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A closed container (initially, the internal pressure is 100KPa), connected to a micro vacuum pump, and continuously pumping it. Finally, the gas pressure in the closed container will be lower than atmospheric pressure and reach an absolute pressure of 60KPa. Not only that, but through special technical improvement, in addition to the single-extracting micro vacuum pump, it can also form a micro vacuum pump for pumping and air pumping (that is, the exhaust end can generate relatively large positive pressure), for boosting, aerating, Overcoming system resistance and so on, as well as a very unique dual-use micro-vacuum pump, it can be used for long-term idling, dry-running, etc., unlike the normal pump idling, or dry rotation will damage the pump. Just because the suction port or the exhaust port can form a pressure difference with the outside atmosphere, and unlike large vacuum pumps, which require lubricating oil and vacuum pump oil, do not pollute the working medium, and have small size, low noise, and maintenance-free, and can be continuously 24 The advantages of hourly operation, so the micro vacuum pump is used as a power device, widely used in gas sampling, gas circulation, vacuum adsorption, accelerated filtration, automotive vacuum boosting, etc., and has been widely used in medical, health, scientific research, environmental protection and other fields. .

dry scroll vacuum pump

vacuum pump for sale

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1 Answer I would like to reset all the passwords, my guess is that it is done through the "service mode". Is this right?

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Beckman Coulter - Optima™ XPN
RE: Beckman Coulter - Optima™ XPN
2 days ago

power error

0 Answersaparelho apresenta power error, como corrigir?
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2 days ago

blank display

0 Answers Has anyone had a blank display on this model the back light is on and you get a beep when turned on anf off but nothing else or has anyone got a service manual with the wiring diagram in it.

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Lancer - 1300 LX Freestanding Washer Dryer
RE: Lancer - 1300 LX Freestanding Washer Dryer
0 Answers We are just new in using Beckman Coulter AU480 analyzer, and we just switch to barcode system. What are we going to do or any procedures how to run barcoded samples using AU480. Thank you.

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Beckman Coulter - AU480
RE: Beckman Coulter - AU480
2 days ago

Fuse holder

5 AnswersHi everyone. We have 2 "no power" 5417c units. I found there is no fuse holders and fuses. Simple replacement the same holder (red block with 2 fuses on both sides) from thermal cycler revealed that they are Ok. Where can we buy these fuse holders? There is no any mark.
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0 Answers Hello,

I'm trying to find the controll board so that I can adjust the set point.

Please advise.

Thank you.

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Panasonic - SRR-49GD MED
RE: Panasonic - SRR-49GD MED
3 Answers I have this 5415 C centrifuge, I can spot nothing obvious. With the frequency dial at min it spins for several seconds and after that it burns the main 6 A fuse.

The rotor and stator coils are continuous. The relays look fine and I can see them closing and opening. The Hall sensor seems to work. The power on the fan is 15v and the speed sensor is 5v. Nothing appears burned.

The brushes are used but seem OK and the rotor is dirty but not badly pitted.

I don't have the schematics or the service manuals to be able to check more. If I take the motor power connector out the green light flashes and there is no power on the connector but the fuse does not blow.

If I put it back in and repower the device the green light is on and I can press the spin button.

The only things that appears suspicious is that the fan seems to be on all the time.

I'm kind of stuck and without some schematics I don't know what else I can do.

Thank you for any help,


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0 Answers We have been using TotalChrom for quite some time and now the software has decided to stop processing and printing data.

Any suggestions as to what may have caused this? My technicians now have to batch process data just to be able to obtain the results and do their job.

Any halp is greatly appreciated. I have 5 other units, need I worry that they will ALL do this?

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PerkinElmer - TotalChrom
RE: PerkinElmer - TotalChrom

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