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Thermo Scientific - Ultrafast TRACE
Manufactured by Thermo Scientific

Thermo Scientific - Ultrafast TRACE
GC Ultra Configuration

Thermo Scientific* UltraFast TRACE GC Ultra Configuration dramatically increases lab productivity and decreases sample run times.        The UltraFast TRACE GC Ultra configuration is an affordable gas chromatograph with direct column heating, featuring a linear heating rate of up to 1200°C per minute and is designed to significantly boost laboratory productivity.


    • Direct column heating technology    • Combines turbo heating temperature programming with short, narrow bore (0.1mm ID) columns to deliver faster results with the highest degree of accuracy    • Separation mechanism involved during the analysis permits sample introduction at low split ratios, substantially increasing the sensitivity of the system    • Extremely well suited for analysis of compounds at trace levels    • Available with either a high-speed Flame Ionization Detector (FID) or with Thermo Scientific's fast mass spectrometers, the UltraFast TRACE GC offers reduced analysis costs through increased productivity   

GC System TypeModular
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