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0 Answers What factors affect the bath temperature of AU480

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Beckman Coulter - AU480
RE: Beckman Coulter - AU480
0 Answers problem set up communication between two computer after incoming connection is created on pc. no communication pc to AA unit.

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PerkinElmer - AAnalyst 400
RE: PerkinElmer - AAnalyst 400
0 AnswersBeckman Coulter Avanti J-E Centrifuge

Rotor JS-5.3

Error message: H7 Speed, door locks for 0 minutes, call service; D-9 Drive, call service; R3-Rotor Rotor Mismatch

I put on a run using rotor above and settings were 3,500 x g for 15 mins at 4°C. The run started but stopped shortly afterwards and the messages above flashed across the screen. The centrifuge also locked me out for 40 minutes.

After the centrifuge unlocked, I turned it off, removed the rotor to make sure it was seated correctly and replaced the rotor again. I then put on a run with just the rotor (all samples removed). The centrifuge would not start and I noticed the light beside the “door” button remained on. From memory I don’t think that light stays on while the centrifuge is running but maybe I’m wrong.

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Beckman Coulter - Avanti J Series
RE: Beckman Coulter - Avanti J Series
0 Answers Hello. I'm having problems with the analyzer. When it is turned on, it gives an error that there is no driver. When I try to reboot from the installation disk, it reads it, but apparently the data is corrupted on the disk, since it does not install anything from it in the end. Could you please send an electronic copy of the installation disc (Software Disk Celly70 Version V3.33) ? This is my e-mail - peresvet-pez@mail.ru.

Yours sincerely, Peresvet Pez.

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Biocode Hycel - Celly 70
RE: Biocode Hycel - Celly 70
1 Answer I've had to replaced the keypad on our instrument several times in the past year. We only need to start/stop the GC because we are acquiring the signal with an Agilent 35900E A/D box and Agilent software. Is there a way to install a simple button/switch to start/stop the GC?

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Varian - CP-3800
RE: Varian - CP-3800
0 Answers I would be grateful if any one can suggest me how can I prepare blood serum sample to measure Zn, Cu, and other metals trace for flame method using Shimadzu AA 6800. I am in badly need to do that in my work.



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Shimadzu - AA-6800
RE: Shimadzu - AA-6800
0 AnswersHow to prepare blood serum sample to measure metals trace by Shimadzu AA 6800

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0 Answers When I turned on the centrifuge after being idle a few months the rotor goes up to 800 rpm, the vacuum pump runs and lights up all three lights, but the rotor doesn't go up to the set speed. When slowing down at around 300 rpm there is a clicking noise that gets slower as the rotor slows down (might be an unrelated problem). Does anyone know what controls the speed-up after the vacuum comes on? Is it a mechanical relay or would I need to replace a board, and if so, which board. Thank you.

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