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20 days ago

Cell Dyn Emerald

1 Answer Can anyone help me find a service manual for a Cell Dyn Emerald? thank you.

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0 AnswersMy XDS10 has begun to fail. It will start normally but shutdown after about 30 seconds. It did this about 10 times before smoke started showing. I opened it up and found the start capacitor leaking oil. I also did a through exam and could find anything else wrong with it. Its clean internally. The bearings are fine. Ive replaced both the start and run capacitors, given it a good clean and still the same problem. It only has 4000 hours use. Im concerned it may be the micro controller circuit board, if thats what the chip is, or perhaps the solid state switch. Any ideas for what to do?
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0 Answers Hello! Unexpectedly after loading the device has entered the registration key. The support service did not respond to the request. Has anyone had a similar problem with G-Storm GS1?

The question is relevant. Please, help! Thermo cycler has turned into a brick. How to know the software registration key?

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0 Answers Any one can help with documents showing the method of analyzing wires for chemical composition using SPECTROMAXx with the engineering adaptors avalible.

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0 Answers Dear Concern,

I need IQ & OQ of Melting point system MP 80 of Mettler Toledo.

is there any who give me...



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1 Answer Our J-25 gives a door error when the power is turned on. After clearing the door error, the alarm goes off again in a few seconds. When I open the door, the alarm continues until I manually push in the latch pins. Any suggestions?


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Beckman Coulter - Avanti J-25
RE: Beckman Coulter - Avanti J-25
23 days ago

Manual required

0 AnswersPlease send Anigard (Baker company) cage change Manual

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Baker - AniGARD II
RE: Baker - AniGARD II
2 Answers Dear concern,

is there any software except LabX which communicate V20S to PC.

in which all my samples results save in my computer.


Muhammad Hassham

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METTLER TOLEDO - V20S Compact Volumetric KF Titrator
RE: METTLER TOLEDO - V20S Compact Volumetric KF Titrator
0 Answers greetings!

what is the possible cause if the result of WBC is zero? but the other parameters are good, thank you and hoping for possitive response

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Sysmex - XT-4000i
RE: Sysmex - XT-4000i

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