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21 days ago


0 AnswersI need to software and user manual for a PERKIN ELMER PLASMA 400

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21 days ago

Manual de usuario

0 Answers Necesito el manual de usuario de; Perkin Elmer plasma 400

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PerkinElmer - WinLab32
RE: PerkinElmer - WinLab32
21 days ago


0 Answers the machine has stopped arcing the sample. it runs thru the cycle correct but without and arc. I pulled the board out before the stand ,and ohm check it ,diodes look correct

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21 days ago

Won't turn on.

0 Answers I have replaced the power fuse and the machine still won't turn on. The light has flickered twice when I hit the power switch, but it will not turn on.

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AirClean® Systems - Mini CyanoSafe™ Cyanoacrylate Fuming Chamber
RE: AirClean® Systems - Mini CyanoSafe™ Cyanoacrylate Fuming Chamber
0 Answers It is a mortar conveying equipment specially developed for the characteristics of floor heating construction. It is suitable for large-area and high-efficiency construction of fine stone concrete filling layer or mortar filling layer in floor heating engineering. XBS series products are also suitable for the transportation of fine stone concrete in various construction projects, the transportation of fire-resistant and thermal insulation materials; the transportation of green soil in ecological environment construction, and the pressure grouting of various foundation piles. The XBS series fine stone pump is replaced by the Φ100 conveying pipe on the basis of the original Φ80 conveying pipe, which can transport concrete below 3cm, making the XBS fine stone pump more widely used (can transport mortar, fine stone and large aggregate concrete).

Electronic control system: high degree of automation, high reliability, the main electrical appliances use Schneider, LS brand.

Lubrication system: It adopts automatic multi-point lubrication technology, one-to-one lubrication, better effect, and effectively prolong the service life of wearing parts.

Hydraulic system: The application of the new hydraulic control reversing technology makes the pumping work more reliable and the hydraulic system has a lower failure rate. The special control valve of the hydraulic control system is equipped with low flow and large impact and long service life.

Main oil pump: The main oil pump adopts the joint venture brand constant power variable displacement piston pump. The constant power control effectively prevents the motor and diesel engine from being overloaded. It is subjected to higher pressure and load than the conventional gear pump, ensuring stable and reliable system operation and overpressure overflow function. The main pump and diesel engine are effectively protected.

Power system: The motor fine stone pump adopts domestic well-known brands Yantai Motor and Siemens Beide Motor; the diesel engine fine stone pump adopts Tianjin Lewo and Yuchai brands with low energy consumption and high efficiency.

Hopper device: increase the hopper volume plus the fence equipped with vibration motor to meet the requirements of pumping fine stone concrete.

Cooling system: It adopts air-cooled and water-cooled double cooling system, which is not only suitable for cold weather, but also effectively controls the oil temperature of the hydraulic system, ensuring the safety and reliability of equipment operation.

Hydraulic pipe joints: hose imported from Italy, the joints are made of Eaton products, and the hose joint assembly is provided by Eaton to ensure the hydraulic system is safe and leak-free.

Rotary Vacuum Pump Application Screw Vacuum Pump In Metallurgical Industry
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22 days ago

No operation

0 AnswersAnyone got a schematic please email scientific@outlook.co.nz

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EPPENDORF - 5810/5810R
RE: EPPENDORF - 5810/5810R
1 Answer Our 6R centrifuge occasionally makes a hellacious squealing noise midway through a timed run. It will sometimes abate my jiggling the latch handle or the brake switch, but neither reliably. It sure seems like a brake problem - is there a good diagnostic test for this?

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Beckman Coulter - Allegra™ 6 Series
RE: Beckman Coulter - Allegra™ 6 Series
23 days ago

c5 and frs issues

0 Answers hello, i have a j-e that started with an frs error. once the vacuum was removed and checked and found that it is ok with a vac gauge as it pulls down per vac spec and the check valve balls seem to spring back ok, that now it says C-5 temp

any idea what could be wrong here, the temp sensor measures at 10k and i was told the temp display was all over the place. so not sure if a connection repair is what is needed. just before arriving back on scene, would like some in sight thanks

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Beckman Coulter - Avanti J-E
RE: Beckman Coulter - Avanti J-E
0 AnswersI want to know the quantity of refrigerant the unit has in both compressor and low stage the quantity of refrigerant has
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a month ago

No heat

0 AnswersI have a Radleys Carousel Standard, cat. No. RR91200.

The hotplate no longer heats up (stirrer OK).

The green power light is flashing, don't know if that has anything to do with it.

Is this a fix it or bin it?



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