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1 Answer I have a 7683 autosampler on GC-MS and GC-FID instruments. They are about 15 years old. Recently, both autosamplers stopped working. Once an analysis is initiated, the carosel does its thing spinning around, the syringe mechanism lowers to the waste vial, and then it stops. It cannot seem to raise up or complete the injection. Any idea what is wrong?

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Agilent Technologies - 7683 AutoSampler
RE: Agilent Technologies - 7683 AutoSampler
0 Answers Where to get parts for the model 5851 vacuum oven specifically heating elements.

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Napco - 5851 Vacuum Oven
RE: Napco - 5851 Vacuum Oven
0 Answers after a power supply off in our building, the HPLC went on again. But now it is impossible to relaunch Labsolution. Everything is ok on the HPLC and on the local network. But a message such as this appears "error 109: labsolution was not lauunched". We put the PC off and on (the HPLC too). Nothing changes? Any ideas? I have a 80 vials batch to pass!!!! Help!

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Shimadzu - LabSolutions DB
RE: Shimadzu - LabSolutions DB
16 days ago

GC problems

0 AnswersYou must first start LCD before running this application

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0 AnswersHello, What FLD model can work with Perkin Elmer 200 HPLC? The customer need a new detector for his HPLC and the FLD of the 200 series is discontinued. Thank you.
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0 Answers an error appears: 15 - 2 on the display of the spetrophotomer DR2800; but the users manual dont give any information about this error and wath should I do.


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Hach Company - DR 2800
RE: Hach Company - DR 2800
17 days ago


0 Answers Need a schematic for the FP120 pcb and wiring. tks

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Savant Instruments - Bio 101 FastPrep FP120-120V
RE: Savant Instruments - Bio 101 FastPrep FP120-120V
0 Answers we have a Napco 6300 incubator. we would like to know how to set the temperature to 37C and how much water does it take in? because we have pumped in 10L water now and it still says low water.



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0 Answers The auto sampler and the furnace initiate without issue. The spectrophotometer will not power up and doesn't see the installed deuterium lamp either.

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PerkinElmer - AAnalyst 700
RE: PerkinElmer - AAnalyst 700
3 AnswersWe have two Varian CP-3800 GC units. In the analysis* with TSD (GC1) and TSD or FID (GC2) both chromatographs show a progressive reduction of signal in the detection of nicotine during the day (for example, using TSD in a day the initial ABC is 1000 in the morning and the final ABC is 800-900 in the afternoon). Because both chromatographs are showing the same problem and share the main gas supply lines, we verify and there are no gas leaks.*Using very similar methods: same capillary column type, program temperature, standard solution (fresh or old), solvent, etc.

Does anyone know why this is happening?

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Varian - CP-3800
RE: Varian - CP-3800

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