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0 Answers Would anyone know if it’s possible that after using particle editor to digitally separate hundreds of particles into separate ones, to *quickly* revert back to the original data (before the digital clipping of particles)? I neglected to record Particle Viewer images before all of the clipping. Many thanks.

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9 days ago

Picospin 80

0 Answers Hello, I have no experience in NMR spectrometry. My spectrometer can not get any spectra, does it need specific solvent, such as deiterated solvents or may be it needs some service. Thanks in advance.

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Thermo Scientific - picoSpin™ 80 NMR Spectrometer
RE: Thermo Scientific - picoSpin™ 80 NMR Spectrometer
0 Answers Anyone know where I can beg/borrow/buy a copy of the operations manual for the FID-1000NA? All I can find on-line are the scam sites, which miraculously post an access offer milliseconds after I google for the manual. Thanks, Bill

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9 days ago


0 Answers there is a tau not any code that will appear on the screen if there is a problem,


H5, hit enter-822-CE-open the door.

well for the other code there is not know,

if tau please call me 0895341518180 important

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Beckman Coulter - Allegra X-15R
RE: Beckman Coulter - Allegra X-15R
0 Answers Looking for guidance on removing the bearing housing (drive) from an old new Brunswick G-25 shaker.



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New Brunswick Scientific - G25
RE: New Brunswick Scientific - G25
0 Answers My instrument has two injector/colums/detectors. The one detector will not stay lit and I'm still working on that problem. How do I tell the instrument panel or PC software to ignore the one detector, so I can aquire a much needed spectrograph?

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Shimadzu - GC-2010
RE: Shimadzu - GC-2010
10 days ago

Injection error

0 Answers Dear all,

anyone please shere me the troubleshooting of "injection error" while in the middle of analyzing suddenly stopped and popping that message.

I'm not knowing exactly what this error message, please tell me how to handle this error and oftenly plasma won't turned on due to some wiring ignition even though I already make sure cable wiring is connected fine.

Thank very much in advance.



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Shimadzu - ICPE-9000
RE: Shimadzu - ICPE-9000
11 days ago

Filter replacement

1 Answer Dear Sir/ Madam

We have Labsystems mutiscan EX instrument but filters need to be changed. Could you please advise us who to contact in Saudi Arabia for filter change and maintenance.

Thank you

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LabSystems - Multiskan EX
RE: LabSystems - Multiskan EX
11 days ago

noisy sound

0 AnswersHow to rectify noisy sound from the freezer
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12 days ago

No reults

0 AnswersWhen my reults print I am getting NaN for thio sulfate results and Iodine results. Why am I getting this? How can I correct this?
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