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0 Answers I know there are some factors that used on calculating concentration of each test items. Abs, Calibration factors, Correlation factors... but I wonder how the factors are used.

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Beckman Coulter - AU480
RE: Beckman Coulter - AU480
0 Answers I just want to know, how many types of laminar air flow cabinets available in the market.

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0 Answers how to open the front panel of this unit to replace the door latch.

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Beckman Coulter - Allegra 25R
RE: Beckman Coulter - Allegra 25R
0 Answers Hello, We are a certfication company that has a client who needs to get a replacement filter quote for the follownig unit: mod Streamline SHC-4A2,

Thanks again-


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Streamline Lab Products - Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinet
RE: Streamline Lab Products - Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinet
0 Answers When you want to more Hydrometers Equipments but you can’t get more way then in this case you can take services at avogadroslab. You can also contact us609-388-1775to buy the finest range of Digital Laboratory Scales. We also have a complete range, where you can find division utensils, enzymes, forensic supplies, human biology models, data logging tools and bench power supplies. For more details visit at website:https://www.avogadro-lab-supply.com/

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2 days ago


0 Answers Please quote me on the following items:


grinding bowl 15 ml cpl. hardened, stainless steel CODE: 23.1409.00 QTY 1

grinding ball 15 mm hardened, stainless steel CODE: 55.0150.09 QTY 1

Grinding ball 5 mm 55.0050.27 QTY 60

Grinding ball 10 mm 55.0100.27 QTY 5

Please include the lead-time and shipping cost to Chicago

Thank you,

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0 Answers Hello:

I am interested in the CSampler for AccuriC6. Would you please send me a quote to zhaoaizhi@orimabs.com?

Thank you very much!


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Accuri Cytometers - CSampler®
RE: Accuri Cytometers - CSampler®
0 AnswersStarted the vaccum pump and was working properly . I operated and after sometime sample was boiled and enterd in condenser due to my careless. After this events it is not working properly that is making a low pressure. Please help me
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0 Answers How to download a software for this type of machine?

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LECO Corporation - SC-144DR
RE: LECO Corporation - SC-144DR
4 days ago

No LCD Display

0 Answers I have a New Brunswick Innova 43R shaking incubator that the LCD screen will only display horizontal lines. I spoke to Eppendorf Tech Support about the problem, they suggested I replace the LCD screen, the control board and cable that links the two. I now have the board and screen replaced and still have the same problem. I've replied to Eppendorf that their solution didn't resolve the issue. Now their not answering my emails. Is there anything else that could be causing the blank screen? Any help in this matter is greatly appreciated.



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