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0 Answers Buenas tardes,una centrífuga Sorvall ModeloRC12BP ¿que compresor requiere?

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Thermo Scientific - Sorvall RC12BP
RE: Thermo Scientific - Sorvall RC12BP
0 Answers hi

when we want to start hach DR600 , self check stopped instrumet error[33-...] was seen. how can we solve this problem?


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Hach Company - DR 6000
RE: Hach Company - DR 6000
3 days ago


0 AnswersHi, could you please provide link to the drivers for the device, I lost access to the ones originally provided. Are there also replacement optic fibers available? Thanks, Radek
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TILL Photonics - Polychrome V monochromator
RE: TILL Photonics - Polychrome V monochromator
3 days ago


0 Answers DMA 4500

what is wrong with the densitometer and how it can be rectified


"Cant handle Calib.dat correctly open error"

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0 Answers Arlo Base station offline issue can be solved by applying the basic troubleshooting steps that are given below. You can first identify the basic reasons behind this error and then can work on eliminating the snags which are responsible for this issue. A brief description of the same has been given below.

  • Make sure that the Ethernet cable has been secured properly.
  • Power cycle the base station.
  • Reset the Arlo base station.
  • Reboot the base station
If the mentioned steps do not work, then it is better that you take the professional advice from the experts by dialing the Arlo Technical Support Number.

read more:-Arlo Customer Service Number

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0 Answers please provide me the standard operating procedure for DM2500 M and also camera details of that?

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Leica - DM2500 M
RE: Leica - DM2500 M
1 AnswerHoping for your good health. I am installing the avanti HC S/N: JPG19B01 Single phase this is New instrument I am following the service manual Section 2.2.1 manual is saying to change the orang and black to move. My instrument is signal face instrument and I didnt move the wires but when I am running the instrument machine is giving the error D-4 , D6 Here I am enclosed some picture. Please advise
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0 AnswersI use the DB-Sulfur column in 7890GC in conjuction with a Sulfur Chemiluminescence Detector (SCD) to analyze for sulfur species (H2S, COS, MeSH, EtSH and DMS).

Recently, i am unable to see hydrogen sulfide (H2S) signal; i don't have issues detecting the other sulfur species (their signals / peaks come up)

Setting parameters of the GC and SCD equipment are okay

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Agilent Technologies - 7890A GC System
RE: Agilent Technologies - 7890A GC System
4 days ago

WBC result

0 AnswersDear Collegues, Our XT-1800i stops to give a result for WBC. Always result is 0 or 0.01.No any alarm, or log massages.All other results-RBC,PLT, Hb are O.K.On the valve rail No 156-valve No 9 has a drop of liquid.Where is a possible reason?Thank's in advance.Rumen
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Sysmex - XT-1800i
RE: Sysmex - XT-1800i
4 days ago


0 Answers Our Sysmex started to give WBC zero result./no Diff results/.Other parameters are O.K. The valve No 9 on rail No 156 have a drop.The laser is working.

Where is the reason for zero result of WBC?

Thank's in advance.


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Sysmex - XT-1800i
RE: Sysmex - XT-1800i

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