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0 Answers i have hmk-c2 but some problem while testingsensor-2 error

so kindly i request to you plz gide us for perticuler error for the same ...


gimpex-imerys ind pvt lited


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HMK Test - MK-C2 Automatic Blaine Apparatus
RE: HMK Test - MK-C2 Automatic Blaine Apparatus
0 Answers Dear Shimadzu,

We have the Shimadzu UV mini-1240 machine. It works excellent. However to use it to the maximum, We need it's software like

data manager software cat No. 206-89765-92

and some othe optional softare for the analysis.

My question: Where can we get these software for UV min-1240?

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Shimadzu - UVmini-1240
RE: Shimadzu - UVmini-1240
0 Answers I refilled the titrino with NaOH and not I keep getting an error that the buret sensor can not be read. I have tried re-attaching the top unit and that has not solved it. please help!

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Metrohm - 877 Titrino Plus
RE: Metrohm - 877 Titrino Plus
11 days ago


1 Answer This FPLC System has not been serviced in years and I would like to have a representative come into the lab to analyze the instrument.

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Pharmacia Biotech - FPLC
RE: Pharmacia Biotech - FPLC
1 Answer An uknown error message appears when I try to do the instrument validation (abscisse, ordinate and spectral background noise) of a Perkin Elmer FTIR spectrophotometer, and the validation process stops. It happens when using a PE standard or the AVP internal standard option. However, when I try to validate the instrument using the AVP internal standard option, the error message appears before I run the scanning.

On th other hand, the software allows performs the calibration, and it is OK.

Anyone could help me, please?


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1 Answer Hello,

We have Mettler Toledo weighing balance and the model no is MS303S.

We are facing torble in doing calibraion of it. How can we do it?

Thank you so much in advance!

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11 days ago

error E-08

1 Answer does anybody know how to remove this error Error E-08 ?

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Thermo Scientific - Sorvall RC4
RE: Thermo Scientific - Sorvall RC4
0 Answers Hi all,

Our Thermoflex 900 chiller was recently relocated to some new lab space and the power cord was misplaced in the process. Although the unit runs on 120V power, the power cord has a weird configuration where it meets the machine. I've attached an image. Does anyone know where I might find a replacement if our missing cord cannot be located?



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0 Answers Error Message: Green Laser cannot generate beam

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Luminex - FLEXMAP 3D
RE: Luminex - FLEXMAP 3D
0 Answers My manager has got a crazy project idea about using the Advia to detect metal particles from salvaged blood in hip replacement operations. The idea is that chromium/cobalt contamination could be excluded by checking for fragments in the salvaged blood. My gut feeling is that this is a non starter because even if you detect particles, you can't prove whether they are metal or bone, but was just wondering if anyone had already attempted this or something similar with measuring non haematological particles?

I am also wondering if the clot filter would remove anything significant and therefore you might get false negatives? I don't know what size fragments the clot filter removes... (for shame).

Thanks in advance.

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Siemens - ADVIA 2120i
RE: Siemens - ADVIA 2120i

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