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12 days ago

DSR is off

0 Answers Give a message during data transfer to host computer "DSR is off"

Please give a solution regarding this.

Thanking you

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Sysmex - XS-1000i
RE: Sysmex - XS-1000i
13 days ago


0 Answers were getting an error of communication timeout error 2200 has anyone seen this on the Quadra 4

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Tomtec - Quadra 4
RE: Tomtec - Quadra 4
0 Answers Hello,

I ordered battery and it is arrived already. However, there is no instruction on how to change it. My freezer model is Thermofisher SLT-25V-85A48

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Thermo Scientific - Harris SLT Series
RE: Thermo Scientific - Harris SLT Series
13 days ago

Biomek 2000

0 Answers Long story short, our Biomek 2000 won't pick up P250 tips properly. We are using an MP200 eight tip tool that works fine on another Biomek 2000. It lowers itself onto the tips, picks up anywhere from 4-6 tips, then drops them. Have tried repositioning the tip box, trying some different tips, etc. Any suggestons are welcome. Thank you.

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Beckman Coulter - Biomek 2000
RE: Beckman Coulter - Biomek 2000
13 days ago

heater malfunction

0 AnswersPyrolyzer heater needs repair

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0 Answers model IEC CL31

@3000rpm it is developing vibration and fault out for imbalance.

wondering if motor mount moves to excess.

motor shaft seems sound

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Thermo Scientific - IEC Centra CL2
RE: Thermo Scientific - IEC Centra CL2
0 Answers Hello,

I changed my acetylene gas cylinder as pressure was below 100psi.

My flame will still not ignite and I assume that there might be something clogged in the spray chamber and/or nebuliser.

I have not performed cleaning to an AAS before. I found some directions on how to clean it but I am not able to reach the nebuliser on this model as it is inside a plastic chamber and I can not find any a way to open it.

Do you have any idea how to do so?

Thank you.

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Varian - SpectrAA 220FS
RE: Varian - SpectrAA 220FS
14 days ago

Keypad price

0 Answers Please advise where to buy Thermo Genesys 10 UV keypad

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Thermo Scientific - GENESYS 10S UV-Vis
RE: Thermo Scientific - GENESYS 10S UV-Vis
0 Answers Im looking to do a bit of tidying up on our instrument, could you please tell me how to delete old control and calibration data. Ive removed the controls from each of their tests and then gone into F5 cal/control definition to try and delete them, upon trying to delete I get a message saying “cannot delete as cal/control has test parameters” Any idea how I can get around this?

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Thermo Scientific - Gallery
RE: Thermo Scientific - Gallery

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