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0 Answers ELAN DRCII Software: The data on the print out contains a bracket [ ] around the intensity and calculated results. What does this indicate?

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PerkinElmer - Elan DRC II
RE: PerkinElmer - Elan DRC II
0 Answers We have recently purchased a TCD detector for our Agilent 6890 GC. The TCD detector is jumpered to an FID detector. When just the filment on the TCD is turned off, does it matter if the reference gas is on or off? I believe the reference gas turns off automatically when the filament is off. Do we need to do anything special with the filament and gases (the gases associated with the TCD) when the TCD is not in use and sitting idle?

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What is the filament of an electric stove made of? Why are they rounded? The furnace wire of electric furnace is made of nickel-chromium resistance wire with high resistivity and high melting point. The heat energy generated after electrification is large, which is conducive to heating. Most electric stoves are used as kitchen utensils. Most of them are round. Heat the bottom of the round pan and cook. The round wire disc can effectively utilize the heat energy produced by the wire, and the heat loss is small.

Powder Material Technology Furnace Continuous Annealing Furnace For Stainless Steel Tubes And Wires Zinc-Aluminum-Copper-Brass Alloy Annealing Furnace Laser Diamond Bit Graphite Sintering Mold

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1 AnswerWe have a problems with our old equipment that not to reach 18,2 of resistivit after a clean.

we dont have more the guide of this equipment e nobody remenber to solve the problem. The equipment is in RINSE mode and standing in this mode. How put the normal mode to get the water for use in laboratory? Could you please send me a user guide of equipment?

Thanks for your help.


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ELGA - Maxima
RE: ELGA - Maxima
0 Answers can you please shed some light on error 78 and how to fix this error.

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Beckman Coulter - Allegra 25R
RE: Beckman Coulter - Allegra 25R
0 AnswersCan anyone explain the statistics table given in the analysis report? What is F532 compared to B532? Why are there multiple means, medians, and SDs? How are these values related between columns and rows?

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Axon - GenePix Scanner 4000B
RE: Axon - GenePix Scanner 4000B
0 Answers I can manually rotate the z-arm but it doesn't move on automation. When GC initializes, the arm starts to vibrate in place and I get an error "method requires an injector which is not installed". However, method is correct. so what's the problem with the z-arm?

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0 Answers Please send me a quote for the 4890 model with TC detector, it will be used to measue hydrogen production in a water splitting experiment

Sandra Rodil



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Agilent Technologies - 4890D GC
RE: Agilent Technologies - 4890D GC
2 AnswersThe equipment shows and error"Equipment isn't calibrated. Contact authorized Service"
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