a year ago

G1315 DAD

Instrument powers up, but cannot

communicate through ethernet,

and firmware cannot be written.

Looking for way to diagnose/repair problems with motherboard.

    Agilent Technologies - 1100 Series
    by Agilent Technologies

    Agilent Technologies - 1100 Series
    Complete control and networked data handling solutions for your laboratory

    Agilent Technologies 1100 Series sets the industry standard for HPLC analysis. The combination of our long expertise in chemical analysis with leading computer technology expands networking technology into the laboratory. Since 1996, more than 120,000 LC units and more than 50,000 ChemStation data handling systems have been installed worldwide.            In 2006 Agilent Technologies introduced the 1200 Series liquid chromatography system, successor to its market-leading 1100 LC, including the 1200 Rapid Resolution System.