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0 Answers when i start to run the peak simple error message to said that has a problem with peak simple and it will be close automatically.

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SRI Instruments - PeakSimple
RE: SRI Instruments - PeakSimple
12 days ago

Error Code 11

0 Answers What does Error Code 11 indicate? and how is it fixed? I am unable to get the water bath to switch on.

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Pharma Test - PTWS 100D
RE: Pharma Test - PTWS 100D
1 Answer Helo,

The our GC instruments have problem, after I have replace battery on GC CPU board assy, and then there are boot menu, then I select no. 2 is "Copy EXT ROM to board ROM" (I don't know should be select, then I select no. 2). Then appear on monitor like this "RAM Corrupted, Restore from ROM, ROM type ...... Unknown". Then I push all button on the GC, but cannot. Please advise.

Thank you


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Shimadzu - GC-2010
RE: Shimadzu - GC-2010
12 days ago

error E.4

0 Answers Hi,

I'm looking for what it means an E.4 error in a Thermomixer model 5436.

Thanks a lot in advance!

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EPPENDORF - Thermal Printer DPU-S445
RE: EPPENDORF - Thermal Printer DPU-S445
12 days ago

User display field

0 AnswersI have 2 users in labware LIMS V6

1:- SHAMOH :- who is having system operator role is getting only sample number while going to "enter result" window

2:- HUSAFA:- User is also having same roles but getting sample number,discription,product,C_Sample_details as well.

Please someone give me a clue...

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LabWare - LIMS
RE: LabWare - LIMS
0 Answers Hi There ,

I am using labware LMS V6.

Issue :- Some users are getting comlete details about sample like (Sample no,LIMS ID,Discription,and others) but other user is only getting Sample number.

I have to add other detail option for all users but when i am truing to add sample browse option its giving me an error "No value find"

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LabWare - LIMS
RE: LabWare - LIMS

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0 Answers dear sir


i have a problim with my 96 well veriti pcr machine, which is when rhe machin pluged in to power and start to boot up after few seconds the machine shutting down !!!

what is propable reson for this error??

thank you for your kind assistance

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Applied Biosystems - Veriti
RE: Applied Biosystems - Veriti
13 days ago

Won't start

3 Answers We have a J2-21M with a JA-18 Rotor. When we start it, it begins to operate, then clicks, and the speed light begins to flash. Nothing more happens after that. Settings were 18 for rotor. 12,000 for speed. 30 minutes for time. Temp set to 18. Key set to normal.

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Beckman Coulter - J2-21M
RE: Beckman Coulter - J2-21M
13 days ago

Avator 360

0 Answers The Avatar 360 does not seem to commincating with the computer. I have checked all connections. The instrument is flashing 2 green lights. Status is red. Bad board ??

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Thermo Scientific - Avatar 360 FTIR
RE: Thermo Scientific - Avatar 360 FTIR

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