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0 Answers We are looking for the above unit quote / Supply Terms


Abdul Sattar

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0 Answers Hi, I am trying to run normal phase separationand was wondering if this system can handle normal solvent gradients such as hexane and ethanol?

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Thermo Scientific - UltiMate 3000 Basic Manual
RE: Thermo Scientific - UltiMate 3000 Basic Manual
0 AnswersWhen using the vibrator, my machine makes an excessive amount of high-pitched rattling noise, as if there is a small loose piece of metal clanging around at supersonic speeds. I've tightened every bolt down as much as I'm able, to no avail. The source appears to be located somewhere near the tamper arm. Is this normal? If not, what is something I might try to alleviate the issue? This sound is driving us bonkers! Please help!
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0 Answers Is the slow blow fuse by the IEC plug unit spring retained or on a hinge .. the Lab personell have been tampering & wrecked it .

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12 days ago

Oven not heat

1 Answer My Clarus 680 GC has not been used for a long time. After the power was turned on, the touch screen showed "Fatal instrument shutdown oven not heat". Fan was not on either. It seems no problem with the thermocouple. Kindly please advise what caused the problems and how to solve them. I thought the fuse might be broken, but I cannot find where it is located in the GC.

Thanks in advance!

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PerkinElmer - Clarus 680 GC
RE: PerkinElmer - Clarus 680 GC
0 AnswersI'm trying to access the Service screen on this v9.0 PTC-100 and I don't know the password.

When I hold down "PAUSE" and power it on, the screen shows "Service screen, Please press CANCEL". Of course, pressing cancel causes it to power up normally. I can press the keypad and it seems to add "+"s to the screen and pressing PROCEED seems to pause the system and the +'s clear.

Any ideas? I've tried the serial number, the equivalent of BIO-RAD.

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0 Answers I see a steam/water leak from the vessel top mechanical seal that lets the impeller shaft through.

Can you help me fix it?

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New Brunswick Scientific - BioFlo 4500
RE: New Brunswick Scientific - BioFlo 4500
13 days ago

Error Message

0 Answers Hi,

I have an error Number 7 (error 7) in my Buck Scientific Vis 100 SPERCTROMETER, I need help or documentation to resolve this problem.

Thank you

Best regards.

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Buck Scientific - Vis 100
RE: Buck Scientific - Vis 100
0 Answers We have one grinder model 3010-019 EN55104/EN55014 with S/N 2782, belts were broken (damaged) and needs replacement. I shall be happy to receive a quote for these belts. If you have any service centre in Myanmar kindly let us know

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UDY Corporation - Cyclone Sample Mill
RE: UDY Corporation - Cyclone Sample Mill

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