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2 hours ago

savant pump

0 AnswersI have a Savant VP-100 pump.

I think, from what I've read, its made by Edwards and it an Edwards RV-5 equivalent.

What thread do they use to screw in the NW fittings? Is it BSP? It looked like NPT 1", but its not.

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Edwards - RV Series
RE: Edwards - RV Series
0 Answers We have a DU 530 that is way out of spec for Abs Accuracy. IE +/- 0.10 - 0.20 A. The lamps are fresh, the optics have been blown out. We have tested it with two different Stanard Sets with the same result. WLA is within spec when tested with a Holmium Oxide filter.

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Beckman Coulter - DU-520
RE: Beckman Coulter - DU-520
0 Answers We use a LINISTAT Stainer for Mohs . I'm a trained histo tech but now I'm doing Mohs in a small lab. The reagent used in the Stainer are not the same as I used doing frozen sectioning in the past. The slide does not go into a fixative but into 95 then water . After hematoxylin,water and bluing , the tissue seem to bleed  blue down the slide. The tissue seems ok but it's not a nice clean slide. Any ideas of what I can change to clean up these slides

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Thermo Scientific - Linistat™ Linear Stainer
RE: Thermo Scientific - Linistat™ Linear Stainer
0 Answers Hi there,

I was just checking if this particular TG is suitable for condcuting N2O adsoprtion study on various types of treated activated carbon and other types of carbon. We are planning to use pure N2O.



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Netzsch - TG 209 F1 Iris®
RE: Netzsch - TG 209 F1 Iris®
3 days ago

Please quote

1 AnswerPlease quote urgently thanks 1)coulter4c-ez cell controlQty4 each 2)reagent API nit1 5ml Qty 4 Amp 3)Vitek 2ast-p534 Qty11pk20 4)vitek 2saline Qty 7pk 5)vitek 2nh ID card Qty 4kit 6)vitek ast yeast(yest sensitivities pk 20 Qty 6pk Dr mohammed
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3 days ago

Boiler Cleaning

0 Answers How to extend the service life of the boiler? It is important to keep the boiler clean. It is worth commissioning the company: On-Load Boiler Cleaning It will allow better boiler operation and reduced pollution.

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0 Answers We need to centrifuge blood samples at a temperature of 4 celcius degrees, does the Dynac II can do that?

Eduardo Rosa Medina


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Clay Adams - Dynac II
RE: Clay Adams - Dynac II
0 Answers Hello,

I work in a lab with some aging equipment that is still functional, but is not cost effective to pay for manufactuer service plans for periodic maintenance and repair. I was wondering if anyone knew of individuals or companies that provide training courses/materials for those of us wishing to do our own repairs and PMs in house.

The major focus would be on liquid handlers, but DI water systems, centrifuges, and evaporators are also areas I'd like to learn more about.

Thank you,


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RE: Basic Laboratory
4 days ago

Thermal Sensor

0 Answers Hello,

Did anybody manage to replace the sensor on the block? If so, what silicone glue is used to seal the ew sensor? I'm talkig about theSMT160-30 or it's 172 newer version.

Thank you in advance,


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EPPENDORF - Mastercycler
RE: EPPENDORF - Mastercycler

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