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0 Answers Hi. I am working on with old titrator from Mettler, DL70 ES. I have created a method with EDTA titrant using mettler template. However, I cannot incorporate the method to run in the machine.

There was an error sign popped up, E40: There are other method list in addition to that just run.

The titrator tab also showed IDLE.

Please give advice on what should I do.



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0 Answers Hello,

I have quite an annoying problem with a Beckman Optima TLX 120 000 ultracentrifuge concerning the SPD alert. I use the 100.2 rotor.

A month ago, I wanted to centrifuge for 1h at 15 000 rpm at 12 degres so I filled the rotor with tubes balanced up to mg and I got the SPD alert 6 times that day!! With the 20 minutes wait in between each. But then when I tested the empty rotor it was working...I don't understand why the tubes would be problematic since I balanced them very precisely. A collegue told me about the room temperature, that if it is too cold in the room it could be problematic, does anyone have any info on that???

I tested it again this morning, the empty 100.2 rotor works fine, then I filled it with tubes containing 1 ml H2O precisely balanced the first start it got stuck at 4500-4800 rpms without the SPD alert, I stopped it and restart and that time all fine...I can't seem to find the problem and the Beckman support guy neither so please help me!!

Thanks a lot!

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Beckman Coulter - Optima™ TLX
RE: Beckman Coulter - Optima™ TLX
0 Answerswhat could cause the instrument to keep the gain on the higher side. There is no repeatability as well.
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0 AnswersHello can anyone help me for Audit Diagnostics - SAPPHIRE XT fully automated I forget the password administrator software ca-90
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3 days ago

A-D board needed

0 Answers I am looking for an A-D board for a Ramsey Icore Autocheck 8000. Where can I find one? contact me at cstrayer@aesscales.com.

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Ramsey - Autocheck 8000
RE: Ramsey - Autocheck 8000
0 Answers Dear Sir,

I have a Mettler Toledo quick Brix 90, that I want to learn how to use. Could you kindly send the user manual to my mail box at joluwagbemi@fehprojects.com . I would appreciate if my request is granted speedily.


Jolaoso Oluwagbemi

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METTLER TOLEDO - Quick-Brix 90
RE: METTLER TOLEDO - Quick-Brix 90
3 days ago

New usee

0 AnswersHow can I do minimal testing for just the 6130. Are there any self test. I am new to this system. Is there any documentation or website you can refer.
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3 days ago


0 AnswersHi, My instrument stooped on 638.4

0 Answers Greetings

Can any one assist me the email ID and contact details for Labcaire




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0 Answers Looking to purchase a copy! Any help appreciated!

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