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0 Answers Does anyone know what MF [1] undefined position means. This error will come up when I go to start running my samples on the T50.

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0 Answers Hi: I curently need the Operation Manual for American Gold Series Incubator Model IS-81 (American Scientific Products) to see operational parameters in which the Incubator can be validated.

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0 Answers I have a G1513A autosampler and the arm keeps either dropping vials or being unable to pick them up. If I switch out the tray and armsthe problem goes away, so the problem is not the autosampler itself. The arm drops or can't pick up a vial very frequently and seems to be related to location. If I keep track of which locations the arm has dropped a vial at and don't put vials there anymore it seems to be ok for a while. However, I'm starting to run out of locations. The belt in the arm has been changed recently and did not fix the problem. Any advice?

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RE: GC Autosamplers
0 Answers What is the meant cycle?

How can power be changed in this model?

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Hielscher - UP200H / UP200S
RE: Hielscher - UP200H / UP200S
8 days ago

Mr Bakari

0 AnswersHi

I have Abx micros 60 with problem is not booting I don't know what to do to get it fix and how or need parts anything please to help me to go it Fix

Please realy need help

Machine start but not boot


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HORIBA - ABX Micros 60
RE: HORIBA - ABX Micros 60
1 AnswerInstrument is not ready-all front lamps at display are on, and at instrument status is message with fault front detector max flow exceeded.

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Varian - CP-3800
RE: Varian - CP-3800
0 Answers We are expereincing that Zr is getting removed from walls/balls and getting added to our system of interest. How to avoid that? Is there a run-in recipe for ZrO2 balls/container after which we should not see these effects?

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Retsch - Planetary Ball Mill PM 100
RE: Retsch - Planetary Ball Mill PM 100
0 Answers Hello I'm trying to get a reading from an RS232 connection by putting in 'VAL' in the ASCII code section of the application tool I'm using and cannot get a reading from the instrument. Other ASCII codes that I tried didn't seem to help.

VAL{13}, VAL{13}{10}

Do you have any suggestions?

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Hach Company - 2100AN/2100N
RE: Hach Company - 2100AN/2100N
0 AnswersTo whom it may concern,

For our group we do need the TGA 5500 Analyzer. Would it be possible to provide us the price?

Kind regards

Patrik Johansen

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TA Instruments - TGA Series
RE: TA Instruments - TGA Series
0 AnswersHi there,

For our lab we do require Agilentt GPC 220, i have checked the datasheet by your site, and would appreciate to get the price for this product.

Kind regards


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Agilent Technologies - PL-GPC 220
RE: Agilent Technologies - PL-GPC 220

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