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0 Answers Kindly furnish me with the quotation/ price for Spectrophotometer HACH DR 2800.

Thank you

Dr O.A. Dada

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Hach Company - DR 2800
RE: Hach Company - DR 2800
0 Answers Hi, our lab has a T70 and I'm looking for a pdf copy of the manual. Does anyone have a link to that resource? Thanks so much - Lynne

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PG Instruments - T70 Series
RE: PG Instruments - T70 Series
0 Answers I need user manual.


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a month ago

Makes a loud noise

0 Answers During operation unit makes a loud noise. This equipment has reached end-of-life yet I know that someone has parts for it. Any information will be appreciated.

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Bayer - HEMA-TEK 2000™ Slide Stainer
RE: Bayer - HEMA-TEK 2000™ Slide Stainer
0 Answers Hello,

In our Lab we have a Delsa instrument, it's nice, but I did not find how to get Hydrodynamic radius manually from the correlation curve. I don't want to get it automatically, I want to get it from the correlation curve. So how can I do it please? Because automatically, it's giving a very strange PDI (2.893e-09).

many thanks,


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Beckman Coulter - Delsa™Nano Series
RE: Beckman Coulter - Delsa™Nano Series
10 AnswersWhat could possibly cause my blank to not read zero?! I'm getting high and negative numbers. I got 3.113 thrn -. 20 etc... Up and down. Usually eventually I will get 0.00. Have not been able to get. I have to get blank of positive zero 0.00 mean before running standards. For an hour I was not able to get a positive zero The blank is distilled water!!
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a month ago

loud noise

0 Answers I have in the lab a Hema-Tek 2000 that makes a loud noise during use. I know this unit is kinda old, yet it serves it purpose. I was looking for a service manual that I could download so I can troubleshoot this unit. Any information will be appreciated.

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Bayer - HEMA-TEK 2000™ Slide Stainer
RE: Bayer - HEMA-TEK 2000™ Slide Stainer
1 Answer I have an L8-55 beckman that the other day decided it will no longer spin.

You set up a run and hit auto run and the LED flashes above the auto run button and then shuts down after 15 seconds. None of diagnostic messages light up after this. The vacuum will start and pull down to level but the rotor will never start spinning.

However if you turn on the slow accelertion feature the speed diagnostic light will then flash after pressing the auto run but there is still no spinning.

Any suggestions on things to check?

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Beckman Coulter - L8-55M
RE: Beckman Coulter - L8-55M
0 Answersi am facing an issue of Piston blockage and Buret unit is not connected but it's connected. also i tried to move Exchange unit but it's not moving. please do needful as earliest.

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Metrohm - 848 Titrino Plus
RE: Metrohm - 848 Titrino Plus
0 Answers Greetings

I request operational manual for Perkin Elmer lambda 9/19 uv/vis/nir spectrophotometer


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PerkinElmer - LAMBDA 25/35/45
RE: PerkinElmer - LAMBDA 25/35/45

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