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0 Answers I am using AAS-Furnace from Perkin Elmer to determine the amount of Potassium in the sample. But unfortunatly the calibration is not possible, it show only " Detector saturation. Data may not be valid"

Please could you help me, if you have a solution.

Many Thanks


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0 Answers We had a power failure on our AAF. After it has run its power failure recovery cycle, every time we reset the furnace it fails to resent and ramps to the final set point immediately before running the program.

Has anyone else seen this?

The furnace runs fine as long as you never need to reset the program

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0 Answers The Aanti J25i gave a FRS error and stopped run? What is the possible problem? Thanks!

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0 Answers Our 7820flow meter measuredair is far below the set point and the value reported as Actual (instrument calculated based on measured pressure) If I raise or reduce the pressure I continue to get different measured flow than what the software is reporting. Narrowing it down I believe to an FID-EPC problem, I would like to change out the module which would seem to be pretty straight forward. Wanting a bitless uncertainty, I contacted Agilent for a Technical Bulletin on this replacement but they said one does not exist, and that we should have one of their engineers do the install ($2200 above the $1800 for the part alone) I also STRONGLY got the impression that they are pushingcustomers to have their people do it as amoney making operation.What I take to be anew pricing structure for service represents a signficant increase in maintenance costs. Has anyone replaced the FID-EPC on a 7820 and is it actually as straight forward as it seems?

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19 hours ago

System Requirements

0 Answers Hello,

My name is Jonathan Cooper and I am a Helpdesk Technician at Rhode Island College. In one of our Bio Labs we have a Varian Saturn 2200 GCMS which is then connected to a GX 620 running windows xp. What exactly are the requirements for this system to run because the GX 620 has died and we do not have an older machine to replace it with.

Thanks for the help.

Jonathan Cooper



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Varian - Saturn 2200
RE: Varian - Saturn 2200
1 Answer We were gifted a System Gold 125 Solvent Module (Model # 728394m S/N 503-1958) with a System Gold Programmable Detector Module 166 (Model # 238800, S/N 214-5931).

We are looking for someone to come in and get this set up for us and do a brief training. Is this something you can do?

We are based in St Louis, MO

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Beckman Coulter - System Gold
RE: Beckman Coulter - System Gold
a day ago

Poor Accuracy

0 Answers We are using 0.1N Silver Nitrate to analyze Chloride. We run a daily system suit check with 0.1N NaCl as our "standard" to measure the system. Starting last week we began having issues with the readback running high at ~0.1015N but it was consistently doing this - %RSD with 3 replicates less than 0.5% RSD. We are now seeing the issue swing the other direction - readback is now closer to 0.098N Silver Nitrate but again it is consistently reading three replicates with low %RSD. There is a small amount of silver nitrate at the top of the burette indicating a small/slow leak because it was noted a while ago by another analyst while we were waiting for a PO to go through for a service visit. Is it finally to the point of not functioning due to a leak? But if so, why would it yield such consistent results? I would expect a leak to give results with more variance. (Also to note we tried a new silver electrode yesterday with the same results - granted it had been sitting in a box so that brings up another question of how long does a new electrode (or one that has been sitting) need to sit in the electrode solution before use and is there a lifetime in regards to the liquid inside the electrode and how often should it be replaced?)

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a day ago

scan stopped

0 Answers what should we do during running sample observe "the scan was stopped due to an error during acquisition. restart the acquisition or contact technical support through www.perkinelmer.com"...?

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0 Answers The board was broken, need service manual. my email hafiz.yusri@techenomics.com

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PerkinElmer - OPTIMA 3300DV
RE: PerkinElmer - OPTIMA 3300DV
0 Answers How do I increase the cool down time between samples when using an autosampler? I am using universal analysis software 2012.

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TA Instruments - Q500
RE: TA Instruments - Q500

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