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1 AnswerI keep getting 'startup cycle failure ' message Anyone know what to do?
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Abbott Diagnostics - CELL-DYN Emerald
RE: Abbott Diagnostics - CELL-DYN Emerald
13 hours ago

Sample tc is broken

0 Answers I left a measure at night and in the morning the message appeare

I left a measure at night and in the morning these message appeared: "sample tc is broken" on the display of ours STA 449 F3. I can´t find on manual anything about it. Can you help me?

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Netzsch - STA 449 F3 Jupiter®
RE: Netzsch - STA 449 F3 Jupiter®
21 hours ago


0 Answersam having challenge with paper feeding my thermoscientific Multiscan Ex Elisa Reader
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a day ago

SEM NX9000

0 AnswersCan you please provide price for the above equipment thanks. Ariel

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Hitachi Medical Systems - NX 9000
RE: Hitachi Medical Systems - NX 9000
0 Answers How much is this equipmen? Can you emal at arvmelen@yahoo.com. Thanks.

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Agilent Technologies - 7890A GC System
RE: Agilent Technologies - 7890A GC System
0 Answers Hi,

I just acquired a TTPLabtech mosquito and I calibrated it. For some reason, the pipettes are not going down far enough. I tried adjusting the base height and height of the subwell, as well as the Area of the subwell but nothing suggested. Any suggestions???

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TTP LabTech - mosquito® HTS
RE: TTP LabTech - mosquito® HTS
1 Answer I had to remove the spindle from our ultracentrifuge to replace one of the cooling fans mounted to the shroud around the large heat sink on the bottom of the chamber. A student walked by and tipped over the spindle motor after I removed it. An unknown quantity of oil spilled out of the top of it. I need to know what quantity and what type of oil is used in it. Can anyone here advise me on this?

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Beckman Coulter - Optima L Series Ultracentrifuge
RE: Beckman Coulter - Optima L Series Ultracentrifuge
0 Answers Seems to spin correctly, all timer and speed functions work. But lid latch keeps clicking on and off before or after runs, and even when just plugged in. I tried replacing the lid latch mechanism, but no luck. Anyone have a service manual or ideas of what to try next?


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0 Answers The nitrogen valve does not function properly. It delivers N2 to the first raws of the plate and stops. Any hint?

With thanks

Juan Calvete (jcalvete@ibv.csic.es)

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Genomics Solutions - Investigator ProGest
RE: Genomics Solutions - Investigator ProGest
0 Answers please can i know the output volt values of the transformer of the varian 200 AA instrument. with the color of each output. the tarnasformer of our instrument was rebuilt, but we don't know how to reconnect it as it was exactelly.

best regards

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Varian - AA140 and AA240
RE: Varian - AA140 and AA240

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