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12 days ago

Service manuals

0 AnswersDear Sir/Madam,

I need the service manuals for Eppendorf centrifuga model 8510/8510R.

The problem is that an error 3 message appears on the LCD screen, when the start button is pressed again and the error 17 appears on LCD screen, and is felt as some of the electronic component is burned.

Best regards,

Ing. Igor Doko

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EPPENDORF - 5810/5810R
RE: EPPENDORF - 5810/5810R
0 Answers The centrifuge immediately throws an imbalance error. The rotor doesn't even make a quarter of one rotation. It first began with a single rotor, while others worked. Now it does it with all rotors. Swing buckets have been cleaned and properly lubed. What is the problem?

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Beckman Coulter - Allegra X-22 Series
RE: Beckman Coulter - Allegra X-22 Series
1 Answer Dear sir,

Hope you are fine

Problem is that we have UV5 of mettler toledo. The wavelenth accuracy test is not passed.

We performed self test removing the cuvette holder and then perform, performance test it give below error.

Wave length Accuracy - Xe

Status Failed

Deviation (260.6 nm) -1.90 nm(<)

Deviation (528.6 nm) -1.20 nm(<)

Rest of test are passed....

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METTLER TOLEDO - FastTrack UV/VIS Excellence
RE: METTLER TOLEDO - FastTrack UV/VIS Excellence
0 Answers can i get some help in finding shimadzu GC 8A software

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Shimadzu - GC-8A Series
RE: Shimadzu - GC-8A Series
13 days ago

alignment problem

0 AnswersHello

I have a FT/IR 4200 in my lab , and its an old one it hasn't been used in a long time , and we had a construction in the facility so they moved it.When i tried to run it I discovered that the laser beam isn't aligned properly. So my question is how can I adjust it.

My regards,


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0 AnswersWe have PC-Titrate Burette Drive with PC-Titrate Interface module for Conductivity, pH and Alkalinity.

We also have QC-Titrate burette Drive.

My question is:

If required, can we replace PC-Titrate Burette Drive with QC-Titrate Burette Drive. That means, QC-Titrate burette drive will be connected to the PC-Titrate Interface Module. Will it work?


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1 Answer process outlet from the chiller goes to the In connection of the Bioreactor?

process inlet from the chiller goes connected to the out drain connection of the bioreactor?

I hope somebody can help me with this info. I think they were connected wrong

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New Brunswick Scientific - CelliGen 310
RE: New Brunswick Scientific - CelliGen 310
14 days ago

Thermoflex 1400

1 Answer Chiller is showing me a message 0f Lo Pi. can somebody help me with this please

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New Brunswick Scientific - CelliGen 310
RE: New Brunswick Scientific - CelliGen 310
0 Answers error message on display: Alarm Filter Silence

and it will not turn on. though there is power to it. How to fix this?

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AirClean® Systems - PowderSafe&trade; Type A
RE: AirClean® Systems - PowderSafe™ Type A

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