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1 Answer Hi;

When I start up the equipment, the pump request synchronization. As result of the process I receive an error message and a request to restart the pump, which brings me to the same result, namely an error, What can I do? Any suggestions?

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GE Healthcare - AKTA Explorer
RE: GE Healthcare - AKTA Explorer
0 Answers RF failure during ignition

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0 AnswersI need a guide line what exact spares or kit need to get the AOC 20i autosampler installation in this Shimadzu GC 2014.

This GC is in online gas analyzer configuration.

The AOC 20i autosampler communicates properly by the cable and its card installation and takes command for injections.

Now wish to attach fluidicly.

Second we require FID complete kit to install in 2014 GC as we have ECD .

Plz inform relevant PN numbers


Shimadzu - GC-2014 Gas Chromatograph
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0 Answers bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb

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0 Answers ???????15710036378

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0 Answers ???????????? :?158 a 5157 a 0371? ????????????



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0 Answers ??????????????158 a 5157 a 0371?????????????



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Type 80 cleaning balls for mortar pumps/small pumps. Type 125 hard cleaning balls for ground pumps/towing pumps. Model 125 Medium Soft Cleaning Ball for Sky Pump Model 150 cleaning balls for automotive pumps/on-board pumps. Sales experience suggests: soft balls for air wash and hard balls for water wash.

rotary vane vacuum pump in vacuum welding application vacuum pump system in vacuum transportation application vacuum pump system in vacuum coating application vacuum pump system in vacuum heat treatment application

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Urease in Soya

1 Answer Anyone know how to measure Urease in Soya Meal using the Mettler T50 or T5?

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0 Answers I need some help with an MSD G1946AA. I have an old G1946A MSD with on 1100HPLC. Can the MSD run off of the LC chemstation (G2170AA) or does it need the MSD Chemstation G2710AA? Also for this msd what revision of chemstation would be best (A.09.xx) or other? Thanks

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