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9 days ago


0 Answers Does ThermoScientific provide a list of drugs that can cross-react with their test? It's my understanding they only have a rather incomplete view of this.

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Thermo Scientific - Indiko
RE: Thermo Scientific - Indiko
0 AnswersHelo!

I am using a One-piece Easy-fit torch at ICP-OES model 5110. But after using for a period the ring that fix the torch to the base is loosen. Because of this complicated turn on the torch.

Does any seen this, what do you recommend in order to extent the durability of the piece?


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Agilent Technologies - 5110 ICP-OES Instrument
RE: Agilent Technologies - 5110 ICP-OES Instrument
0 Answers The pump was tripping the electrical overload. First thought was it had seized on the bearings. After stripping it was found to be mechanically free and turned with ease. Now I am thinking the motor was holding the scroll like it was a brake. If this is so, what has gone wrong, is the motor windings at fault or has a capacitor broken down?

Ian Setterfield

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Edwards - XDS10 Scroll Vacuum Pump
RE: Edwards - XDS10 Scroll Vacuum Pump
0 Answers There may be number of situations where you may need expert assistance while using your HP printer. Contact us at HP printer error code 0x83c0000a any time round the clock where our experts are ready to assist you better in conquering your technical incompetency.

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10 days ago


0 Answers I have a Bio Rad T100 and got an error codes

ID0300- Hazard error aborted run at step 1, Repeat 1 and

ID0309- Zones heating differently

If anyone can help that would be great.

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Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. - T100
RE: Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. - T100
0 Answers What should be the exactspectral range for iS50 FTIR using Raman and NIR.

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Thermo Scientific - Nicolet iS50
RE: Thermo Scientific - Nicolet iS50
0 AnswersI need filters for lambda 35 and I dont know where to buy it. Please help
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PerkinElmer - LAMBDA 25/35/45
RE: PerkinElmer - LAMBDA 25/35/45
0 Answers Dears,

I need to supplierforRAM of LAN/MS control card 05990-65420 for MSD model 5975C

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0 AnswersHello, I am trying to repair a GE Typhoon Trio +. I was able to scan with the Green laser, but when I tried the Blue laser I got the error: 0x130d Blue Laser Power Low, I replaced the Laser and control board. After I did that, I only get the error: 0x1100 Fast Stage Stroke Error while trying to initialize or move. After banging my head against the machine for a while I reinstalled the old laser and control board to see if that was the issue, i still receieved error 0x1100, and could not get it to scan at all. I could really use some help on this, Thanks

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