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0 Answers Dear CEM,

I have a question about digestion oven MARS 5. We have an equipment MARS 5 in our laboratory. We need determine proteins in wheat flour and the first step in this method is an acid digestion according to procedure below:

"-Weigh approximately 1,0g or 0,25g of the sample into the test tube and make

- For weighing 1 g add approximately 7 g or for weighing 0.25g add approximately 1.0g of the prepared catalyst (catalyst = 10:1 sodium sulfate : copper sulfate) into the tube with the sample;

- For weighing 1g add 13 ml sulfuric acid or weigh 0.25g add 6.00 mL of P.A. sulfuric acid;

- Place the tubes in the rack, take to the heat exchanger block approximately 400 ° C until complete sample digestion (staining of the sample at the end of digestion is light green);

- After digestion, remove the tubes from the digester block and wait for the sample cool down;

- Turn on the"

My question is if I can replace the digester block of this method by MARS 5. Could we use MARS 5 to this digestion step of the method?

Thank you.

Best regards!

Milena Angiolucci

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CEM Corporation - MARS 5 Digestion Microwave System
RE: CEM Corporation - MARS 5 Digestion Microwave System
7 days ago


1 AnswerCurrently purchase a used KDF-6 and looking for parts, do you sell parts?
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0 Answers Won't run unless reset unbalanced pushbutton is pushed in the back of the machine. It used to run fine - hasn't been used for awhile. I don't have any wiring schematics for this machine so it makes it difficult to troubleshoot. Can you help me out?



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10 days ago


1 AnswerBonjour Madame Monsieur, Je me présente en tant quétudiant en technologue de laboratoire. Nous sommes actuellement dans un projet de groupe visant à analyser et décrire le fonctionnement dun automate. Ayant reçu le SYSMEX SP-1000i , nous nous dirigeons vers vous afin de savoir si il était possible davoir quelques informations relatives à cette automate en sachant que vous en avez un à votre disposition. Serait-il possible donc davoir des renseignements sur cet automate via des brochures et/ou guide dutilisation ? De plus, nous aimerions connaitre votre avis sur lutilisation quotidienne de cet automate : avantages, inconvénients &. En attendant votre réponse, Je vous remercie davance et vous souhaite une agréable journée, Bien à vous
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Sysmex - SP-1000i™
RE: Sysmex - SP-1000i™
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0 AnswersLooking for cal procedure for Tactrol 3.


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Priorclave - Compact 40 Vacuum Benchtop
RE: Priorclave - Compact 40 Vacuum Benchtop
0 Answers We need a replacement for FID Flame tip, 0.010 in #200187500 for a Varian GC 3800.

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Varian - 3900
RE: Varian - 3900
1 Answer I have a Infors HT Multitron standard CO2 shaker incubator that requires calibrating with reference to my calibrated meters. I cannot find any claibration instructions online, does anybody have anything?

I have instruction for a Infors HT Multitron Pro, but the button and displayys are different!

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12 days ago


0 Answers Hello, my name is Wellington. I have a problem with the CG 3900. The problem started when the computer battery ran low and we had to change it. From there the problem began when you click on the Galaxie Workstation icon and an error occurs:"Server connection: Unable to connect: EnxPooledTransportException during logon procedure at 142E830: NexusDB: : Cannot locate or connect to network server. [$2C0E/11278]". Could someone help me please? Thanks. Note: All cables are connected.

Could someone help me please? Thanks. Note: All cables are connected.

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Varian - 3900
RE: Varian - 3900
13 days ago

Horiba LA-910

2 Answers Does anyone know of any companies or individuals close to Greenville South Carolina that can service and repair Horiba particle size analyzers?

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RE: Particle Size Analyzers

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