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15 days ago


0 Answers Dear

I would apreciatte to send me a quote for Cross Beater Mill SK 100 Retsch.My email is fgarcial@ubiobio.cl

thank you

Fernando Garcia

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Retsch - Cross Beater Mill SK 100
RE: Retsch - Cross Beater Mill SK 100
15 days ago

Read Issues

1 Answer During Fluo4 calcium assays the ligand will be dispensed, read for the first couple of columns. Despite dispensing ligand into the rest of the plate, the software stops detecting mid way through the plate and error message at the end of the run states 'more than one of your reads was saturated'

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Molecular Devices - FlexStation 3 Multi-Mode Microplate Reader
RE: Molecular Devices - FlexStation 3 Multi-Mode Microplate Reader
0 AnswersI cannot find resources on how to wire and plumb the wash unit and vacuum unit needed to use the wash 8 tool. When I go to wash a plate the wash 8 head dispenses but does not aspirate. I tested the vacuum at the pump. At the pump the vacuum is puling. There is no vacuum pulling at the manifold connection on the vacuum unit box though. I have the vacuum unit box plugged into rs232 on the liquid handler. There is another female plug on the box that is not connected to anything, but I cant find resources on where to connect it.

Can you please help me get my vacuum pulling through the vacuum unit box?

Thank you,


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Beckman Coulter - Biomek 4000
RE: Beckman Coulter - Biomek 4000
0 Answers Hi everyone,

How can I access to the Water flow-meter sensor in D8 Advance with DaVinci device?

Thanks in advance


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0 Answers hello!

we have a universal 32r hettich centrifuges. the red led from the lid indicator is always open and a strange noise like a sparkplug is hearing. the centrifuge works good but we're afraid not electrocutate ourselves. any advices?

thank's a lot!

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Hettich - Universal 320
RE: Hettich - Universal 320
16 days ago

Inquiry on GEA

0 Answers Type:Panda PLUS 2000


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16 days ago

pump error

0 AnswersHi,

I have purged a quaternary pump in HP 1050 Agilent HPLC system. The purging valve was completely open. The pump looks like is struck..? I see error on the dash board. Any suggestions to attack this problem?

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16 days ago

clog sc632

0 Answers sc632 clog detected. what are things to look at?

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16 days ago

Zero counts

11 Answers Trying to resurrect an LS 6500. Got the elevator working and fixed a printer problem. Now I'm getting H# Count rate too low error when counting. If I switch to just plain cpm I get a count rate of zero. Suspect power supply, but everything else seems to work. Is there a separate HV supply for the PMTs? Any way to test that? I've got lots of instrument troubleshooting/repair experience, just no schematics or service manual make it tough to proceed.

SN is 7067355. It's got the Wyse thin client.

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Beckman Coulter - LS 6500
RE: Beckman Coulter - LS 6500
0 Answers Can anyone please advice on how to resolve this problem.

we have an agilent 6890n and i pressed the power button to reset the system but got stuck in and wont come out. the worst thing is that it got stuck in off postion.

is there a way to get this out and running?

please help

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RE: GC - Gas Chromatography

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