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0 Answers when i try to connect my instrument to computer a message came

cant communicate

and when i try to align interfereogram ,,it says that its not in the specified range

how can i fix this?

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Thermo Scientific - Nicolet iS10
RE: Thermo Scientific - Nicolet iS10
0 Answers can i get Spectra manager software and windows drivers for jasco vir - 9400

operating system windows 98 or newer version

this is a big help for us

my email address is susithkanchana@gmail.com

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JASCO - VIR-9400/9500/9600 Series
RE: JASCO - VIR-9400/9500/9600 Series
0 Answersfor dairy food which background correction is better?SR method or D2 lamp?
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0 Answers When I choose Print or Store option, DR/4000 U Spectrophotometer is showing not vaild why?

Baseline and scaning sample options work fine, but I don't know why after taking any scaning this statement appers?

I cannot sending data(or print now) to HyperTerminal program.

Please, I need to solve this issue.

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Hach Company - DR 4000
RE: Hach Company - DR 4000
2 days ago

STEM resolution

0 Answers What is the maximum resolution acheivable using STEM?

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3 days ago


0 AnswersHello I am looking for a manual for this unit?

Also what size doses the vacuum pump need to be for this unit.?

Also the door doesn't stay closed doses vacuum pump hold door closed?

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0 Answers Hi,

We have A GS1 G-storm machine, which when switched on loads with a "registration" screen, with details of serial numbers and asks for a Key (4 blank boxes). There doesn't seem to be a way to actually type in the boxes and only options are "copy serial to USB". We have not had this problem before, but cannot use the machine as can't get past this screen.



Viji Draviam Group,

Queen Mary University of London

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G-Storm - GS1
RE: G-Storm - GS1
3 days ago


0 Answers Does anyone run HGa1c on there AU480 analyzer? If so I would like to ask you some questions.

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Beckman Coulter - AU480
RE: Beckman Coulter - AU480
3 days ago


0 AnswersI would like to know the price ,please.
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Phenom-World - Phenom XL
RE: Phenom-World - Phenom XL
3 days ago


0 AnswersI would like to know the price ,please.
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Phenom-World - Phenom XL
RE: Phenom-World - Phenom XL

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