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20 days ago

DMA Q800

0 Answers DMA Q800 in our lab shows an error, "Furnace not reached destination" (error 100). Does anyone know what may be the cause and how it can be repaired?

Thank you


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0 Answers Hi everyone! Please share your experience - how to protect from cyber threats diagnostic devices in a medical lab?

We have equipment for blood and plasma screening, hematology analyzers, immunodiagnostic system, urine testing etc. The suppliers are different -Abbott, Roche, Menorini and Bio-Rad. The devices are different age, both new and old.

Does anyone have products of these companies? How do you deal with cybersecurity issue?

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0 Answers Dear all,

I have data files i need to review from 8 years ago from the Shimadzu 6800 that used Windows XP. However, i am unable to open this file using the 6800 Win 10 supported Wizard. Could anyone please share the AA Wizard XP setup so i install it on a computer running on XP.



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Shimadzu - AA-6800
RE: Shimadzu - AA-6800
20 days ago

No display

1 AnswerIn one of 5810r there was no display when power on. Found 2 nos of fusible resistances were blown and hence all the three power supplies 2nos of 5 volts and one 24 volt were missing. After replacing resistance all supplies were restored but on careful examination one 0 ohm resistance before fusible resistances. This 0 ohm was blown due to short on the ac side of the bridge. I am yet unable to figure out the positive end of the bridge going to which component. Can somebody help me or provide me the circuit diagram.



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EPPENDORF - 5810/5810R
RE: EPPENDORF - 5810/5810R
0 Answers Hello all,

I'm trying to find a solution for a frequent failure in a glass still in the factory I work in and I haven't been able yet. I'm posting it here to see if some of you can help me.

The still had a problem with a leakage in one of the valves, I'm pretty sure it's the fill valve. We sent it to be repaired because it's difficult for us to buy a new spare valve for now. The leakage was fixed, but now it stops after some minutes of work, with the Power and Clean LEDs flashing, and drains the boiler. The manual says it happens because the thermistor got exposed and the constant level device lost the water level. We checked the valve, the tubes, everything—I think—but couldn't find anything strange and it keeps failing.

I saw that the orifice that allows the fill flow to pass when the valve opens is really small, thus causing a really small flow. But I think that's the way it always worked. Could it be a faulty thermistor? Or definitely an obstructed tube that we've missed?

It's been two weeks now and it's difficult to keep the processes going like this.

Barnstead (Labstrong?) Fi Steem III

Thank you in advance, I appreaciate any help you can give me.

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RE: Water Purification
0 Answers I am interested in purchasing a Potency analyzer and am not able to find any information on the Physical Specs on the equipment and also the technical iformation.

Can this be provided?

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Shimadzu - Cannabis Analyzer for Potency
RE: Shimadzu - Cannabis Analyzer for Potency
0 Answers This error pops up alot, not all the time. Anybody have ideas?

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Thermo Scientific - iCE 3000 Series
RE: Thermo Scientific - iCE 3000 Series
0 Answers On injecting the sample and pressing Start key, the Error message is:

Start key disabled

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Agilent Technologies - 6890N
RE: Agilent Technologies - 6890N
5 Answers
An error occurred whilst initiating the background scan. If the problem persists please robbot PC and restart the instrument.

So that is the message I got from running a scan.

I have tried rebooting both the PC and the instrument. Any idea/ways to fix this problem would be great.

Thank you.

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PerkinElmer - Spectrum Two
RE: PerkinElmer - Spectrum Two

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