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14 days ago

Organize a trip

0 Answers If you are looking for ideas to spend your holidays in Krakow, I recommend visiting the website: https://www.seekrakow.com/en/wieliczka-salt-mine/. Here you will book a ticket to the Wieliczka Salt Mine as well as to other interesting places around Krakow.

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15 days ago

cracked shell

0 Answers The shell where the plastic attaches to the bracket has been broken, need to replace shell.

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Patterson Kelley - V Blender
RE: Patterson Kelley - V Blender
0 Answers Hello,

One of the bearing mounts became stuck on my shaker so I tried to take them out to clean and check them. However, one of them seems to be severely stuck in place and woke come out. Aside from pure physical force, I tried WD-40 to see if it would help and it didn't. Is there anyway you suggest I could get this off? Would brake cleaner work? Thank you for your time and consideration.

Contact email: devon.r1212@gmail.com

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Lab-Line - 3527 Orbital Incubator Shaker
RE: Lab-Line - 3527 Orbital Incubator Shaker
0 Answers Do you offer top half replacements for the R-10 Units? We have 2-units and one of our R-10 units is not circulationg. Everything turns on ok but the pump is not moving any coolant.

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Anova - Refrigerated Circulator Systems
RE: Anova - Refrigerated Circulator Systems
0 AnswersPlease I need help on how to solve this problem.
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16 days ago

IMO pumps offer

0 Answers See POLGER, https://imo-europe.com/imo-pumps/ - supplier of imo pumps. Here you will find an offer addressed to companies that need imo pump and other spare parts. I recommend contacting this company and talking about the details.

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16 days ago

E2 , E97

1 Answer dear

the device CE1011 was giving Error E2, them gives gives E97 and now not working at all !

please advise

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17 days ago

Cleaning failed

0 AnswersDuring analysis of particle size ..cleaning system failed message observed.And feed rate for cleaning systen not achieved
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