Thermo Scientific - TRACE
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Thermo Scientific - TRACE
Thermo Scientific - TRACE
Thermo Scientific - TRACE
GC Ultra Gas Chromatographs

Thermo Scientific* TRACE GC Ultra Gas Chromatograph is designed to be easily configured with up to two injectors and three detectors.            Thermo Scientific HPLC, GC and mass spec instruments offer solutions for research or industrial processes.


      • Simple, rugged hardware      • Internal LAN interfacing capability      • Independently heated valve housing able to accommodate up to 4 heated/2 unheated gas valves, 8 pressure regulators, 8 needle valves, In/out ports, packed and capillary columns      • Range of Large Volume techniques overcomes sensitivity boundaries of conventional GC      • Linear heating rate up to 1200°C/min. reduces sample run times for crude oils, pesticides and hydrocarbons determination as well as food and flavor characterizations      • High temperature programming up to 20°C/s and fast cooling times of approximately one minute      • Precise retention time control      • Large Volume split/splitless technique using standard splitless injector extends sample injection volume of conventional GC methods without additional investment, training or revalidation of methods      • Supports range of injectors, including BEST PTV, cold on-column inlets and detector soltuions for conventional GC and GC/MS      • Provides in-series, staked or parallel configurations of up to three detectors featuring different selectivity      • Dedicated turnkey analyzers for chemical and petrochemical applications available     

Temperature Range50 to 400 °C
DetectorFlame Ionization Detector, Thermal Conductivity Detector, Electron Capture Detector, Nitrogen Phosphorus Detector, Flame Photometric Detector, Photo Ionization Detector,Pulsed Discharge Detector
GC System TypeModular
Number of Detectors3


-Zeljko Ostojic
5 years ago
AI 3000 malfunction
AI cannot find a zero position. constantly trying to find and beeping once in a while.



7 years ago
CTC Pal autosampler
the autosampler has a fault where the vials are sticking to the needle and being carried away from the tray - sometimes being dropped and hence the injection continues, but often the vial is left dangling from the needle and the sequence stops. We think it's just a worn spring as the tension seems slack. Does anyone know who services these autosamplers? We have asked Presearch, but they will only look at it as part of an expensive service contract. I would welcome any other sugestions. Reply

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