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0 Answers Hello all,

Over the past few months the lid to our centrifuge has repeatedly had trouble closing and latching, and while we can always call a service company out to fix the problem, I'd love to be able to get inside and do the fix myself on site. Any suggestions?

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Hrc sejong

0 AnswersHow many servo motor in sejong hrc and where is
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0 Answers Dear geltlemen,

I am facing the following issue during measurements of N2 with GC - TCD

I am using a standard gas of 99.50 % N2 (rest He) for calibration,

I am doing three measurements in the morning and i calibrate the instrument

after 5-6 hours the same gas is giving a value of 94,00 %

Before the second measurement of the standard gas, which shows a value of 94,00% i have measured my LIN tank and another standard gas 96,00 % N2 in Helium. The measurement of the tank was 95% and of the 96,00% was 90%, These measurements were according to the initial calibration

I am not experienced in GC, so i would like to answer the following questions

1. Is this normal having a difference of the value of 5% during the day for the same gases

2. If it is not normal, can you reccomend any issues

thank you very much


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RE: GC - Gas Chromatography
0 Answers Lid shuts but it make high pitched noise when spinning. Looking for local repair. Nashville area

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EPPENDORF - 5430 / 5430 R
RE: EPPENDORF - 5430 / 5430 R
0 Answers Dear Sir: Ask for the manual for the Lumat LB 9507, about how to work. Sincerely yours: Kadhim Hashim Email: ser000dak@yahoo.com
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3 days ago

UV bulb problems

0 Answers We have a reoccurring problem with about 1/2 the bank of 6 bulbs flickering or not lighting at all. Two bulbs will come on all the way....sometimes. All bulbs were replaced simultaneously with new as specified in the manual. We've gone thru two sets of brand new bulbs.

I'm hoping its a loose wire at one of the sockets but I have to tear into it find out. It looks like I have to pull the whole drawer out to get under the sockets for the connections. With the drawer in, you can only see the outter most socket bottoms.

Has anyone take one apart or know what I should look for?

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Thermo Scientific - myECL™ Imager
RE: Thermo Scientific - myECL™ Imager
0 Answers Hi, i wanted to know where can i download the spectraa base software for Varian spectraa 55b?


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RE: Atomic Absorption
3 days ago


0 Answers Does anybody know if ther are schematics available for the 770 Max for board level repair, and if so, where might I get them? Thanks

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0 Answers The Samsung SV0643A hard drive in my BioFlo 4500 is not booting. I am going to try to recover the drive, however I would like any/all help in locating the software (NBS Local Controller Interface V 1.20) and/or an image of the drive, or a replacement working hard drive that I can borrow or purchase.

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New Brunswick Scientific - BioFlo 4500
RE: New Brunswick Scientific - BioFlo 4500
0 Answers I'm trying to get our unit to maintain 20 -25 degrees Celcius and I was told this unit can not do that by tech support. I had been able to do this before, has anyone had this problem?

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Thermo Scientific - Forma Series II 3110
RE: Thermo Scientific - Forma Series II 3110

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