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0 AnswersHow to make 1:501 Dilutions system check for maintenance . Is it possible with Distill water or with wash buffer.
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0 Answers Hello. We will be grateful for any feedback from experienced users of Wasserlab Autwomatic Process RO or any other Wasserlab purificatin system.


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a month ago

Easylyte NA/K

1 AnswerHi I have error in machine Error code 05 I'don't have any thing about this error Please help me
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Medica - EasyLyte
RE: Medica - EasyLyte
0 Answers I have bought a CEM discover microwave synthesizer. I cannot see the screen lit up but instrument turns on. I am connecting the computer etc.. Do you think I will see it on computer screen to operate this instrument? I stay near to salt lake city. Is anyone in Salt lake city able to repair this? or I can ship to your place too. I really appreciate your help and suggestion.

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0 Answerswe lost Lift adjustment.

Could you please inform me how I can adjust lift drive?


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Pharma Test - PTWS 310
RE: Pharma Test - PTWS 310
a month ago


0 AnswersThe hb parameters display the 3star(***)not display hb value please help
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0 Answers How do I change the language on a new installed display?

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Sartorius - CERTOMAT CT plus
RE: Sartorius - CERTOMAT CT plus
a month ago

Spare parts

0 AnswersWe are a Hospital in Tunisia, we need a quote for (W23935001600) or contact of your distribitors in our area Regards ayadimohamed@gmail.com
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Instrumentation Laboratory - ILab 300 Plus
RE: Instrumentation Laboratory - ILab 300 Plus
0 Answers We have this stainer at our lab and because it is older, we are having trouble finding a company to provide PM service for it. I realize that parts may be difficult or impossible to get but we are looking for someone who will come and provide periodic maintenance. Do you know of any companies that do this? We are located in the Lancaster, PA area.

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Bayer - HEMA-TEK 2000™ Slide Stainer
RE: Bayer - HEMA-TEK 2000™ Slide Stainer
a month ago

help request

0 Answers Please help me. Our apparatus doesn't make titration, but does not indicate any error. How i could remediate thisfault.

Thanks in advance: Csaba Andras

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VELP Scientifica - UDK 159 Automatic Kjeldahl Analyzer
RE: VELP Scientifica - UDK 159 Automatic Kjeldahl Analyzer

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