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3 Answers plese help me resolve the invalid serial number displayed on my gc 6890n


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Agilent Technologies - 6890N
RE: Agilent Technologies - 6890N
0 Answers Hi. We are looking for the software for Agilent G1315B DAD and G1311A QuatPump 1100 Series HPLC.

The license number is G2170BA Agilent 32-Bit ChemStation for 2D Liquid Chromatography (LC) systems

Please provide any information. Thanks.

Mykeil misiekagh@gmail.com +48 693 037 279

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Agilent Technologies - 1100 Series
RE: Agilent Technologies - 1100 Series
6 days ago

Error 57

0 AnswersInstrument will not initialize. Old system . did pe ever move to comm 1? Or always on pci board? Error message Init error can channel not present on mdp1 check that canbus driver is installed and running and head board is NOT present
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PerkinElmer - Evolution P3
RE: PerkinElmer - Evolution P3
6 days ago


0 AnswersHi,

I want to buy it, but ? am wondering that is it convinent for DNA samples with SSR markers ? Can I learn price of the electrophoresis. Please inform me detaily.


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Cleaver Scientific Ltd - DGGE Package
RE: Cleaver Scientific Ltd - DGGE Package
6 days ago


0 Answers Hi,

I want to buy it, but ? am wondering that is it convinent for DNA samples ? And can ? learn price of the device ?

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Cleaver Scientific Ltd - VS20WAVE Maxi
RE: Cleaver Scientific Ltd - VS20WAVE Maxi
0 AnswersWhen i run the background sample then automatically IR solution software is closed,please guide me on this error
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Shimadzu - IRAffinity-1
RE: Shimadzu - IRAffinity-1
0 Answers Please help me resolve Invalid serial number displayed on the gc 6890n


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0 Answers When I change batteries on my GF320, I loose the time and date settings. Can I change the internal back up battery myself or do I have to send it in to FLIR? If so, where can I buy a replacement back up battery.


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FLIR Systems Inc - GF320
RE: FLIR Systems Inc - GF320
0 Answers Any advice for the following issues will be greatly appreciated.

We are having trouble with Totalchrom controlling a Perkin Elmer Series 200 pump. Below is a brief description of what we encountered today.

New Problem:

Totalchrom finally took control of the HPLC instrument. However, after setting up a sequence, we cannot get the mobile phase to switch over to mobile phase-A using the Hands On screen. The method in the sequence is programmed to start a gradient at mobile phase-A.

Original Problem:

Totalchrom failed to seize a Perkin Elmer Series 200 Pump.

The HPLC system consists of Perkin Elmer series 200 pump, autosampler, and UV detector. The HPLC system is run by Totalchrom version 6.3.2 workstation. After the "Take Control" command is activated, two errors are observed:

"-993 Seize failed"

"-984 While taking control of the pump. ERROR 35 AT A: = Instrument does not respond."

The LC system is connected to the workstation computer with a LINK interface box.

We tried turning all units off, then back on several times; checked electrical connections between units; made sure to turn the LINK interface box on after the LC units.

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1 Answer Does anyone know what MF [1] Undefined error means on the T50. I got this error once I started to run my samples.

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