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0 Answers Hello, anyone have a service manual for New Brunswick 170S CO2 incubator?

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0 Answers Hi,

I am completely baffled as to why my 5890II/5971A/G1034C system has suddenly stopped acquiring data when the start run button is pushed on the GC.

The program and GC/MS all seem to communicate well (can see MS data on screen when running air and water checks, and GC will load a program) but when start button is pushed, the run time on acquisition panel remains at 0 mins and the EMV adjust box is grayed out. The GC ramps as if all is well.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! I'm a retired organic chemist just using this wonderful device for qualitative work and don't have a budget for a newer model.....

Cheers mates

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HP - 5890 Series II
RE: HP - 5890 Series II
0 AnswersHere you get the solution to Fix Arlo Security Camera And Arlo Base Station offline issue. Just you have to read steps that we are going to describe here for all the Netgear Arlo users. Solutions to Fix The Issue Arlo Base Station Offline. All sorts of possible solutions are mentioned here. You can try out all of them one by one. Lets have a glance: http://bit.ly/2W3Tg6O
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0 Answers Dear colleagues,

I have an Eppendorf mastercycler 5333 with a burned 2A fuse on the powerboard. Not the main fuse.

Any idea where I can get a replacement? These fuses seem to be smaller that the regular fuses.

Many thanks,


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EPPENDORF - Mastercycler
RE: EPPENDORF - Mastercycler
a month ago

line pressure

0 Answersset pressure is 30 and the actual pressure reach 2.5only when i rotate valve manually a little bed i could obtain 30 but the gas doesn't reach column
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0 Answers I've bought a used Infratec 1255 at auction and the accompanying floppy disks have been damaged and can't be read anymore. Error message is "OSI-B10 Stage 2 error no load.asc file". How to get around of this? Is software for this machine still available? FOSS says it's obsolete and no longer supported by them.



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Modern software

0 Answers Are you looking for a good programmer who will make modern software for your company for you? Contact click here. They offer high quality of services offered.

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Visa to Canada

0 Answers Do you know the benefits of e-visa? Who can apply for an electronic travel authorization to Canada? See the website: https://electronic-travel-authorization.info Plan your vacation well.

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8510 R

1 Answer looking for service manauls for eppendorf 5810 R


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Quotation for UATR

0 AnswersWhat is the price of UATR Accessory for Spectrum One, Diamond ZnSE (3 Reflections) including freight to Malawi
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