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a month ago

AC power

1 AnswerI have an iCE 3000 series AAS with GFS33 graphite furnace. The furnace requires 220V / 30A power. I need to relocate it for a few months. The only space available has a 220V / 50A receptacle which has a different plug configuration as the instrument. Since the machine will only be drawing 30A, would it be safe to use a converter with the 50A socket? Such 30A/50A converters are commonly used with RV and marine power connections. I'm hesitant because a graphite furnace is clearly a different sort of machine from a boat or mobile home.

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Thermo Scientific - iCE 3000 Series
RE: Thermo Scientific - iCE 3000 Series
0 AnswersIs there any difference between a Cary 100 Bio and a Cary 100 Conc? That's the only difference that I can see on some of the outside covers? I need to replace a Cary 100 Bio so I want to make sure I purchase a like for like replacement. Thank you! Scott

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Varian - Cary 100
RE: Varian - Cary 100
0 Answers Hi, anyone has any idea if the Polychrome V light source leaks UV? I.e. how efficient is the monochromater in blocking out UV? Has anyone measured this?

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TILL Photonics - Polychrome V monochromator
RE: TILL Photonics - Polychrome V monochromator
0 Answersthe battery is low and I need to buy a new battery. However, I don't know where to buy it

The Freezer's name:

Thermo Scientific Harris SLT series SLT-25V-85A48

Thanks for help

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0 Answers Hey there;

I am software Eng employed in Hospital as Clinical Information system developer and we have this AU480 chemistry machine and we want to interface and send data to our CIS. The problem is the machine has its own GUI software which send the final result to printer only. Is there any ways to get the data either using TCp/IP protocol or Serial com..?

Thanks in Advnace

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0 Answers Hello sir,

There is a problem in new protocol setting in PCR. It shows more time means 4-6 hours. Please help me solving this problem

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Applied Biosystems - Veriti
RE: Applied Biosystems - Veriti
0 Answers hello;

when i try to calibration error apear:

Needle Calibration Out Of Range(45.7)

help me, plz.

thank u

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Waters - ACQUITY UPLC I-Class
RE: Waters - ACQUITY UPLC I-Class
2 Answers Hello, everybody!

Is it possible that the images obtained in the JSM-6010LA present some kind of shrinking?

I am measuring orthodontic rectangular wires in cross-section view. The images obtained in one session of pictures were 5,58% smaller than the values obtained with the use of a micrometer. And the images obtained in a second session were 2% smaller than the values obtained with the micrometer.

Can somebody help me, please?

Thank you!! Ricardo

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JEOL - JSM-6010LA InTouchScope™
RE: JEOL - JSM-6010LA InTouchScope™
0 Answers I am nneeding replacement H13 filters for a TCH 2A2 hood.



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Streamline Lab Products - Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinet
RE: Streamline Lab Products - Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinet
a month ago

O2 concentration

0 Answers While I am able to check the CO2 concentration in the incubator by reading the display, how would I determine the O2 concentration? Is the O2 level set at a default level and, if so, what is that level?

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EPPENDORF - Galaxy 170S
RE: EPPENDORF - Galaxy 170S

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