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0 AnswersI have a MT5 Mettler Toledo and would like to sell it. Does anyone know how much it cost new and how much it is worth now if it is functioning. Thanks
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0 Answers How to register as a manufacturer on your portal

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0 AnswersWe want to convert old XD-D1 R00 format files into raw or txt format but this software giving me "tbl_load_PDTBL Open Error!!" message. Anyone knows how to fix this?
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Repair Guides

0 Answers Hello,

We have a Turbovap 96 with a bad temperature sensor. I'd like to attempt to repair it, but I am looking for a manual or guide to the unit.

Does anyone have one?


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Biotage - TurboVap 96
RE: Biotage - TurboVap 96
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First, mechanical conflict generates heat.

Because the appearance of the movement is in a state of conflict or semi-interference, the moving parts collide with each other to generate heat.

The second is liquid conflict heat. High-pressure oil leaks into the low-pressure chamber through various gaps, and a lot of hydraulic energy loss is converted into heat energy.

Therefore, the precise selection of the gap between the moving parts, the volume of the oil tank and the cooler can prevent the appearance of excessive heat generation and excessive oil temperature of the pump.

In addition, the oil return filter is clogged and the back pressure of the oil return is too high, which will also cause the oil temperature to be too high and the pump body to overheat.

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0 Answers High-pressure plunger pump oil leakage mainly has the following reasons

(1) The main shaft oil seal is damaged or the shaft has defects or scratches;

(2) The internal leakage is too large, the pressure at the oil seal is increased, and the oil seal is damaged or washed out;

(3) The drain pipe is too thin and too long, causing oil leakage at the seal;

(4) The external oil pipe of the pump is loose, the pipe joint is damaged, and the gasket is aged or cracked;

(5) The bolts of the variable adjustment mechanism are loose and the seal is damaged;

(6) The cast iron pump casing has blisters or poor welding.

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1 Answer Analysis of common hydraulic pump faults in daily life

Fault cause: internal leakage caused by the wrong assembly of the internal parts of the oil pump Method of elimination: unloading piece and seal ring must be installed into the oil chamber, two shaft sleeve to maintain balance. The elastic force of the guide wire should be able to twist the upper and lower axle sleeves at the same time by a small Angle towards the rotation direction of the driven gear, so that the two machining planes of the main and driven gear sleeves are closely connected. The unloading groove on the shaft sleeve must be installed on one side of the low-pressure cavity to eliminate the harmful closed dead volume generated when the gear meshing; Before pressing into the self-tightening oil seal, the surface should be coated with a layer of lubricating oil, but also pay attention to the oil blocking edge towards the front cover, can not be installed backwards; Before filling the pump cover, a small amount of hydraulic oil shall be poured into the pump casing and the gear shall be meshed by hand

Fault: The hydraulic oil is too dirty Method of elimination: Clean the system and replace the hydraulic oil.

Fault: The filter of the pump is blocked by dirt and cannot filter oil Method of elimination: Clean the filter with clean cleaning oil to remove dirt.

Failure reason: the oil level is insufficient, the oil absorption position is too high, and the oil absorption pipe is exposed Elimination method: Add oil to the oil standard and lower the oil absorption position.

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0 Answers Hydraulic motor disassembly steps

The clearance of each moving pair of hydraulic motor from the factory has been well matched, and the user is not allowed to change parts casually. In general, do not open the motor at will, only in the case of serious failure, we need to agree with the company to open the inspection.

(1) Preparation before opening Remove the drain plug and drain the oil from the motor housing. Loosen 5 screws on the pan and remove the pan. Take out the oil distribution pan, positioning ring, pad, cylindrical pin and double-headed key. Note: In order to prevent the change of backward rotation in the reassembly, the marks of the same square shall be made on the end face of the output shaft and the oil distribution plate surface.

(2) Sequence of disassembly and installation Remove the cover, screw the clean screw into the center screw hole of the crankshaft, and lift out the crankshaft. Remove the clamping ring on the connecting rod. 3. Take out the connecting rod components of the plunger body, and make corresponding marks one by one, so as to ensure the original assembly clearance during reassembly. If necessary, the combination of the plunger body and connecting rod can be decomposed again: loosen the hole with the spring retaining ring, take out the retaining ring, and the plunger body and connecting rod can be separated. 4. Assemble according to the opposite procedure above, and pay attention to ensure the axial clearance of the bearing. All parts must be cleaned before assembly to prevent scratch or scratch any working surface. If there is only oil leakage in the sand hole of the plunger sleeve or oil leakage in the joint surface of the plunger sleeve and the shell, loosen the screws on the plunger sleeve, remove the plunger sleeve, and replace the plunger sleeve or "O" ring.

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1 Answer Hello everyone,

We have a Beckman LS6000 Scintilation Counter in our lab. Until recently it worked quite well, but now we get following error message:

"invalid sample count: H# abort: count rate too low"

even in positive controls. I already tried resetting the power which did not work. I also deactivated the H# function in the method settings, which leads to a signal of 0.0 cpm.

For any advice I would be very grateful!

Best regards.

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Beckman Coulter - LS6000
RE: Beckman Coulter - LS6000
a month ago

Database error

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Mindray - BC-5380
RE: Mindray - BC-5380

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