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Please quote.

Hello We are a device distributor in Korea. (Basetek,. Co. Ltd. www.basetek.co.kr) I want to import and sell the equipment you sell. Please quote. - South Korea installation. - Model : ALMSCO - BenchTOF-dx" - Details (including default, optional,,, etc) Consumer price : $ Offer price : $ e-mail : handin@daum.net orbt@basetek.co.kr Thanks.
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ALMSCO - BenchTOF-dx™

ALMSCO - BenchTOF-dx™
BenchTOF-dx offers a unique combination of high-performance & affordability to any GC/MS user interested in trace detection

BenchTOF-dx is a fast, high performance reflectron time-of-flight (TOF) mass spectrometer (MS) for analysing ultra-trace level volatile and semi-volatile organic chemicals in complex real-world samples. Novel architecture and proprietary noise reduction algorithms offer and unrivalled combination of:                    • Sensitivity          • Compound resolution          • Spectral quality, and          • Robust operation                    All clear advantages for trace analysis.                    This affordable bench-top MS platform can be interfaced to any major brand of gas chromatograph (GC).                    Moreover, integration can include transfer of BenchTOF-dx data into various GCMS data systems, enabling the performance enhancements of BenchTOF-dx to be realised within a familiar GCMS operating environment.                    BenchTOF-dx offers a unique combination of highperformance and affordability to any GCMS user with an interest in trace detection. Offering compatibility with conventional and high-speed GC, key applications include chemical agent monitoring, flavour/fragrance profiling and monitoring low-level environmental pollutants.                    Example Applications:                    • Flavour/fragrance profiling: Detecting trace olfactory components          • Chemical agent monitoring: Counter-terrorism & civil defence          • Environmental monitoring: Measuring trace toxic & odorous chemicals