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1 AnswerSomeone please help me with an answer. It is costing a fortune in down time. The first run goes fine. You let it cool down,when you go to run the next batch it shoot up to 600 degrees immediately. Please help. I know you are a vet and I am proud of you, now I need your help. letters2char@msn.com phone 7605487436 (Josh)

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1 Answer Changing the vac pump oil on an Optima L-90K Ultracentrifuge and see that it's recommended to do the diffusion pump oil at the same time. Have the correct diffusion pump oil but can't find how much should go in the unit. Haaalp!

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0 Answers After the first run all is good. We then wait awhile for it to cool, when we try to run again, the temp shoots up to 600 degrees. What should I do?

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Myers-Vacuum - ROTOR 15 Centrifugal Distillation System
RE: Myers-Vacuum - ROTOR 15 Centrifugal Distillation System
4 Answers First run is 80%. Let the equipment cool turn on 600* what is going on. Really need someone to help.

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Myers-Vacuum - ROTOR 15 Centrifugal Distillation System
RE: Myers-Vacuum - ROTOR 15 Centrifugal Distillation System
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0 AnswersSi la sala donde se encuentra el equipo la temperatura es muy alta y este afecta la temperatura del.policromador, es posible bajarla con la purga de argon?
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9 days ago

low water alarm

0 Answersmodel 3158 water jacket is full still alarming low water manual isn't helpful.

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9 days ago


2 Answers Hi,

I'm writing because I want to know if you know what number of rpm assigned to numerical values (10, 15, 20, 25, 30) because in specification is information that this equipment has range 10000-30000 but any information about rpm.

Thanks for help,

Aleksandra Czeszak

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Kinematica - POLYTRON PT 1600 E
RE: Kinematica - POLYTRON PT 1600 E
0 Answers I currently own a Generation I XDR-500 utilizing a GE VersaMax PLC. The PLC battery died, without the non-volatile memory option checked. Without these project deployment files I have a useless piece of equipment, but these are VERY EASILY copied/emailed if another system runs the same PLC!! If anyone knows of/runs an XCellerex bioreactor with a GE VersaMax PLC onboard, please please reach out immediately!

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0 Answers The UV Transmittance of a water sample measured by a Cary 300 and integrating sphere shows values significantly lower than the unfiltered sample. The unfiltered sample should have a lower UVT since particles were filtered out. Has anyone else encountered an error like this or has any insight as to why this is happening?

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Agilent Technologies - Cary 300
RE: Agilent Technologies - Cary 300

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