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0 Answers Gradient for annealing temperature is off. The control does not cool/heat as expected.

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Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. - S1000 Thermal Cycler
RE: Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. - S1000 Thermal Cycler
a month ago


0 Answers I am in the process of developing and executing an IQOQ for a new WAVE 25 system. Has anyone performed their own IQOQ on the WAVE 25 system who might be able to provide me with a reference or template IQOQ document for the system?

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GE Healthcare - ReadyToProcess WAVE 25
RE: GE Healthcare - ReadyToProcess WAVE 25
a month ago

Tecan M1000

0 Answers Hello,

I am wondering if with the Tecan M1000 we can read the fluorescence emission of a given compound at, for exemple, 510nm without having to worry much about the presence of an other compound with is in the mix and emitting at 535 nm. Said in other words: when programmed for read at 510nm, does the Teacan read the fluorescence emission specifically at 510 nm or read all a bandwidth of wavelength including 510nm emissions (including possibly 535nm)?

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Tecan - Infinite M1000
RE: Tecan - Infinite M1000
a month ago

too high results

0 Answerssuddenly gives high results with message "REM"

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Roche - Reflotron Plus
RE: Roche - Reflotron Plus
a month ago


0 Answers Where would I have the best luck finding the chucks for this particular machine?

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Triangle Biomedical Sciences - Minotome PLUS™ Cryostat
RE: Triangle Biomedical Sciences - Minotome PLUS™ Cryostat
0 Answers Hello,

We have a RIVA Piccola with SMI The Director software. We have lost the passwordto login, does anyone have default SMIAdmin password?

Any help will be greatly apprecaited.

Thank you

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a month ago

Fermentor Question

0 Answers I am looking to purchase a small fermentor (0.5-3 l) for student research at a small undergraduate university. My major limitation is our autoclave which can only accomodate a 30cm chamber. What options would you have?

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New Brunswick Scientific - BioFlo/CelliGen 115
RE: New Brunswick Scientific - BioFlo/CelliGen 115
0 Answers Does your instrument and software control the DMA? If not, do you make another or know of one that does control a 983?

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Instrument Specialists Inc. - TPI-TA
RE: Instrument Specialists Inc. - TPI-TA
1 Answer Hello,

I have a 5890 GC communicated with GPIB board 82350B to a Windows XP SP3. I have installed ChemStation B.03.02 in the computer. The problem is that I cannot get correct communicatgion to the GC through the GPIB. I have instlled several versions of Agilent io libraries in 15.5 I can view the 82350B and the instructions that I am following says that GPIB address should be 30 but this address cannot be set in the ChemStation Configuration editor. GPIB address goes from 0 to 29 only. I have tried several GPIB address but no response. Somebody can help with this?

Thank you


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