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Denver Instrument - IR-120
RE: Denver Instrument - IR-120
23 days ago

Miguel Cardenas

0 Answers Hello Im Miguel i work with a BC 5800 and i have a problem with the pressure, when i pass three times with samples he show me the message that the "pressure of -40psi is low 2 i check all the valves and i change thevalve 77 but the problem continue, i replace the WC1 but nothing happen im really greatfull if you can give me a information about this problem thanks

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Mindray - BC-5800
RE: Mindray - BC-5800
23 days ago

QA Coordinator

0 Answers Hello,

I have this same autoclave the Model # is AS-12:58939-952

Serial # 1278080398134.

I need a new gasket / door seal for the one that I have. Would you happen to supply these?

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VWR - Accu Sterlizer AS12
RE: VWR - Accu Sterlizer AS12
1 Answer Hi, we have got this machine in the department. But we don't have the manual with it. Has anyone got an electronic version of the operating manual for this equipment? I will be really appreciated. Thanks so much.

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JASCO - PU-2080
RE: JASCO - PU-2080
0 Answers How do you remove the tapered sleeve from the motor shaft? Can i use a pulley?

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Beckman Coulter - Allegra X-5
RE: Beckman Coulter - Allegra X-5
0 AnswersI have a Sterilemax series 1277 that seems to go through the motions but does not reach proper temp. It fills fine and it starts it's cycle but after hitting a high of 100 to 105 C, it starts to end the cycle. I think the water vent valve is failing and not allowing temp or pressure because it seems to have failed to the open. Is this reasonable? is there anyway I can determine if this is the case?

I don't mind ordering the new valve I just wanted to be more certain this is the issue.

Thanks again


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Thermo Scientific - SterileMax
RE: Thermo Scientific - SterileMax
24 days ago

UVC 1000

0 Answers I need the user manual. Thanks a lot

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0 Answers I am looking for a Recovery file for the software with the operating system and Operator's Manual for ((Control Unit of Roche Cobas Integra 400 Plus)) – ( Workstation-Computer system ).

I bought a Roche Cobas Integra 400 Plus without Workstation-Computer system, so can anyone provide me with a fully operational and functions Recovery file of the software with the operating system and Operator's Manual or please give me someone info who can help me to get this inquire.

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Roche - COBAS Integra® 400
RE: Roche - COBAS Integra® 400
24 days ago

Temp Probe too Low

1 Answer The temperature on the front injector drops exponentially when the equipment ramps down and equilibrates to its set parameters. I get a message saying that the temp probe is too low. Any ideas why this might be happening and the fix?

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Varian - CP-3800
RE: Varian - CP-3800
0 Answers when i try to connect my instrument to computer a message came

cant communicate

and when i try to align interfereogram ,,it says that its not in the specified range

how can i fix this?

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Thermo Scientific - Nicolet iS10
RE: Thermo Scientific - Nicolet iS10

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