a maximum of five staged increments within a time maxima of 655 minutes. Programming and operational control is accomplished via the multifunctional interactive keypad. The keypad also provides for LED display of system parameters, program monitoring, file storage(10 separate file slots) and miscellaneous features. The flow control module includes four ports to accommodate detector gas components(air and hydrogen for FID) and carrier/makeup gas. All temperature zones(column oven, injector and detector) are overheat protected.