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2 months ago


1 Answer Need support to solve the LID ERROR 4.7 problem. Manual says carry out MAINS RESET and can not find the procedure to do that

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Hettich - EBA 200 and 200S
RE: Hettich - EBA 200 and 200S
0 Answers How to control the flow of plunger pump

(1) Improve the system planning of plunger pump. After repeated verification, the leading priority valve and load sensing full plunger steering system are finally selected. Regardless of the size of the load and the uneven speed of the steering wheel, the new system can distribute the flow according to the steering demand. You can use some equipment to supply oil to the operating equipment circuit, then eliminate the power loss caused by too much oil supply to the steering circuit, increase the system power, and reduce the working pressure of the plunger pump. (2) Optimize the appearance of the boom cylinders and the plunger pumps to reduce the operating pressure of the system. After optimization calculation, select boom cylinder from standard series 80 / 4. The displacement of the plunger pump is increased from 10ml / R to 14ml / R, and the set pressure of the system is 14MPa, which meets the lifting force and speed requirements of the boom cylinder. (3) During the operation, pay attention to the correct use and protection of the loader, add or replace the hydraulic oil regularly, keep the cleanliness of the oil, and strengthen the regular observation and protection.

Technical parameters: 1. Work positioning 12 stations, two stations synchronous welding; 2. IGBT transistor high frequency power supply 2x25kw, working frequency 25 ± 5KHz; 3. Input voltage 380V, frequency 50 (60) Hz; 4. Water cooling system: water pressure 2-3kgf / cm2, input water temperature < 30 ?, water flow 30L / min; 5. Automatic switch to two-stage heating mode; 6. Operation mode: automatic program control / manual control; 7. Overall dimension: 1875x1680x1680.

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0 Answers We have a demand with your product named PDM 5. Please send us price of it. Thank you!

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Ross - PowerMix (Laboratory Models)
RE: Ross - PowerMix (Laboratory Models)
2 months ago

Request orders

0 Answers Dear Madam/Mr

Hello good morning, my name is dewi kartiwi from Indonesia, i need for your product for Laborotorium

i will send you specification

please help me sir for give me quotation and check it for stock it, because i need verry urgent for laboratory education,,,

Best Regard

CV Nugarada Abadi

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Area lampiran

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Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. - CFX96 Touch&trade; Deep Well Real-Time PCR Detection System
RE: Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. - CFX96 Touch™ Deep Well Real-Time PCR Detection System
0 Answers Hello! I am looking to donate or sell three Nikon Teach Head Th-L's, and their stands, without the microscope itself. Do you have any recommendations as to where this could be done? Or related resources? Thank you!

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1 Answer We have a New Brunswick C25 Incubator Shaker. The temperature on the LED will continually read 38.7 degrees Celsius even when the temperature reaches over 60 degrees. I assume it is a bad temp probe but wasn't sure if this was a common issue and if someone could confirm.

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New Brunswick Scientific - Series 25
RE: New Brunswick Scientific - Series 25
2 months ago

not shaking

0 Answers Thermo Scientific MaxQ 5000 not shaking. I have a PDFcopy of the user manual how can I submit it to the forum.

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Thermo Scientific - MaxQ 5000
RE: Thermo Scientific - MaxQ 5000
0 AnswersI am looking for a Mettler Toledo 1875 - The calibration module for the 770MAX
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0 Answers

Disassemble the lower bearing, select and measure it. If there is scratch or discoloration on the roller surface, replace it. When replacing the bearing, the English letters and types of the bearing shall be reserved. Most of the plunger pump bearings are of large load capacity. The original manufacturer and Standard commodities shall be bought. If another brand is replaced, the personnel with experience in bearing shall be consulted to check the table for replacement, so as to adhere to the bearing and load capacity. Application and repair methods of hydraulic pump plug pump: This paper mainly introduces the application and repair methods of hydraulic pump plug pump. 1 oil supply method of hydraulic pump The direct axis swashplate plunger pump is divided into two types: pressure oil supply type and self-priming type. The pressure oil supply type hydraulic pump mostly selects the oil tank with air pressure, and the hydraulic pump itself is equipped with a make-up pump to supply pressure oil to the oil inlet of the hydraulic pump. The self-priming hydraulic pump has a strong talent of self-priming, and there is no external oil supply. The hydraulic oil tank supplied by air pressure can operate the machine only when the hydraulic oil tank reaches the application air pressure after starting the machine every time. If the air pressure of the hydraulic oil tank is short, it will act as a machine, which will pull off the hydraulic pump and the sliding whip, and will cause abnormal wear of the return plate and the pressing plate in the pump. Select the plunger pump supplied by the make-up oil pump. After use, the operator needs to check the plunger pump 1-2 times a day to see whether the working dynamic of the hydraulic pump is normal. If it is found that the speed of the hydraulic cylinder drops or the vehicle is blocked, it is necessary to check whether the empty position of the internal gear pump is too large.

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