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0 Answers EVOware configuration instrument tab shows wrong number (i.e. 200) NOT actual instrument number (i.e.100). How to change it in the instrument tab?

After log into the EVOware and got the error message: "The script worktable contains carriers that are located beyond the active worktable. Start EVOware in offline mode to edit the script worktable". How to solve it with this wrong configuration in EVOware?

Many thanks!

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Tecan - Freedom EVOware
RE: Tecan - Freedom EVOware
12 days ago


0 Answers What is the recommended ventialtion (using xylene and ethanol)for the processor? Is there LEV that can be bought for the processor? It's size prevents it from being placed in a conventional chemical fume hood.

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Thermo Scientific - Shandon Citadel 1000
RE: Thermo Scientific - Shandon Citadel 1000
13 days ago

quickseal manifold

0 Answers Hello,

I need to order some quickseal manifold that I want to replace all of the does anybody know the part # ?

Thank you

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VirTis - Freezemobile
RE: VirTis - Freezemobile
13 days ago

IL 943

0 AnswersI have an IL 943 which will not set zero. It sets the 140/5 properly but the NA only goes as low as about 30. The aspiration rate is correct and the voltages on the preamp are also correct. I've aslo ran it in the predilute mode eliminating anything to do with the dilutor or mixing cup. Any suggestions?

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13 days ago

Body Fluid (CBP)

0 Answers Is a two part diff sufficient for most Body Fluid testing in the Lab ?

We are about to purchase a Sysmex XN 2000 Cell Analyzer and it performs a 2 part diff (Poly & Mononuclear )BodyFluids along with a WBC & RBC,

1 Answer I have looked at the various answers over the issue of the centrifuge not turning on after it has been turned off. The 5415R control board is different than the 5415D. I have tried to replace the the 2.2uf capacitor to a 10uf capacitor as explained without any success. Also the four 68K resistors are replaced with 8 ohms and add up to 32 ohms. The same situation happens when the ribbon cable is disconnected while the power is on, it will reset. Does anyone have any ideas!

Thanks for your help


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14 days ago

Service manual

0 Answersi want Service manual of nova 400 please

can you help me even i can pay mony in orded to get it

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Analytik Jena - novAA® 400 P Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer
RE: Analytik Jena - novAA® 400 P Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer
0 Answers In the easy way of terminology, Distillation Condensers are mainly defined as a key method to purify a liquid through boiling them as well as condensing their vapors. In different words, any kind of the liquid while it is also heated and it becomes completely boiled, process of the distillation usually captures as well as it also cools resultant hot vapors as well as it also collect condensed vapors. Such kind of the method or such kind of the process is not basically the chemical reaction though the unit operation and also the physical separation. In the updated or in the modern chemistry laboratory, even the distillation is much significant kind of the requirement that could help to identify as well as to purify organic compounds. For more details visit at website:https://www.avogadro-lab-supply.com/

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Summary Enteral nutrition infusion pump is a kind of equipment specially designed for enteral nutrition support. Usage principle (1) When enteral nutrition is carried out by tube feeding, a special infusion pump is recommended. (2) The special enteral nutrition infusion pump should be used for enteral nutrition infusion instead of other infusion pumps. (3) The design and function of the infusion pump vary from company to company and should be operated according to the instructions. (4) Users of infusion pumps should receive special training before they are qualified.

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Working Principle Vacuum Impregnation Roots Vacuum Pumps Roots Vacuum Pump Type
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1 Answer please help to solve my problem our pcr 48 volt not on if any body has its serivce manual please share

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