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1 Answer How do you reset the passwordto factory default "Z"?

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METTLER TOLEDO - XPE Analytical Balances
RE: METTLER TOLEDO - XPE Analytical Balances
0 Answers Hi

I'm working on the AAS thermo elemental Solar M6.

for iron and silica that is more important to me Precision is almost good, but the accuracy of the analyzes is not acceptable.

For example, for iron, I plot the calibration curve and set the standard 25 and 50 ppb as a sample to the autosampler.Which in most cases reads the concentration less than the actual value? For example, standard 25 ppb iron is read about 8-15 ppb and the other result also is not reliable This has caused the device to be useless

What is the cause of this problem?Also, the OQ test with CVU, “BEAM SELECTOR MOVMENT TEST”is not passed but PQ test passed very well.

Meanwhile, the lamps iron and D2 are new

please help me.

Best regard

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RE: Atomic Absorption
0 Answers Dear ALL

Kindly please advice me how to troubleshootingor fault finding myproblem:

Agilent 6460A LCMSQQQ always Erroe" High Vacuum 1 x 10-9 Torr.

Looking forward to hearing from your kind sharing with many thanks

Best regards

Dominic Chuo


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0 Answers

3, chemical and other enterprises: all kinds of sulfuric acid, alkaline, oily liquid or slurry positions. 4, chlorine alkali industry: liquid alkali, electrolyte and so on. 5, the water treatment industry: pure water, high purity water, sewage. 6, iron and steel enterprises: sulfuric acid, pickling system, sewage with impurity. 7, wet desulphurization circulating pump: can be applied to alkaline, acidic, corrosive jobs. Xingtai Xinpu Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. sells well all over the country and is well received by the vast number of users. Donggang Machinery has been established for many years on the basis of research and production of various perfect equipment. It has won customers with excellent technology and equipment, advanced technology, strict management system and enthusiastic after-sales service. Its products sell well all over the country. It is a contract-abiding and trustworthy enterprise in Hebei Province. High reliability and multiple construction sites is a good help for your work. The fine aggregate concrete pump has high efficiency and reliable quality. Fine stone concrete pump can be used for transporting fine concrete, mortar and other long distance high-rise buildings. The distribution valve adopts advanced S pipe valve, which has good sealing performance and simple and reliable structure. Eye plate and floating cutting ring are made of cemented carbide, which has good wear resistance, long service life and convenient replacement. The cutting ring adopts automatic compensation gap structure. The control mode is electric-hydraulic control, which has perfect electro-hydraulic overload protection and instrument display system, and backpump operation function. The fine stone concrete pump is easy to move and easy to remove the blockage fault, and the pumping speed can be adjusted. Hydraulic fine stone concrete pump is suitable for large area and high efficiency construction of fine stone concrete filling layer or mortar filling layer in geothermal engineering; fine stone concrete pump adopts high hard wear resistant alloy material with long life and high pressure, which meets the requirements of high-rise buildings and long-distance construction, and has simple operation, good sealing performance and high configuration, thus solving the problem of geothermal construction. The problem of conveying fine aggregate concrete is welcomed by users. Independent pumping system can quickly deliver the remaining concrete in the pipeline to the pouring site during the pipeline cleaning process. 5. imported pump sets, valve sets and electrical components ensure the high reliability of the equipment. 6 the super strong air cooler can keep the oil temperature below 60 C under the annual air temperature condition. The pump height of the gate valve series pump is lower than that of the S valve pump of the same type, but compared with that of the same type valve pump. About freight bearing: The price of goods in our shop does not include any freight taxes and commissioning and installation fees. It is the ex-factory price of machines. Because the mode of delivery is different and the place of delivery is different, the price of ordinary logistics and express freight is different, and the freight to each place is different, so our shop should determine the freight price according to the buyer's mode of delivery and the place of receipt, in order to ensure the final transaction price.

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2 days ago

Service Manual

0 AnswersNeed the Service Manual

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3 days ago

Drag pump

0 Answers

With the rise of modern industry, the construction mode with concrete as the main material has become one of the main structures of construction industry. It occupies a large proportion in all kinds of construction projects, which makes the development of concrete machinery enduring and increasingly fierce. The towed concrete pump, referred to as the towed pump, is one of various concrete machinery, which is used in the transportation and pouring of concrete construction. Usually, a concrete pump has the following main technical parameters: conveying displacement, outlet pressure, power and distribution valve form. According to the new national standard, these main parameters can be obtained from the model of concrete pump. 1, gate valve trailer pump type parameter meaning: A, e.g. HBT30-45Z III, HBT-represents the towed concrete pump; 30-represents the maximum theoretical square of 30 cubic meters per hour; 45-represents the motor power of 45 kilowatts; Z-represents the gate valve pump; and III-represents the third generation of products. B, for example, HBT70C III and HBT60D III, D - for electric pumps; C - for diesel pumps. 2, S valve drag pump type parameter meaning: For example, HBT80.13-130RS, HBT on behalf of trailer concrete pump; 80 represents the maximum hourly volume of 80 cubic meters of theory; 13 represents the outlet pressure of 13 MPa; 130, on behalf of the diesel engine power of 130 kilowatts; R represents S on behalf of S diesel engine; valve pump. 3, butterfly valve drag pump type: (to be added) In fact, there is no uniform standard at home and abroad. Each manufacturer has its own way of naming.

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0 Answers Just acquired a Hitachi HPLC from the university trash. I have the interface, the pump, the autosampler, and the organizer. However, I am having some trouble getting it working. I was hoping to manually control it (I doubt I can find appropriate software), however after I plug everything it, it is telling me that the 'D-Line System is Not Ready.' Not sure what this means. To me it looks like the instrument modules just plug into one another with ethernet cables, but no luck.

Does anyone have experience with this instrument, or know where I can find a manual?

Also, I am assuming that the D-line cables are normal ethernet cables. Am I right?

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3 days ago

O/S tach problem

0 Answers I have a Optime L-90K with a D31 diagnastic indicating a bad or missing O/S disc. The problem persists with all rotors tried. First the O/S disks on the rotors are of the old style, with a new style tack sensor (black). I believe these disks should be replaced with the new more reflective type. I have tried one with the new type disk and I am having the same problem. Can you let me know what the spacing for the tack sensor to the drive spindle is and anything else I might need to know regarding the status of the sensor and it's adjustement.

Thank you for your much appreciated help


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Beckman Coulter - Optima™ L-90 K
RE: Beckman Coulter - Optima™ L-90 K
0 Answers How can I get version 4.1SP1 (3.52) of WinLab32 software for AA? I have a PE zeeman Atomic Absorption spectrometer 4100ZL equipment. I have spent long hours into internet and haven't been able to find it?... Help me please.

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PerkinElmer - WinLab32
RE: PerkinElmer - WinLab32
3 days ago

Pressure Problem

1 AnswerHello there, I have the same model autoclave, and just last Friday one of my cycles halted about an hour and a half into the cycle. I noticed after testing another phase that the pressure could not get above 10 psi. I checked the manual, but it says to have someone come out to inspect the pressure release valve, but after contacting the company, they no longer repair this version. I am just hoping someone can help me out here on what I could do, or if I just need to buy a new autoclave... I don't even know if new parts for the pressure release valve are available anywhere! Thanks for the help
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VWR - Accu Sterlizer AS12
RE: VWR - Accu Sterlizer AS12

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