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3 days ago

Error message

0 AnswersHello, we have an autoclave model AES -28 at the time of lighting it comes the message: electrocutting, please give the answer, please

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3 days ago


0 Answers is there any mechanisms used in rotavapor r-100?

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BUCHI Corporation - Rotavapor R-100
RE: BUCHI Corporation - Rotavapor R-100
0 Answers Carburizing simulation has been widely accepted by domestic heat treatment enterprises. Through the simulation curve, the process personnel can intuitively understand the distribution of carbon concentration and hardness in the permeability layer. It can be said that carburizing technology has achieved a qualitative leap with the help of computer simulation. However, quenching simulation is far from being taken seriously in China. Can the surface of your quenching workpiece be cold enough to avoid the nose of the c-shaped curve? The core? The heart gets the ferrite, right? Pearlite? Bainite? Or martensite? Of course, experienced engineers can make accurate judgments based on experience or by querying some manuals. However, these judgments are not intuitive, and they are very brainy. Inexperienced engineers may not be able to judge, or create a false tone, or choose a quenching medium that is too intense and cause unnecessary deformation and cracking. Is Germany engineers are widely used in heat treatment quenching hardenability analysis on the simulation software by CCT curve, TTT curve and the cooling curve of workpiece surface and the core cools the quenching process is also becoming more intuitive and easy to analysis. It is believed that such simulations will soon be widely adopted in China.

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0 Answers Hello,

I would like to inquire as to the manufacturer of users typical or recommended maximum continuos runtime for your Savant GP110 Gel Pump. Also, what is the additinal required maintenance required while operating the pump continuously. Thank you for your time and assistance. It is greatly appreciated.



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Savant Instruments - Gel Pump GP110
RE: Savant Instruments - Gel Pump GP110
3 days ago


0 Answers we are facing a problem while pressurerise the vessel

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New Brunswick Scientific - BioFlo 4500
RE: New Brunswick Scientific - BioFlo 4500
0 AnswersSeems to be no power to the probe. Wondering if the ultrasonic power supply is the problem and if anyone has ever found out what part or component usually goes bad? Thanks

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4 days ago

plastic plugs

0 Answers Model 1849 need plugs for the holes in each side of the hood. The plastic plugs finally broke from all the years

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0 AnswersWe have a vacuum problem with a Beckman TL-100 tabletop ultracentrifuge. We've confirmed that the vacuum pump is working well, and suspect that the diffusion pump needs an oil change. We have the oil, but need a protocol. Does anyone have a description of how to change the diffusion pump oil on a 1999-era TL-100?

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0 Answers when i turn on the machine and press calibration . the machine dont complete the calibration and give an error ( air in stander b )

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Medica - EasyLyte
RE: Medica - EasyLyte
4 days ago

user manual

0 AnswersI need user manual for hoefer UV CROSSLINKER UVC-1000

Thank you!

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