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0 AnswersHello, We use a Delsa Nano C and have recently ran into an issue that I hope you may be able to assist me with. The computer that the Delsa Nano C was connected to had its hard drive die and we have had to replace the computer. We have been unable to find the original cd that came with the unit to install the software onto the new computer so that we can use the Delsa Nano C once again. I have been working with the support staff at Beckman Coulter over the past few months to try and get a copy of the software but they have not been able to locate and provide a copy since the unit is obsolete and they no longer are supporting the unit. A customer service representative that I have been working with made the suggestion to find someone who has a Delsa Nano C and ask if they would be willing to provide a copy of the Delsa Nano C software. Is there anyone here that would be able to help me with this?
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Beckman Coulter - Delsa™Nano Series
RE: Beckman Coulter - Delsa™Nano Series
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0 Answers Hi,

We are facing issues with AOC 5000 auto injector supported by PAL software connected to the GC 2014 (Shimadzu) instrument. Problem started with battery discharge for auto sampler and after replaced with new battery all the functions and settings becomes zero. All the objects in the auto sampler system disappear and software fields showing blank.

How to recollect the old files and install in the software to run as before? Please provide the support to fix this.

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4 AnswersI am working on an Optima XE 90 that is giving me a list of errors: D103 - Inverter Communications: Inverter I²C error D104 - Inverter Communications: Inverter ADC I²C error - U21 D105 - Inverter Communications: Inverter I²C I/0 Expander error D107 - Inverter Communications: TEM ADC I²C error - U24 D205 - Power Supply: Inverter +18V supply too low (<16.2VDC) D206 - Power Supply: Inverter +5V supply too high (>5.5VDC) D209 - Power Supply: Inverter -5V supply too low (<-5.5VDC) D512 - Temperature Communications: D512 - Temperature Communications D513 - Temperature Communications: No communications - TEM I²C D514 - Temperature Communications: No communications - thermopile I'm no genius, but I think the Inverter board is fried. Does anyone have a part number or if I'm wrong, point me in the right direction. Thanks.
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0 Answers High pressure pump noise analysis

High-pressure pump is to provide high-pressure rotary spraying slurry with high voltage power equipment, is now widely used in building, highway, plumbing facilities construction, but using a high pressure pump, high pressure pump gear frequently, noise, then the high-pressure pump gear in the cause of the noise and how to solve the problem of the noise of the small make up today for you reading.

A, high pressure pump gear noise has the following possible aspects:

(1) Impact of rotary plate on cylinder body, sound of residual volume of gear high pressure pump and pressure oil in exhaust dead gap;

(2) Impact of exhaust valve disc on seat and support parts;

(3) Echoes and bubbles bursting in the box;

(4) Bearing noise;

(5) Noise caused by large amount of gas and oil impact damper;

(6) Others. Such as transmission caused by noise, air - cooled gear high - pressure pump fan noise.

(7) Motor noise, which is a crucial factor.

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0 Answers How to change the hydraulic pump table

The original specification of the commodity, assuming the replacement of another brand, should consult the hydraulic pump experienced personnel look up the table exchange, the intention is to adhere to the accuracy and load capacity of the bearing.

3 three pairs of friction inspection and marking 3.1 piston rod and cylinder hole

Replacement specifications for hydraulic pump components, listed in a variety of vacancies, can be corrected by the following method:

(1) If the cylinder body is inset with copper sleeve, the method of replacing copper sleeve can be chosen for correction. Trim the diameter of a set of plunger rods together, then polish the outer diameter with sandpaper above 1000#. There are three methods of copper sleeve for cylinder equipment: (a) Heating cylinder or cold kneading and interference equipment for copper sleeve; (b) There is a letai adhesive equipment, this way begged copper jacket outside diameter appearance groove; (c) Cylinder hole tapping, copper sleeve outer diameter processing thread, after tu Le Thai glue, screw into the equipment.

(2) The cylinder block and copper sleeve of the melting contact method shall be marked as follows: (a) Grinding rod shall be selected, and the cylinder hole shall be marked by manual or mechanical means; (b) Select a coordinate boring machine and bore cylinder body holes from the beginning; (c) Use reamer to correct cylinder hole.

(3) Select "exterior engineering skills" as follows: (a) Plating skills: plating a layer of hard chromium on the exterior surface of the plunger; (b) Brush plating skills: brush plating information on the plunger surface; (c) Thermal or arc spraying or electrospraying: spraying high-carbon martensite data; (d) Deposition: High hardness alloy powder is deposited on the outer surface of the plunger.

(4) The cylinder bore without copper sleeve data is mostly ductile iron, in the cylinder wall to prepare amorphous film or coating. Because the cylinder bore wall has this particular material, so just adjust to form a hard - hard pair of friction. Assume that blindly grinding cylinder hole, the cylinder hole inner wall of this layer of external data grind out, the construction of friction function will change. The friction pair that has been removed, assuming forced use, will increase the friction surface temperature, plunger rod and cylinder hole attack gluing.

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0 Answers It is possible to download the user manual of floor refrigerated centrifuge 970R

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4 AnswersCould you provide for this product? what rotors come with?
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Beckman Coulter - Avanti J-25
RE: Beckman Coulter - Avanti J-25
0 Answers The oil pump motor set is helpful to the operation of the equipment

Shaft seal or case failure can be reduced by drilling a port in the pump / motor housing and installing a transmission line that allows leakage to drain from the pump housing and return the reservoir. The common name for this transmission line is the "pump case drain" line. In the case of failure of hydraulic components, historical analysis is carried out. In the case of pump / motor housing pressure problems, the question we need to ask is "how long has the problem existed?" For example, if it is suspected that the problem is too much pressure on the case, the problem begins, or soon after the pump / motor is commissioned, the problem is "inherent.". Don't be confused by the ambient temperature. If the machine was delivered in the spring and there was a suspected excessive case pressure problem, it could still be a design problem. If the case drain line returns to the hydraulic tank through the heat exchanger, if the heat exchanger is not equipped with a thermostat or bypass valve.

Hydraulic pump or fluid pump is a device that transfers energy from its moving parts to the fluid passing through the pumping equipment. The energy added to the pump replenishes the velocity and pressure of the fluid. The oil pump motor sets help the equipment run and provide the energy needed to push the fluid in the desired direction. As with other equipment or machinery, it is necessary to maintain the hydraulic pump regularly so that its components can operate efficiently. These moving mechanical parts of the pump utilize energy from a specific source, such as electrical power supplied to it in the form of mechanical energy by an electric motor. A hydraulic pump operates in two different ways; the mechanical action of the pump creates a vacuum at its inlet, allowing gas pressure to push fluid from its reservoir to the pump inlet. Second, the mechanical action of the pump carries the fluid to the outlet section and pushes it through the hydraulic system. You should know that the function of the pump will produce fluid flow or movement; the pump will not generate pressure.

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1 AnswerI have a MT5 Mettler Toledo and would like to sell it. Does anyone know how much it cost new and how much it is worth now if it is functioning. Thanks
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