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0 AnswersI was changed lamp and I need password to reset time.

thanks you in advanced.

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JASCO - P-2000
RE: JASCO - P-2000
a month ago

Dr. Mohamed

0 Answers Dear Sir

I have JASCO V-630 spectrophotometer, when I installed the software I got a message (Failed to copy V-600loader.inf) and the spectophotometer could not be detected

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JASCO - V-630
RE: JASCO - V-630
1 Answer what is the specification of the temperature sensor used in allegra -22/

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Beckman Coulter - Allegra X-22 Series
RE: Beckman Coulter - Allegra X-22 Series
0 Answers Long-term potentiation (LTP) was produced by two 1-s long trains of high-frequency stimulation (HFS, 100 Hz at 10-s intertrain interval) after baseline synaptic responses had been stable for at least 10 min.

LTD was induced by applying a low-frequency stimulus (LFS, 1 Hz for 15 min) .

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Molecular Devices - pCLAMP 10
RE: Molecular Devices - pCLAMP 10
3 Answers The centrifuge first stopped being able to 'Fast Cool' last week, and it displayed a temperature of 40C. I took out the rotor, cleaned off the ice build-up and rotor itself, and told the lab to let the centrifuge slowly cool. It eventually got down to cold (with an incorrect temp display).

This week, it no longer refrigerates at all. Turning it on results in an error 18 quickly, no matter the temperature setting.

I inherited this 5415R, so the warrenty status is unknown. We don't have a service contract on it.

I welcome any suggestions to rescue this beloved member of the lab!

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0 Answers I had to remove the spindle from our ultracentrifuge to replace one of the cooling fans mounted to the shroud around the large heat sink on the bottom of the chamber. A student walked by and tipped over the spindle motor after I removed it. An unknown quantity of oil spilled out of the top of it. I need to know what quantity and what type of oil is used in it. Can anyone here advise me on this?

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0 Answers can someone let me know how to buy the power adapter for this pH meter or is it just better to buy a new one

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Corning Life Sciences - 440
RE: Corning Life Sciences - 440
a month ago

Titrator Issue

1 Answer Would someone know why the titrator will not stop when pressing the sample button? Each time I hit the "Sample" button the titrator beeps as if it is in error.

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JM Science - AQ-300
RE: JM Science - AQ-300
a month ago


0 AnswersIhave count wbc * rbc high and plt low With no alarm
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Sysmex - XP-300™
RE: Sysmex - XP-300™

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