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0 Answers After changing filament Trap current is 0.00 mA and Box current is 1.5mA. Interestingly HV is exact 10KV. Plz sugests.

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Thermo Scientific - MAT 253
RE: Thermo Scientific - MAT 253
0 Answers We have at our campus a Varian 3900 GC; this apparatus is 12 years old and it is surely almost without use.

It gets stuck at "initializing", and does nothing more even if you let it continue over an hour.

Last month, we could enter to the main menu and operate it with a pc (directly connected). It showed battery problem and we changed it (CR2302). However, from that day it has not been possible to enter system again, it only gets stuck in the "initializing" phase.

Do you have any recommendations so that we could enter the system again? When in the initializing phase it gets stuck and it doesn't allow us to do anything else, no pc connection neither main board works.

Thanks in advance for your attention, hoping for a reply.

*It has an autosampler attached to it and this part never works, it only has a laser beam on but the "on" led never works, only tilts when turned on.

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a month ago

Gel eletrophoresis

0 Answers Sir/Madam, kindly tell me the price of your SureCast Gel Handcast system, mini tank, power pack,the necessary reagents for isoenzymes separations and quantification,example LDH isoenzymes in serum. thanks

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Thermo Fisher Scientific - SureCast Gel Handcast System
RE: Thermo Fisher Scientific - SureCast Gel Handcast System
1 Answer Our lab has been using a Pharmacia Biotech Ultrospec 3000 for years now and recently it begun to act up, after ~20 minutes of being turned on (after the 10 minute lamp ignition process), the readings will begin to fluctuate wildly (from negative values to OD >3). Since the wavelength in the bottom right corner of the screen also turns off at that time we expected this was because the lamp was turning off. If the spectrophotometer is restarted it will continue to provide highly variable readings and an error message will come up to indicate the lamp has failed to turn on. We've replaced the lamp and the problem persists. Given the readings will change when the lid is opened we doubt it is the sensor. Has anyone had similar experiences and what have you do to recalibrate/fix the ultrospec 3000? Cheers

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Pharmacia Biotech - Ultrospec 3000
RE: Pharmacia Biotech - Ultrospec 3000
0 Answers When turning On the HM355S-2, it shows software version, and then Shows up big M on the LCD display with Cross mark on that big M, and machine is not going anywhere here.

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Thermo Scientific - HM 355S
RE: Thermo Scientific - HM 355S
a month ago


0 AnswersHi, I need manual to Bechman DU520 please

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0 Answers We use Shimadzu AA-7000 spectrometer. when we start the instrument we are having wavelength origin search failure. It shows pink color, not green.

Dear specialists, please help us to find out what is the problem

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Shimadzu - AA-7000
RE: Shimadzu - AA-7000
a month ago

water puddling

1 Answer water puddling beneath the unit

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Leica Biosystems - CM1850
RE: Leica Biosystems - CM1850

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