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0 Answers Hi,

We have a Beckman DU640 with a zero order issue. So the wavelenght calibration does not pass.

Also, the performance test shows that the 656.1 nm is shifted to 661.5 nm wich does not help either.

The other tests are no too bad. I already realigned the '' D '' shape pulley, relieving just enough tension of the fishing line with the spring to adjust the light path. Now that works and the startup calibration is all passed.

I tried to peak the halogen lamp ( wich is not new but not too old also and working properly ) at 0nm.

%T shows :

1 : 103.42%

2 : 95.89%

3: 90.41%

4 : 93.84%

5: 86.99%

6: 87.68

Seems to fluctuate from 100%T to 200%T at the bottom of the screen ( 200% is saturated ? ).

Thank for your help !

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Beckman Coulter - DU-640
RE: Beckman Coulter - DU-640
0 Answers Hi,

Setup Belkin Range Extender with Ethernet Cable
  1. Connect your Belkin range extender to your computer using an Ethernet cable.
  2. Plug the extender into the wall electrical outlet using the power chord that came with your extender.
  3. Go ahead and disable the Wi-Fi connection on your computer.
Belkin Setup n600 Belkin n600 Setup
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2 months ago

The oxdizer

0 Answers is this true the company dont propduce the oxdizer and acid for TOC

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GE Analytical Instruments - Sievers 900 Laboratory
RE: GE Analytical Instruments - Sievers 900 Laboratory
2 months ago

actually a 370

0 Answers all good, laser is fine but the auto align fails when I do the diagnostics. Computer etc all talk well but then will not scan......help please

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Thermo Scientific - Avatar 360 FTIR
RE: Thermo Scientific - Avatar 360 FTIR
0 AnswersDear Sir, after the start of the scam method program is not responding. What to do? Sincerely yours, Andrey Lobanov e-mail: lobanov@sci.lebedev.ru
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PerkinElmer - LS 45
RE: PerkinElmer - LS 45
2 months ago

L1d error

0 Answers hola, tengo una centrífuga con este error, ¿quién me ayuda?

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ALC - PK 130R
RE: ALC - PK 130R
0 AnswersI would like to obtain an installation manual for the Stainless Steel Small Vacuum Glove Box EQ-VGB-1. We purchased the product few years ago but I hasnt been used. Would you please be able to email me the document? My email address: b.wojcik@warwick.ac.uk
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1 AnswerHello,

We are considering a Fluent 780 for our drug monitoring plate preparation workflow and I am seeking information from users of the Fluent and it's various options. What are the pros/cons? How much should we expect to spend for the initial purchase and then annually in service/consumables? How does the reliability and operation stack up to the Freedom EVO?

Thanks in advance for any insight.

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Tecan - Fluent
RE: Tecan - Fluent
0 AnswersIf we activate the brake, on the L8-70M, it MAINTAINS SPEED when the run ends (will not shut off the drive motor).

If we don't use the brake, it (slowly) turns off the drive motor and slowly comes to a stop. Might be a simple fix.

We are able to do standard runs, except for

the long decel time.


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Beckman Coulter - L8-70M
RE: Beckman Coulter - L8-70M

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