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Bruker Corporation - TENSOR Series
Manufactured by Bruker Corporation

Bruker Corporation - TENSOR Series

The TENSOR combines the highest performance and outstanding flexibility with an intuitive and easy to operate interface.


High Performance TENSOR is designed for today’s laboratory requirements. It combines easy operation with highest instrument performance and affordability. TENSOR provides high sensitivity performance with the permanently aligned, high throughput patented RockSolidTM cube corner interferometer. Unlike a conventional flat mirror interferometer, cube corner's optically eliminates alignment errors. Easy to Use Customizable workspaces, easy measurement mode and wizards to guide you through setup of analytical methods are standard in OPUSTM software. All manipulation and evaluation routines are designed for multiple file operation. These factors make learning the software and the operation of the instrument so easy that even untrained personnel can operate a TENSOR series spectrometer. BRuker Artificial Intelligence Network The TENSOR series automatically recognizes optical components and sampling accessories. Component exchanges (like source, beamsplitter, detector, or laser). All relevant parameters transfers to the software for the user to immediately start a measurement. The TENSOR utilizes the Online PerformanceGuardTM to ensure all optical components, automation units and accessories continuously are continuously monitored. Flexibility TENSOR series is to be used for basic quality control and expanded to a full research system. A full line of FT-IR accessories enable the user to choose sampling methods with ease. The TENSOR has the flexibility to add external sampling modules for demanding application like FT-IR micro-analysis, thermogravimetric coupling, high throughput screening devices, and hyperspectral imaging. A variety of sample compartment accessories and external accessories complete the needs of your application. Expandibility The TENSOR 37 allows the user to easily exchange the optical components and expand the spectral range to the Far-IR region or convert the system to a powerful FT-NIR spectrometer system - and vice versa. FT-NIR spectroscopy offers distinct advantages. Usually samples are measured without dilution. Since glass vials are transparent in NIR, the samples can be analyzed in their containers. Quartz fiber optics allow the NIR light to be transmitted over long distance for remote measurement and process control. Validation TENSOR is designed to deliver dependable and reliable results in every measurement. The internal validation unit (IVU) has built in standards that test the accuracy and precision of the system. TENSOR software integrates full 21 CFR part 11 and GLP compliance, support your IQ/OQ/PQ.



6 years ago
how to change filter
main filter glass degrade of humid. Please advice how to repair or change.


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