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0 Answers We have a few old-model 8500 servo-hydraulic controllers and 1331 load frames. Generally, they work just fine, but occasionally a card within the 8500 tower will throw a fault and stop operating. Instron discontinued the machine long ago, and diagnostic/service documentation was never available to end users. I've had some occasional success making repairs when this happens, but I've also been very lucky. Except until now. System won'tr pass self test, and hangs on "step 3". Anybody out there ever work on one of these? Any idea how to talk to the 9-pin "diagnostic ports" on the cards to figure out what the "red light #1" fault actually means. Anybody know what happens on the different steps of the 6-5-4-3-2-1 self-test countdown? Anything?

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5 days ago

Spart Parts

0 AnswersWe need a spart parts for example: Graphite Tube High Density Part No.:206-50587-11

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Shimadzu - AA-7000
RE: Shimadzu - AA-7000
0 Answers I'm searching for a reliable repair depot for servicing my numerous non-working boards take from instruments. I still actively service the L8M as an independent service provider. In some cases, notes with the particular problems are attached but not with all. Also, I don't want to be 'soaked' by artifically high pricing.

Send all proposals to drheisesr@aol.com

Thanks in advance.

Dave Heise

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0 Answers We have the G112SPIT bath or pail that goes with the generator. The pair is listed for $500 on eBay but not sure how realistic that is. We've got ours listed for under $50 and some eBayer is asking about it. Would you be interested in the bath/pail or possibly selling together as a set?

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Laboratory Supplies - Power Generator G112SPIG Only
RE: Laboratory Supplies - Power Generator G112SPIG Only
1 AnswerHello, I have rescued an old centrifuge for a project, but the speeds are in rpm. I need a speed of exactly 1000xg for my samples. I cannot find a diameter for this rotor/machine to do the conversion. Can you please assist? Best, Stark Jones
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Heraeus - Biofuge 13 3637
RE: Heraeus - Biofuge 13 3637
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0 Answers Could I get a guote forLeica VT1200 S

Thank you

Best regards, Alice Qin RWD Life Science Inc. 6540 Lusk Blvd, Suite C161 San Diego, CA 92121

Tel :858-900-5879 Fax :858-939-1580

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Leica - VT1200 S
RE: Leica - VT1200 S
0 Answers I need a centrifuge to go to 150,000 g and this one is rated at 80.000 rpm , SORVALL ULTRA 80 ULTRACENTRIFUGE 80,000 RPM My question is this a good used machine to buy off Ebay used ? is it reliable ? Are parts aviable ? Easy to operate ? I want to use it for experiment with ginger nanoparticles with specific target properties . Any help would be greatly appreiciated .

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1 Answer i have a problem about the hollow cathode lamp. it doesn't give the required gain. e.g. the gain of cupper lamp is 70, the instrument give me a value 2 or 3. i get a new lamp and the problem still formed

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Aurora Biomed - AI 1200 AAS
RE: Aurora Biomed - AI 1200 AAS
9 days ago

Tube type

0 AnswersCan the pink 6ml edta tube be used on the provue?
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9 days ago

Error Message

0 Answers When the microfuge 16 is powered on, the message on the screen reads ERR E53

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Beckman Coulter - Microfuge 16
RE: Beckman Coulter - Microfuge 16

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