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1 Answer Unit runs fine for hours then shuts off an goes into like a sleep mode(which i know there is not said mode) an does not re boot untill i cycle power an allow unit to sit un powered an off for a long period of time.

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New Brunswick Scientific - Innova 40 Series
RE: New Brunswick Scientific - Innova 40 Series
0 Answers need a co2 analyzer for sample port to weekly checks. Any good ones out there?

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1 Answer

what is the solution to the problem of a M300 Conductivity/ Temperature Transmitter displaying dashes and dots instead of numerical values when powered on

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0 Answers Hello .

Can anyone please give a service manual for miel washing machine model nº PG 8527

Thank you in advance

Best regards


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1 Answer Hi , i have the error 6-2-2 on display. It happens frequently on spin mode...

I have changed the pcb board but still continu....

Thanks fpr you help.


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EPPENDORF - 5810/5810R
RE: EPPENDORF - 5810/5810R
0 Answers

The choice of submersible pump before use is very important. The model of the pump should be selected according to the actual conditions of the water source and the working time and pumping capacity. First, the head should be selected to be larger than the difference between the water intake and the water outlet; secondly, the flow of the pump should meet the requirements of drainage and irrigation. (1) Environmental requirements for use 1, there is a safe and reliable power supply. 2. The water drop between the outlet pipe and the pool should be smaller than the lift. 3. Choose a relatively clean water source.

How To Select A Vacuum Pump Suitable For Laboratory Use The Main Application Range Of Pumps In Various Industries

liquid ring vacuum pump for India Paper mill

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a month ago


0 AnswersI forgot the password for the settings, is there any one that can help
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5 Answers Hello,

Our lab dishwasher (G7883) is not showing any sign of life. It is connected to a (working) plug but the display is not showing anything. Any help is there is a fuse or anything that we could check. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much in advance.


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Miele - G7883
RE: Miele - G7883
0 Answers Hi

I'm trying to keep a BioTek uQuant plate reader going.

The plater reader works great but its controlled by an old PC with Win95.

The PC is working but shakey.

If we need to replace the PC or the HD fails we don't have the the original software. Tried to clone the HD but get an error even though its working.

BioTek tech support was very informative but unfortunatly they no longer have this software available in any form and the oldest new software will not work with this unit. It has to be KC4.

Folks don't realize how valuable that box of disks that came with the unit is. An equivelent new BioTek plate reader is $13k.

Would anyone have a copy of the KC4 disks.

Thanks in advance


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