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an hour ago

User Manual

0 Answers Anybody had the user manual available for this co2 incubator?

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New Brunswick Scientific - CO-170
RE: New Brunswick Scientific - CO-170
8 hours ago

T2 Temp problem

0 Answers Hi,

I am trying to fix a problem I encountered while using Avanti J# centrifugre. It is now showing T2, TEMP...Call service.

I have tried:

1. turning on/off machine

2. [ENTER]411 [CE]

It still does not work.

I am not sure what to do.

The problem was that I had two runs on the machine. First was for 6000g and next one was for 20000g for 30 mins. First run was fine but while during second run the machine stopped running and spped came to zero and I got a message 45 minutes door locks,..44 min 43 min..and so on. I finally poened the door and removed the sample.



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Beckman Coulter - Avanti J-E
RE: Beckman Coulter - Avanti J-E
21 hours ago

dead to the world

1 Answer The unit is just dead. The fuses are fins and I can track the power across the board a little way but then I would need a schematic to chase it any further. I was hoping some one ran across something similar and may have a suggestion. Thanks

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0 Answers Please provide all specification and what about metal detector, empty capsule sensor, polishing and Inspectionactivity.

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ACG North America - AF-40(T)
RE: ACG North America - AF-40(T)
0 Answers As soon as i press"start" it blew up F4 fuse at distribution board. Please help.


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Beckman Coulter - Avanti J Series
RE: Beckman Coulter - Avanti J Series
0 Answers

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0 Answers Hi

We have SM2000R in lab for quite sometime. All of a sudden auto feed stopped working. Can you please help.

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Leica - SM2000 R
RE: Leica - SM2000 R
0 Answers Hello, I need the user manual for the stirrer Heidolf MR 2002.

Could you please send me?

Thanks a lot


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Heidolph North America - MR Series
RE: Heidolph North America - MR Series
0 Answers The selfcheck stopped at "check lamp" . I have replaced the lamp, but it still reads check lamp. Is there something else I should try?

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Hach Company - DR 5000
RE: Hach Company - DR 5000
0 Answers We are in the process of returning this machine after many years of use. We have a new machine. I would like to disinfect the old machine prior to sending out. How do you go about disinfecting the machine. Thank you.

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Abbott Diagnostics - CELL-DYN Ruby
RE: Abbott Diagnostics - CELL-DYN Ruby

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