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10 days ago


0 Answers I work with a IKA KS 4000 ic control. i don´t know why but when I turn on the temperature, it appear on the display error 25, how can I resolve this problem ?

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IKA - KS 4000 control
RE: IKA - KS 4000 control
11 days ago

Polychrome IV

0 AnswersWe changed the bulb in polychrome IV and we need to calibrate the system. We haven't triple-Band Calibration Photodiode or 2 filters 380 nm and 505nm. Where I can find this equipment?

Thank you!

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11 days ago

Polychrome IV

0 Answers Hello! Have somebody ever did the calibration of Polychrome IV after changed bulb?
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11 days ago

Instable result

0 AnswersFirst run ,qc all result instable and out of range , i need service manule
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1 Answer Hi, after we connected the device to the internet, ther data displayed on the screen looks not full. Looks like virus. Which anti-virus can fit here?


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Abbott Diagnostics - CELL-DYN Emerald
RE: Abbott Diagnostics - CELL-DYN Emerald
11 days ago

WRN 13

0 Answers I have an error 13 that persists with all the screen of the analyzer to zero, I tried all means possible but answer.

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Hospitex Diagnostics - Hema Screen 18
RE: Hospitex Diagnostics - Hema Screen 18
11 days ago

Technical problems

1 Answer Hello,

I am using Agilent Technoligies 5500 AFM microscope (Model: N9451A) and have some problems. It is very complicated to approach the tip to sample because it is lying on the sample or is very high from the sample. If I finaly get right possition of the tip, the image quality is so low, that it doesnt match the real one. Could you give me some advices what should I do? How to set parametres correctly?

Also I have doubts about scanning probe. I'm not sure if it works right. Is were any method to check it?

Thank you for the answers!



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Agilent Technologies - 5500
RE: Agilent Technologies - 5500
0 Answers i have a problem with varian cary 500 spctrophotometer the transmission part not work but the reflactance part is ok

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Varian - Cary 500
RE: Varian - Cary 500
0 Answersi can not get water unless pressing button on solenoid valve. please help me to solve the problem. thank you.
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Pall Corporation - Cascada™ LS-water Purification System
RE: Pall Corporation - Cascada™ LS-water Purification System

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