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7 days ago

TC Running High

0 Answers While using the instrument the TC started running high. We regenerated the catalyst, ran the line flush,as well as zero point. We checked the reference solution on another instrument and it checked out. What else do I need to look at?

Thank You,

P Hooks

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Shimadzu - TOC-L Series
RE: Shimadzu - TOC-L Series
7 days ago


0 Answers Our Hematek 2000 Staineroriginally made by Miles Labs- now Siemens, Stains just fine but leaves a terrible amount of Purple Particulate matter, we have replaced all tubing & cannulas & new lot of stain kit, cleaned, and still there. WHAT TO DO ??

8 days ago

Error F-2

1 Answer The refrigerator showing F-2 on the display.can you explain whats the reason

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Panasonic - MPR-721 and MPR-721R
RE: Panasonic - MPR-721 and MPR-721R
0 Answers Could Someone recommend a Vendor to repair and calibration for a Micro Typing Systems ID-Tipmaster Repetitive Dispense Pipettor. Model: MTS9640?



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3 Answers Hello,

New to the forum. Any ideas as to how to solve cooling on start up of Beckman J2-21M centrifuge? This happened out of the blue; everything was working fine one day, then all of a sudden cooling kicks in on start up no matter what temperature is selected and continues until unit is turned off.

Is it advisable to remove relay by the black box near the AC compressor to stop cooling?



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Beckman Coulter - J2-21M
RE: Beckman Coulter - J2-21M
0 Answers i have a varian 3800 GC, my stabilization time is set at 2 mins but my equilibration time is on for the past 4 days. what can i do to correct that

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Varian - CP-3800
RE: Varian - CP-3800
9 days ago

NPOC method

2 Answers Hi,

I want to ask why we need to acidify and purge the sample in the NPOC method of the TOC analyzer to determine Total organic carbon.

Thanks you


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Analytik Jena - multi N/C®
RE: Analytik Jena - multi N/C®
0 Answers while instrument was running ok. suddenly vacuum fault appear and iongauage was off. when sample is run message appear bad vacuum RF will not turn on. but fore pressur is ok

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0 Answers Hi all,

My GC-MS instrument (Agilent 7000) shows the following error at 20-30 minutes after beginning run:

"QQQ Fault Detected: 3.12 Collision Cell RF Driver Cannot Maintain the Request RF Peak Voltage"

and filament is turned off.

The instrument is tuned well and every other things are seems to be OK.

The instrument was rebooted several times but the problem is still there.

After several rebooting, the MSD now gets data until 30-32 min!!! (It was already shut down in less than 30 minutes).

Is it maybe related to MSD firmware or collision cell control board?


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Agilent Technologies - 7000A Triple Quadrupole GC/MS
RE: Agilent Technologies - 7000A Triple Quadrupole GC/MS
11 days ago


0 Answers We have one packed GC colunm purchased from Supelco and it doesnt have its respective certificate. Can you help us to find it? It is described below.

- 10% Carbowax 1500 (10%G39) - 1,8M x 3mm x 5mm od - 80/100 Chromosorb WAW - CN: 01302008 - Lot. 38819361-20.

If possible sendto e-mail wsilva@biochimico.ind.br



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Supelco/Sigma-Aldrich - Packed GC Columns
RE: Supelco/Sigma-Aldrich - Packed GC Columns

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