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3 Answers Dear Concern,

We are working on TAN application as per ASTM D664 method.

Autotitrator: T5

Sensor: DGi116

Autosampler: InMotion Flex 100ml

Customer samples are used and fresh lube oils.

The problem is this, results are in range but consumption of KOH is very high and the potential is not reached earlier. We have set the end point criteria at potential because in this application EQP is same time detect or some time no EQP.

This too much consumption of KOH is due to electrode worn out? Or some other issue.

How do we set this application to use less KOH.

Customer does 30 samples on daily basis.

Thanks and Best Regards,

Muhammad Hassham

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METTLER TOLEDO - Excellence Titrator T5
RE: METTLER TOLEDO - Excellence Titrator T5
a month ago


0 AnswersDear salam My company interesting with you company product as Quantachrome Instruments - ChemBET" TPR / TPD Please send more information about product, warranty, technical support, and price to us. Thank you Best regards Domo
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0 Answers I have VWR vista vision 0906530 scope, i have changed the light bulb, it is plugged in, but no light, I don't see where the fuse might be, I have opened the bottom, but see no evidence of a fuse. I can't find the manual, can you offer any help?

Bruce, 602-405-3247 bwerber@biostemlife.com

Thank you

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VWR - VistaVision Inverted Microscope
RE: VWR - VistaVision Inverted Microscope
4 Answers hi >

the problom I have contamination effacting my result , in BIOTEK ELx 50 microwell wosher.

how do I solve this problom?

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BioTek - ELx50
RE: BioTek - ELx50
a month ago

Trouble shooting

0 Answers The software shows the error of pathlength but as we adjust the pathlength its still shows the same error. What could be the cause and solution?

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Shimadzu - BioSpec-nano
RE: Shimadzu - BioSpec-nano
a month ago

plasma won't start

0 Answers The Varian Vista MPX Axial ICP/ES won't light/start the plasma. The ALC fail LED is on. It may need an RF board. I should get another quote besides the one from Agilent. Who should I contact?

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a month ago

AA240 error

0 Answers Receive error when launching software : Help Error:Online files not found (Spectraa.CHM, SpectrAAHelp.ini) . Please install using SpectAA Help CDROM. When I run CDROM all is grayd out ,even running as sysadmin?

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Varian - AA140 and AA240
RE: Varian - AA140 and AA240
0 Answers Hi,

Our Q50 unit can't communicate with computer.

How to solve it. We run Windos 10 OS on the computer

Thanks Jan

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TA Instruments - Q50
RE: TA Instruments - Q50
a month ago


0 Answers I work with a IKA KS 4000 ic control. i don´t know why but when I turn on the temperature, it appear on the display error 25, how can I resolve this problem ?

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IKA - KS 4000 control
RE: IKA - KS 4000 control

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