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24 days ago

serial no

0 Answers1 need serial number of one of 1cpe 9000 system located in USA. could you please give me this information. I will buy glass spray chamber from schimadzu and they want this information. especiallly systems in america.
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Shimadzu - ICPE-9000
RE: Shimadzu - ICPE-9000
24 days ago

customer review

1 Answer Can anyone give his feedback on this instruments?

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Anton Paar - PMA 5
RE: Anton Paar - PMA 5
0 Answers Hi there,

Just want to ask if there is a way to check the 848 Titrino plus auto-titrator if it is dispensing the right volume of titrant?

Note: Auto-titrator is connected to a Skalar robotic analyser

Test: Alkalinity

Titrant: 0.02N HCl

Thanks :)

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0 Answers I am trying to determine the minimum inlet pressure (psi) required to operate the machine. There is no information available on the manual.

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Quadro - Comil Underdriven
RE: Quadro - Comil Underdriven
25 days ago


2 Answers System randomly gives error #3 and sometimes #8. It runs okay for the most part. any ideas on intermittent error?

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0 Answers Hello. I am looking for advice on choosing a column to run inert trace analysis (o2, n2, ar) in helium. I have a 7890B with PDHID running thru a Carboxen 1006 column currently. I am not getting great sensitivity even using a 5cc sample loop!

I am trying to see below 1 ppm, hopefully down to 250 ppb level. Any suggestions?

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RE: GC Columns
a month ago

Rack Motion Error

9 AnswersThe Error is that there is no rack Motion. The racks travel via the belts but the chains do not move. Is this a circuit board issue or something more? I have seen rack sensor and chain dog sensor boards available on eBay...would one of these be the problem? How difficult are these to replace?

Any help is appreciated.


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Beckman Coulter - LS 6500
RE: Beckman Coulter - LS 6500
a month ago

AAS 7000

0 Answers i know that detection limit of heavy metals in the Shimadzu 7000 furnace

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Shimadzu - AA-7000
RE: Shimadzu - AA-7000

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