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Infusion pump range 1. Patients with a wide range of surgery and long time, such as radical surgery for cancer, combined surgery of head, neck, chest and abdomen. 2. An operation patient who has a chest, an open abdomen, and a long incision. These patients often need to stay in the chest drainage tube, stomach tube, also increase their pain. in case Reluctance to turn over and cough because of pain is likely to increase the incidence of lung infections.

3. Patients with urology prostate resection. The use of postoperative analgesia pumps also helps to relieve prostate cramps and reduce bleeding. 4. Orthopedic surgery patients. 5. Partial laparoscopic surgery patients. 6. Patients with a history of hypertension or coronary heart disease. 7. Sensitive female patients. Older patients and children are less responsive to pain, while young women tend to be the opposite. 8. Patients with strong requirements.

Vacuum Pump System In Vacuum Drying Application Water Ring Vacuum Pump Chemical Processing Plant vacuum pump how it works

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The following problems should be paid attention to in the structural design of cryogenic liquid pumps: (1) In order to ensure uniform cold shrinkage of parts at low temperature, the structure should be symmetrical; (2) The inlet and outlet pipes of pumps must be compensated for cold shrinkage, such as metal bellows. (3) The low thermal conductivity material should be used to make the connecting parts between the normal temperature zone and the low temperature zone in order to reduce the thermal conductivity loss. (4) To reduce the heat capacity of components working in low temperature zone as much as possible, so as to reduce the vaporization loss of liquid and shorten the starting time; (5) Parts working in low temperature and moving relatively should be made of materials with similar linear expansion coefficient as far as possible. The linear expansion coefficient of enveloped parts should be less than or equal to the linear expansion coefficient of enveloped parts in order to prevent the cold shrinkage from jamming. (6) For the important parts working at low temperature, especially for the moving parts with strict coupling requirements (such as the dynamic and static rings of the shaft seal, the plunger and cylinder liner of the plunger pump, etc.), cold treatment must be done before the final finishing. The cold treatment temperature should generally be lower than or equal to the working temperature, and the treatment time should be 1 to 4 hours. (7) In order to prevent the vaporization of cryogenic liquids, special attention should be paid to the insulation of the pump body and the inlet pipeline. Generally, pearlite or foaming materials are used. Vacuum insulation is often used for low temperature liquid hydrogen and liquid helium pumps. (8) Sealing is one of the key problems in the design of cryopump. The seal of pump is closed or shaft seal. There are three types of shaft seals: mechanical seals (dry and wet), labyrinth seals and stuffing box seals. Mechanical seals are often used for pumps with lower temperatures.

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0 Answers Hi, Have bought an PRO+CSV upgrade of SpectrAA software, but is missing the SpectrAA base software, can any help me with a copy of the software?

BR / Jakob

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Agilent Technologies - 240Z AA and 280Z AA
RE: Agilent Technologies - 240Z AA and 280Z AA
0 Answers Does the Q3000 require any type of calibration?

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Spectro - SpectroVisc Q3000
RE: Spectro - SpectroVisc Q3000
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Series submersible reflux pump is a product developed on the basis of submersible mixer production technology. It is a special equipment for mixed liquid reflux and reverse-sale denitrification and nitrogen removal in secondary sewage treatment plant. It can also be used in places requiring micro-lift and large flow in surface water supply and drainage engineering. Characteristic: It is specially designed according to the working mode of Micro-head and large flow. The main machine adopts stamping structure. Integrated hoisting design can realize rapid underwater installation. Improve operational reliability.

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AZ 1000 problem

0 Answers Please, we have a problem with AZ 100 o2 analyzer. After replacing the sensor for a new one, the Span reading is minimum 1.4 % and never decrease to 1.0 % as recommended. What can I do about correcting that problem?

E-mail : nonato.matos@engezer.com.br

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ABB - AZ100
RE: ABB - AZ100
0 AnswersI have CE2021 single beam spectrophotometer. After switching the power on it goes through the calibration process at the end it display " E2 calibration failed: lack". Please any help? AlAttar
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0 Answers It will not allow me to select and change temperature.

Upon pressing the "select" button, RPM and hrs can be changed, but temperature will not light up and cannot be changed.

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New Brunswick Scientific - Innova 4300
RE: New Brunswick Scientific - Innova 4300
0 Answers Rod struct for lifting the lid is not working. Amerex charges $250 for it. Is there an after-market model I can buy?

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Amerex Instruments - GYROMAX; Incubator Shakers
RE: Amerex Instruments - GYROMAX; Incubator Shakers
0 Answers Does anyone have/have access to a Porvair TriSeal Service Manual? Everyone I ask, including kbiosytems who made, says yes but it is the Instruction Manual.

Any help appreciated.


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