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2 Answers wire for the heating block broke off at the end that fits into block. Is this a thermocouple?

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PerkinElmer - Clarus 680 GC
RE: PerkinElmer - Clarus 680 GC
0 Answers I've recently come into possession of a few old HP 5890 SeriesII GCs. The problem is they're missing various parts, so I'm hoping someone will be able to help me. I've managed to get hold of a copy of Chemstation E.02.02 which I believe is compatible with this GC (please correct me if I'm wrong). The problem is, this software is seemingly only for GCs with Ethernet connections. From what I've found online it is possible to connect the HP5890's using Ethernet connections, but I've no idea how. Can someone tell me how to get it from the RS232/GPIB rear panel connector (P/N 19257-60020) to an Ethernet cable? Part numbers would be particularly useful if you know them. Thanks!

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RE: GC Systems
a month ago

fatal error 303

1 Answer After turn the device, "fatal error 303" was displayed on the screen. What is wrong with the device, and how to fix it.

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Molecular Devices - SoftMax Pro
RE: Molecular Devices - SoftMax Pro
0 Answers Dears,

I need urgently the software Rbase to raman system 2001 785 nm from ocen optics. Can you give a help I can to buy the Rbase for Windows XP.

sincerely yours

Prof. Cesar Mello (fromBrazil)


my private e-mail:


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Ocean Optics - R-3000-785
RE: Ocean Optics - R-3000-785
11 Answers Hi all

Trying to determine if a problem I am having is related to the WYSE terminal, or if it is something inside the counter, possibly the power supply? After turning the terminal on it gets as far as the auto-login, but after this goes to a black screen with a single cursor.

I checked the LED indicators behind the front panel. These run through a few different codes but then stop at the CRT Terminal Test code each time. I assumed this might be confirming a problem with the terminal, but wanted to be sure there wasn't something else going on.

One thing that seemed odd to me was that the LEDs on the front of the vertical board to the right side are not lit. I will post a picture of the internal boards tomorrow. Wasn't sure if this was simply because it doesn't advance to that part of the startup, or if that indicates some other problem. I see there are various test ports but not sure exactly what I should be checking.


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Beckman Coulter - LS 6500
RE: Beckman Coulter - LS 6500
a month ago

Will not turn on

0 Answers I go to plug it in, and the light display does not work. Maybe a fuse problem? If so does anyone know where to obtain a 250V fuse

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Thermo Fisher Scientific - Owl C2-S Micro Electrophoresis System
RE: Thermo Fisher Scientific - Owl C2-S Micro Electrophoresis System
a month ago

Frontier Optica

0 Answers Dear Sir / Mrs

Hope you are doing well

I have plan to buy FT-IR for glasses & lens application

According to Application Frontier optica in PE website that assertion below items

1-The difference Transmission Measurement Spectrum of the flat samples MgF2 , ZnSe , ZnS , CaF2 , Si , Ge with theoretical computational values should not be greater than %0.25

2-Germanium samples of different thickness 1 , 2 , 4 , 6.5 mm

where absorption is negligible, the difference in transmittance is less than 0.2 %T for thicknesses up to 4 mm.

3- 3mm Germanium thickness sample with a 0.1 degree wedge , 4 Orientation , each rotated 90 ° show a maximum variation less than 0.25 %T

1- Is 3 items that mentioned in above Practical ?

2- to cover 3 items above , do I needed any extra accessories like Diffuse Reflectance Accesso or 10Spec Specular reflectance Pike ?

We would appreciate it if you would answer this questions

Sincerely yours,

Ahmed Syed Niaz

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PerkinElmer - Frontier Optica
RE: PerkinElmer - Frontier Optica
0 Answers I'm having a problem with reagent volume recognition. The values are random and not correct. After control test, all reagents goes red with 0 remaining vol. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you!

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Randox - RX Daytona
RE: Randox - RX Daytona
0 Answers I would like to determine whether the HPC-150 will be able to detect and enumerate helminths eggs in partially purified suspension.

Can you also provide a cost estimate of purchasing the equipment.

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Handyem Inc. - HPC-150
RE: Handyem Inc. - HPC-150
1 Answer We have purchased a Rheodyne 9725 injection valve for use in our system, but we would like to use a PEEK injection needle which requires a 16 gauge injection port size. I have been looking at the 3725 model (with modified injection port for 1/16" OD tubing), but it is rated for a flow rate of 10 to 800 mL/min. Our application has a flow rate of < 1 mL/min. (usually 0.7 mL/min.). Is it possible to purchase a model 9725 with a 16 gauge injection port? Or is it okay to use the 3725 at a lower flow rate? Could you please tell me what potential problems are associated with using the 3725 under flow conditions of < 1 mL/min. Thank you for our advise,

Karen Lund

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Rheodyne - 3725i
RE: Rheodyne - 3725i

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