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6 days ago


0 Answers Good day. Where can I find the software for this device?
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Hospitex Diagnostics - Hema Screen 18
RE: Hospitex Diagnostics - Hema Screen 18
6 days ago


0 AnswersCan not get the digital panel to work comes on but appears to be locked do not no how to set it and no manual

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Panasonic - SF-L6111W-PA
RE: Panasonic - SF-L6111W-PA
7 days ago

no count

0 Answers I have a Packard Tri-card 2100TR that gives no count when normalizing. I'm thinking that it could be the PMT high voltage power supply. Can anyone help me figure out if there is anyway to check for the voltage or have any other ideas.


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7 days ago

Need help

0 AnswersThe Digidata during configuration turned off and can't operate
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Molecular Devices - Digidata 1440A
RE: Molecular Devices - Digidata 1440A
7 days ago

User manuel pdf

0 Answers Hi every one ...

my name is mouad and i am from morocco. actually i need to have a service manuel for the cobas E411 how sad i seareched every where but i could not find the pdf manuel i hope some one could help me

Thank you

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Roche - cobas e 411
RE: Roche - cobas e 411
0 Answers Tubing missing need to find specifications and where to buy.


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0 Answers How should i calibrate the DSC 131 evo with calisto sofware?

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8 days ago


1 Answer Our SEM faced some problem. We cannot evacuate the system using High Voltage Pressure. The error said "Evacuation Failure: Please Check O-Rings of the Gun, Stage, etc"

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