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0 Answers 1. What is the principle of Beckman Coulter Power Processor?

2. What is the maintenance process of the power processor?

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Beckman Coulter - Power Processor
RE: Beckman Coulter - Power Processor
17 days ago

File Programming

1 AnswerIs There anyone have Experience In File Programming In GC shimadzu model GC14A with FID detector? Can help me to Do File Programming?
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Shimadzu - GC-14A
RE: Shimadzu - GC-14A
17 days ago

File Programming

3 AnswersHi everyone. Is there anybody have experience in Shimadzu FID Detector model GC14A ? Is any one Can help me to do programming procedure of Files In GC? There is A key File On keypad .Before When we pressing For Example File 3 Ent after that Ploarity Will change and orange LED on FID Detector (POL 2) were turn on but Currently When I press File 3 Ent Pol Will not change and Temperatures will change and rise up. I think file 3 is deleted and i need to reprogramm File 3 ... Is any one can help me please. Regards
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17 days ago


1 AnswerOne of them is showing error 9 and another one showing error 12. How can i fix this?
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0 Answers Hi,

We just started manufacturing a rotor that fits into a Light Cycler 1.5 / 2.0 and allows you to use standard PCR tubes instead of capillaries. Here's the eBay link if anyone is interested:


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Roche - LightCycler®
RE: Roche - LightCycler®
1 Answer I am looking for a plexiglass shop as i need some plexiglass for my shop.
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0 AnswersCentrifuge shuts off when press start due to circuit breaker trips

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0 AnswersI had a power outage in the lab and after I rebooted I keep getting a commutations error as communication with the instrument could not be established . Diagnostics code:7
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0 Answers

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1 AnswerHi,

I'm having trouble with reproducibility in my chromatograms. I noticed that the needle of my autosampler was dripping liquid every time it moved. Should I assume that the needle is damaged and needs to be replaced, or could there be other settings that would help with this problem?

I'm also struggling with some very big air bubbles caught in the syringe. How do I get rid of them?

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Dionex - ICS-3000
RE: Dionex - ICS-3000

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