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0 Answers Somebody can help me with Micros 60 with low RDW results.RBC,5,23 -

HGB ,15,9 - MCV , 87 - MCH , 30,5 - MCHC , 34,9 - PLT , 273 - MPV 14,8 RDW , 2,1 . Thanks.

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1 Answer Main fuses are not blown. Fuse, F103 is not blown. Fuse F3 is blown. Also, no low voltage anywhere. Mosfets Q4 and Q6 don't appear to be shorted by an ohms reading. Has anyone been inside one of these or done a repair with similar symptoms?

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What are the important reasons for the durability of quantitative piston pump

The submergence of the pump below the surface of the downhole fluid plays an important role in determining the efficiency of the type of plunger pump commonly used in well service. When not fully submerged, the pump will provide less than half of the theoretical plunger displacement. In many cases, since the operator cannot maintain proper submergence on the pump, it is likely to produce only half of the capacity they can produce.

This paper describes the conditions inside and around the fixed displacement piston pump when it is running in the well. These conditions affect the effect of submergence on the pump efficiency. It also provides a conclusion indicating the approximate submergence, and emphasizes the necessity of understanding the working level of the pump well. The theoretical conception of the factors affecting the efficiency change of the pump caused by submergence, unless immersed in the well fluid, the plunger pump relies on the oil supply under the suction of the rising plunger, which is enough to pump out the oil supply enough to fill the working cylinder, through the restricted hole at the standing valve and lower plunger screw nut. The hydrostatic head needs to be generated in the oil level of the vertical valve by immersion.

Quantitative piston pump is always the pillar of sewage treatment plant design. An important reason for the durability of the application is that the pump design has been successful in dealing with difficult to pump sludge flows, and the pump design allows the implementation of often unstable maintenance and maintenance procedures in many municipal services. Botany. Although no equipment can operate without maintenance or significantly exceeding the design parameters, in most cases, the simple and basically robust design of the plunger pump will "forgive" poor maintenance and periodic overpressure and load conditions without failure. Proper maintenance and application of dividends have an extremely long service life, in some cases, as long as continuous operation for many years.

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0 Answers How the hydraulic pump works

Hydraulic pump is the power component of the hydraulic system, is driven by the engine or motor from the hydraulic oil tank suction fluid, constitute the pressure oil discharge, sent to the implementation of a component. Hydraulic pump according to the structure is divided into gear pump, plunger pump, vane pump and screw pump. Below small make up for us to introduce the variety of hydraulic pump and hydraulic pump operating principle.

1, gear pump: small volume, simple structure, the cleanliness of the oil begged not strict, the price is cheaper; But the pump shaft by the unbalanced force wear severe leakage.

2, vane pump: divided into double action vane pump and single action vane pump this pump flow uniformity, smooth operation, small noise, pressure and volume power than the gear pump high, structure than the gear pump messy.

3, plunger pump: high volume power, small leakage, can work under high pressure, mostly used for high-power hydraulic system; But the structure is messy, materials and processing precision begged high, expensive prices, the cleanliness of the oil begged high.

Pump is a kind of energy conversion equipment, the motor for the rotation of mechanical energy for hydraulic energy output. Hydraulic pump is based on the principle of sealing volume changes to carry out the operation, so it is generally called positive displacement hydraulic pump, is a single plunger hydraulic pump operating principle diagram. In the figure, the plunger 2 installed in the cylinder block 3 to form a sealed volume A, the plunger under the action of spring 4 has always been pressed on the eccentric wheel 1. The prime mover drives the eccentric wheel 1 to rotate the plunger 2 to reciprocate, making the size of the sealing volume A to change periodically. When a grows from small to large, some vacuums are formed, making the oil in the oil tank enter the oil chamber A through the suction pipe jacking open the check valve 6 under the action of atmospheric pressure and end the oil absorption. On the contrary, when a changes from large to small, the full oil in a cavity will head open the check valve 5 and flow into the system to end the oil pressure. So the hydraulic pump will be the prime mover input mechanical energy into the liquid pressure energy, the prime mover drive eccentric wheel rotation, the hydraulic pump will continue to absorb oil and pressure oil.

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0 Answers Hi, What is the difference between GE AKTA Pure L and M model?

Thank you.

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UK Supplier

0 AnswersHi, please can you let me know if you have a UK supplier we can approach for the Vir Tis ES -50C Shell Freezer Bath Dual
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0 AnswersMy GC uses Chemstation Rev A.08.03. The computer that came with it is an old model system. It crashed and I had to get a modern system. I have installed the software on to the system and the computer can see the GC. However, there is a very big time lag between the system and the GC. When I am running a sample, the solvent front peak doesn't come out not until about 5 to 6 minutes. This is affecting my results. What could be wrong please?
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High pressure pump is mainly a kind of equipment to provide high pressure power, in our life is very widely used, especially in some high floors, long pipeline transportation, groundwater collection and so on. However, high pressure pump in a long time after use, easy to appear pressure shortage, low work efficiency and other problems, seriously affect the efficiency of use. So, what method can solve the problem of low working efficiency of high pressure pump? Let's take a look.

1. Improve the finish of the high-pressure pipe The realization of this phenomenon requires us to clean the pipe wall, make the high-pressure pipe smoother, effectively reduce the friction between the pressure and the pipe wall, and increase the amount of pressure entering. 2. Transformation of high-pressure pipes It may be that the high pressure pipe before is too thin, resulting in pressure can not be completely into the high pressure pump, resulting in the material conversion failed to achieve the desired effect. We thicken the high-pressure pipe to expand the pressure entry area. 3. Improvement of high-pressure pump nozzle In the high pressure pump nozzle exit to reduce the chamfering radian, to avoid should flow too fast influence pressure injection quality, after reasonable improvement, for the high pressure pump efficiency to improve greatly. 4. Shorten the length of pipe wall For the unnecessary pipe wall in production, we can properly reduce, too long pipe will affect the air circulation, remove the excess pipe wall can improve the work efficiency of high pressure pump. 5. Do good maintenance If you want to improve your work efficiency, maintenance is essential. Good maintenance, not only can prolong the service life, reduce economic costs, but also can solve the problem of low efficiency. Although, high work efficiency can bring good economic benefits, but, if there is no reasonable transformation of the high-pressure pump will bring the opposite effect. So, it has to be done in a certain way.

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1 Answer Hi, I have an issue in graphite furnace of novAA800D.

While running the temperature program, at the drying step, sometimes at pyrolysis step, the furnace temperature increases to its maximum (2450 °C) then at atomization step the furnace temperature does not increase which results in negative absorbance value. I have tried different temperature settings, also the cookbook furnace program, with and without modifiers but have the same issue. We also have tried temperature optimization for pyrolysis and atomize but observed the same abnormal behavior of the furnace.

Sometimes when the furnace temperature increases to its maximum(2450°C) at drying or pyrolysis step, the temperature holds for 15 to 20 seconds or more, which results in breakage of the graphite tube inside the furnace.

Sometimes the furnace works according to the furnace temperature program and we get good absorbance value but most of the time we face abnormal behavior of the furnace.

please a solution to problem.

thanking you

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Analytik Jena - novAA 800
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Bottle Fill Levels

0 AnswersAfter a power down, all Bottle fill info is reset to ZERO. Any ideas on this oddity ?

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Agilent Technologies - 1100 Series
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