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0 Answers I am needing a CO2 sensor cable for a Model 400 Dual Beam Sensor.

The cable goes from a 5 (or ten pin)ribbon connector to an RJ45 connector. It is Thermo p/n 313206H01. This goes on a Kendro model: FFCO500TABC CO2 Incubator

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0 Answers Selection of peristaltic pump TIPS: small details, improve your work efficiency

In the last issue, we talked about the peristaltic pump as a type of equipment for precise fluid transmission. The most basic requirement for the correct selection of products is to meet the flow requirements. There are many factors that affect the flow of the peristaltic pump, such as the viscosity of the liquid, the head, and the nature of the liquid.

Effect of liquid viscosity on peristaltic pump

Fluid viscosity is a very important parameter in pump selection. The flow diagram mentioned in the previous issue refers to the flow curve of water transported at an atmospheric pressure. Viscosity affects pump speed, efficiency, power, etc. When the viscosity of the liquid reaches a certain value, the pumping efficiency will be reduced due to the limited suction capacity of the hose. At the same pump speed, the flow rate of the viscous liquid will be smaller than the flow rate when pumping water. The higher the viscosity, the more the flow rate will decrease.

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Winlab32 software

0 AnswersI am looking for Winlab32 software for a late model Perkin Elmer PinAAcle 900F p/n N3200050 & AAnalyst 400 p/n B3150080
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0 Answers Function of centrifugal pump press out chamber

What is the function of centrifugal pump extrusion? There are several forms of DP?

Answer: the function of screw pump press out chamber is to correctly guide the liquid into the next stage impeller or to the outlet pipe with minimum loss, and at the same time convert part of kinetic energy into pressure energy.

There are three common types of press out chamber of diaphragm pump (1) Spiral volute is used to collect liquid gear pump. Kinetic energy into pressure energy It was done in a diffusion tube. (2) Radial guide vane, which is fixed outside the impeller outlet The role of. (3) Ring type press out chamber, used in multistage pump*

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0 Answers I would like to know some technical information about the range of measure and which model is it this NANoflex

Thanks in advance

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Microtrac - NANO-flex
RE: Microtrac - NANO-flex
0 Answers The Circuit BAR ( solenoid) has an leak, I need to replace the part.

Model SW3000

S/N 30-0009-8064.

Please let me know if you a question



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0 AnswersDoes enybody know what software works with Beckman Coulter AD 340C microplate reader? I am about to write some own software for ELISA tests and may have AD 340C for tests, but I couldn't find any information about it's native software (from producer or thirdparty). I don't need it for a commercial use, just would like to see how does it work to build some of the functionalities into own software (non english for non english speaking laboratory people). If anybody could share such original software with me it would be very helpful.

Beckman Coulter - AD 340C
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LKB Multirac 2111

0 AnswersHi

I have a faulty LKB Multirac 2111. Although it is fairly old it is still used in a research lab. I am after a circuit diagram/service manual. I believe it is very similar to the Superrac 2211. Any help would be greatly appreciated



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