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0 Answers Hi, I would like to know how to lubricate a P1000 block pump ? I already clean and lubricate the piston holder housing, but there is still some noise coming from the block behind the head pump.

Thanks in adavance

Gilles Bouhier

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Thermo Scientific - SpectraSYSTEM LC
RE: Thermo Scientific - SpectraSYSTEM LC
0 Answers I have a Series II 5890. I can run 3 or 4 runs without a problem. On the 5th run, I will get a fault on the Injector temperature. The temperature will read an absurd number (850 degrees). It should be in the 200 degree range. I am wondering if this problem is related to the temperature sensor at the injector, or is it possible that it is a "board" issue. Has anyone seen this?

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2 Answers We've been using HP 5890 GC's (TCD & FID) w. split/splitless inlet and manual pressure controls with success.

We've recently purchased a refurbished HP 5890 GC Series II Plus w. EPC and I can't find clear instructions on how to set flow and/or pressure. There are two screens in the software I would appreciate guidance with: 1) Inlet Pressure Program screen 2) Packed Column flow control screen I don't know the relevance of 'Packed Column' flow control since the GC came with a megabore 0.53um column although we plan to switch to a 0.25mm x 60m column. We plan to use capillary, not packed columns??

There is obviously interplay between the keypad and the software. Changing the intlet pressure on the keypad produces a change in flowrate measured at the FID outlet, and the 'actual' pressure reported on the Inlet Pressure program screen changes, but I don't know how to do the reverse.

On the 'Packed Column Flow Control' screen, I've entered three sets of Press and flow reading, from which the software correctly calculates an equation relating the two variables. On the Inlet Pressure Program screen, I can Enter Values such as Column Length, Column diameter, Gas and then?? so what now?

There are buttons on this same screen labelled 'Pressure', Flow, Split Flow/Ratio?? then what?

If anyone can direct me to a set of instructions of video explaining how to set this up, I'll be very grateful

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HP - 5890 Series II
RE: HP - 5890 Series II
0 Answers My lab is equipped with a few 5702 R centrifuges and a request has been made to operate them without brake. I can only find documentation about the soft ramp settings, which is the closest thing to "no brake" that I can find. How does this compare in actuality to a no brake spin?

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a month ago

rotor vibration

0 Answers What is the critical RPM for a TX-150 rotor with oval buckets

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Thermo Scientific - Sorvall ST 8 Small Benchtop Centrifuge
RE: Thermo Scientific - Sorvall ST 8 Small Benchtop Centrifuge
a month ago

2400 error

0 Answers1996 powerwave 340 2400 error

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BioTek - PowerWave
RE: BioTek - PowerWave
0 Answers I'm interested in finding out the price of a maintenance agreement for this system

without having to deal with the sales people not disclosing the service contract price until after they give there darn 35 minute long oratory hussle rant.

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Life Technologies - QuantStudio 3® Real-Time PCR System
RE: Life Technologies - QuantStudio 3® Real-Time PCR System
0 Answers Does anyone have the price for this QS3 annual service contract fee?

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Life Technologies - QuantStudio 3® Real-Time PCR System
RE: Life Technologies - QuantStudio 3® Real-Time PCR System
a month ago


1 Answercan i buy this software for my AAS machine
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PerkinElmer - WinLab32
RE: PerkinElmer - WinLab32
0 Answers Are you looking for a professional company that will introduce modern technologies in your company? Thanks to the help of modern solutions, your company can grow faster. Seehttps://www.ccontrols.net/en/applications/internet-of-things-iot/low-power-battery/ Learn more about electricity management systems

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