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4 days ago

Boiler Cleaning

0 Answers How to extend the service life of the boiler? It is important to keep the boiler clean. It is worth commissioning the company: On-Load Boiler Cleaning It will allow better boiler operation and reduced pollution.

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0 Answers We need to centrifuge blood samples at a temperature of 4 celcius degrees, does the Dynac II can do that?

Eduardo Rosa Medina


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Clay Adams - Dynac II
RE: Clay Adams - Dynac II
0 Answers Hello,

I work in a lab with some aging equipment that is still functional, but is not cost effective to pay for manufactuer service plans for periodic maintenance and repair. I was wondering if anyone knew of individuals or companies that provide training courses/materials for those of us wishing to do our own repairs and PMs in house.

The major focus would be on liquid handlers, but DI water systems, centrifuges, and evaporators are also areas I'd like to learn more about.

Thank you,


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RE: Basic Laboratory
5 days ago

Thermal Sensor

0 Answers Hello,

Did anybody manage to replace the sensor on the block? If so, what silicone glue is used to seal the ew sensor? I'm talkig about theSMT160-30 or it's 172 newer version.

Thank you in advance,


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EPPENDORF - Mastercycler
RE: EPPENDORF - Mastercycler
5 days ago


0 Answers CO2 incubator. Replacing CO2 sensor

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0 Answers Dear Concerns,

A few days ago, our AAS (model:analytik Jena, Zeenith 700) was accidentally shut down without closing the program in the desktop.After that, we again run the instrument but all lamps are moving but we have encountered several error message:1) WinAAS V 3.22.0 Nr.: 464, Main power frequency error. 2)WinAAS V 3.22.0 Nr.: 274. "Timeout" error in measurement-Make sure cable connection are ok. Swich PC and spectrophotometer off and on again in proper order. If error reoccurs, call for service!.

So need your kind suggestions in this regard.

Best regards,

Md. Abdul Quaiyum Bhuiyan


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Analytik Jena - Zeenit Series
RE: Analytik Jena - Zeenit Series
0 AnswersHi where can I purchase the replacement probe buffer solutions and reagants. Thankyou
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Sartorius - PT-10
RE: Sartorius - PT-10
0 AnswersLooking for a Sartoriius Labsonic M 1 mm probe (length 80mm).

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Sartorius - LABSONIC M and P
RE: Sartorius - LABSONIC M and P
9 days ago

infors coolant

5 Answers can someone tell me what the coolant is that is used in the chilling system. id like to buy a stock of it.

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INFORS HT - Multitron 2
RE: INFORS HT - Multitron 2
11 days ago


1 AnswerWhere is LabWrench located. Can you supply good to Uganda?

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