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0 Answers When I turned on the centrifuge after being idle a few months the rotor goes up to 800 rpm, the vacuum pump runs and lights up all three lights, but the rotor doesn't go up to the set speed. When slowing down at around 300 rpm there is a clicking noise that gets slower as the rotor slows down (might be an unrelated problem). Does anyone know what controls the speed-up after the vacuum comes on? Is it a mechanical relay or would I need to replace a board, and if so, which board. Thank you.

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17 days ago

Huge Leak

0 AnswersMy Truspec Micro CHNS analyzer will not pass the leak check. It wont hold pressure long enough to make it through the Step 1 stabilization stage. Then a message pops up that says huge leak. Ive changed the orings around boths sides of the combustion tube, the TC scrubber tube, anhydrone tube, helium scrubber tube, and reduction tube. Ive replaced all 7 orings behind the TC cell and behind all of the IR cells. Everything on the ambient monitor page is withing range, all cell voltages look good and it will pass the system check. Whenever I put the metal plate on the loading head interface instead of having the loading head attached it still fails the leak check. Does anyone know anywhere else in the system I should check or has anyone experienced this before? Thank you!!
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1 Answer Hello, we are having an issue where the reactive gas is collecting inside of the instrument and is not exiting out of the instrument from the exhaust port. Ours is set up for use with ammonia and the ammonia doesnt fully exit the instrument causing the balance reading to not read correctly

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Netzsch - TG 449 F3 Jupiter®
RE: Netzsch - TG 449 F3 Jupiter®
0 Answers .

I have a 770MAX analyzer set up with pH DO and Conductivity. I have no operators manual for this and need to calibrate the pH probe. Does any one know where to get a manual? Thank You. Charles.Wolff@ethosenergygroup.com

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18 days ago

light source error

0 Answers i am working with spekol 1300. But I face a problem on the light source.It gives us light source error.

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Analytik Jena - SPEKOL 1300/1500
RE: Analytik Jena - SPEKOL 1300/1500
0 Answers FP628 failed oxygen leak check:

Helium leak check passed, all systems check passed; segmental oxygen leak check passed the Combustion and Ballast stagebut failed to pressurize at the aliquote doser stage. When PV7 valve was pinched - the system failed - so leak must be down stream of Ballast output and upstream of PV7- narrowing it atthe aliquote doser section.

The aliquote doser C-flex tubing was replaced with new one, dosing valve was cleaned and o-rings checked, cleaned and regreased. Oxygen segmental leak check still failed only at the aliquote doser stage. Could the aliquote doser metal section with the loopbe blocked rather than leaking? If so how do you unblock it?

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LECO Corporation - FP628
RE: LECO Corporation - FP628
0 Answers Cuando empiezo ELA secuencia el cromatografo al mismo tiempo que el tgurbomstrix

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PerkinElmer - TurboMatrix Headspace Samplers with Built-In Trap
RE: PerkinElmer - TurboMatrix Headspace Samplers with Built-In Trap
1 Answer I just replaced the UV lamp in an old model of a Millipore ASM (automatic sanitization module). The ASM is not connected to my reverse osmosis system, so I only control it from the ASM screen directly - which only has 3 buttons. I have programmed it appropriately (to run 10 minutes per day), but I can't figure out how to reset the UV lamp timer so it keeps flashing "Change UV Lamp" even though I just did. Does anyone know how to reset the UV lamp timer with just those 3 buttons? The instructions I found all refer to controlling it from a reverse osmosis system.

Thanks in advance!

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0 AnswersI got the error F9619

"Fatal Error

F9619: System fault - record for software feedback [No resource string available for string ID: 41219 - No resource string available for string ID: 41213]"

Can you help me to deal with it?

Thank you very much!

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Varian - AA240FS
RE: Varian - AA240FS

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