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a year ago

Totalchrom and Perkin Elmer Series 200 Pump

Any advice for the following issues will be greatly appreciated.

We are having trouble with Totalchrom controlling a Perkin Elmer Series 200 pump. Below is a brief description of what we encountered today.

New Problem:

Totalchrom finally took control of the HPLC instrument. However, after setting up a sequence, we cannot get the mobile phase to switch over to mobile phase-A using the Hands On screen. The method in the sequence is programmed to start a gradient at mobile phase-A.

Original Problem:

Totalchrom failed to seize a Perkin Elmer Series 200 Pump.

The HPLC system consists of Perkin Elmer series 200 pump, autosampler, and UV detector. The HPLC system is run by Totalchrom version 6.3.2 workstation. After the "Take Control" command is activated, two errors are observed:

"-993 Seize failed"

"-984 While taking control of the pump. ERROR 35 AT A: = Instrument does not respond."

The LC system is connected to the workstation computer with a LINK interface box.

We tried turning all units off, then back on several times; checked electrical connections between units; made sure to turn the LINK interface box on after the LC units.