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0 Answers Our 5417C will not power on. Nothning on LCD screen. Main board is getting

120VAC.5 volt rail is only measuring about 3.5V to ground.

Bad capacitors somwhere?

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6 days ago

fatal error 501

0 Answers when i power the 701 kf titrino this message is desplay "fatal error 501" i can't escape it and can't work on my titrino ,have any idea about this message

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0 Answers please what is the meaning of error code 677, it appear at the starting of the machine mastercycler nexus and i can not run any program

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EPPENDORF - Mastercycler
RE: EPPENDORF - Mastercycler
0 Answers Our BLC - 20 HPLC is not working. It keeps saying there is no communication with port. Its in demo mode and we could not get non demo mode

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Buck Scientific - BLC-20 Series Analytical HPLC systems
RE: Buck Scientific - BLC-20 Series Analytical HPLC systems
0 Answers Good day, We have a Thermo 1300 A2 cabinet and we have a question about the performance verification LEDS on the front panel of the unit. We are seeing the LED flickering between green and orange ( sometimes red ).

Both inflow and downflow are inrange ( 105 for inflow and 63 for downflow measured with external and calibrated instruments).

The HEPA filter is a bit old but the NSF49 verification was done in april and everything was fine then.

Can you please tell us what could be the issue ? Thank you and regards

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Thermo Scientific - 1300 Series A2
RE: Thermo Scientific - 1300 Series A2
7 days ago

need part number

0 AnswersI need to find a supplier for cuvettes fir the KoneLab 20.

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Thermo Scientific - Konelab 20 Clinical Chemistry Analyzer
RE: Thermo Scientific - Konelab 20 Clinical Chemistry Analyzer
0 Answers The link under "documentation" is broken.

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PerkinElmer - Cetus
RE: PerkinElmer - Cetus
7 days ago


0 Answers I have an Eppendorf 5415 D. If just turned on, I get an error 8 when trying to centrifuge. If I wait about 5 minutes after turning it on, no error 8. Is there a bad capacitor somewhere? Any suggestions?

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