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0 Answers What is the proper procedure for cleaning a penning gauge

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Thermo Scientific - XSERIES 2
RE: Thermo Scientific - XSERIES 2
0 Answers I need reset User/Password to TOC 1030W (OICO) into TOUCHSCREEN LCD local operator interface

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0 Answers Hello,



we are currently using skalar at a remote location, and about two days ago, we are having trouble with the baseline. TCN always stay about 1.2-1.3 and WAD 1.6-1.7. But now TCN is sitting at 2and WAD is at 3. The baseline is also unstable, with blip like picks all over, thats before using any in house prep solutions. only using DI water. what will be the possible issue here?, we are pretty sure that all solutions lines are flowing well and the glass coils are also clean. We have limited information on possible issues to encounter with the instrument. Can you please help us trouble shoot any possible cause that can affect the baseline and the instrument performance.

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Skalar Analytical - SAN++
RE: Skalar Analytical - SAN++
0 Answers Hey community!

I have a couple TCP 121 Pump Controllers with their ridiculous 16-pin interface connectors. According to the manual, attaching 110 vac to the following pins should cause the controller to come on:

Line -> b2

Neutral -> a2

Gnd -> a8

None of the controllers are coming on and I am not sure if they are broken. I got them second hand but the possibility that they are all defective worries me.

Is there any other connections that need to be made? Are there two other pins that need to be connected to get them on?

Thanks y'all!


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0 Answers Hi,I'm using Tecan Sunrise with a gradient (400-700nm) and standard (for 340 nm) filters. Tecan Sunrise instruction clearly says that one can exchange the carriages with these filters and the instrument can store the data for up to 8 filter carriages.

However it turned out that the 340nm filter and 400-700nm filter need different lamp intensity (higher for 340nm filter) and for lowering the intensity back to the level, appropriate for the 400-700 nm filter one should use the TecanSunset programme, which is only distributed to Tecan-authorised tech servises.Thus, after a few filter changes "lamp high" error occurs. Without a programme for lamp adjustment you need to contact a tech servise, which takes time and money.

This situation contradicts with the stated user's ability to change filter carriages. Such an easy-to-solve problem should obviously have a solution... Could somebody help me with that?

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Tecan - Freedom EVOware
RE: Tecan - Freedom EVOware
19 days ago

Micros 60

2 Answers What supplies are needed for the equipment for start up? Who can do repair and maintaince on the equipement. If ordered used does it need to be initially maintainced or calibrated prior to use?


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HORIBA - ABX Micros 60
RE: HORIBA - ABX Micros 60
0 Answers Hi,

We are in process of determining which nephelometry machine to utilize for our I would like to understand what is the intra-assay variability using this machine.

For e.g. if a sample is run several times on your machine, what would be the variability?

Thank you!

Shraddha Desai, Ph.D.

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Beckman Coulter - Array 360
RE: Beckman Coulter - Array 360
0 Answers Hi,

I have changed the bag and now we have constant leakage from the drain tube. Also every 2-3 minutes there is a message that Input pressure too low. An input pressure of 0.5 bar is required. I have checked the tubes, the filter is due to be changed in the next month. Can you please provide me with the troubleshooting info please?

Tank you,


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Sartorius - arium Pro purifiers
RE: Sartorius - arium Pro purifiers
1 Answer Anyone know where to order pump parts (now discontinued from GE) for the AKTA Prime?

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20 days ago

abx micros 60

0 Answersi need a unit of orifice for white blood cell. please give me the adresses of your agent in germany
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HORIBA - ABX Micros 60
RE: HORIBA - ABX Micros 60

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