Thermo Scientific - SpectraSYSTEM LC
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Thermo Scientific - SpectraSYSTEM LC
Thermo Scientific* SpectraSYSTEM LC System is configurable to match application and performance demands.

Thermo Scientific* SpectraSYSTEM LC System is configurable to match application and performance demands.    The Thermo Scientific SpectraSYSTEM liquid chromatography system is a full-featured family of separation and detection HPLC instruments. SpectraSYSTEM consists of a full range of degassers, pumps, autosamplers and detectors and is a compact, modular HPLC system.    Modular High Performance Liquid Chromatography System SpectraSYSTEM solvent delivery instruments offer superior gradient formation, longer seal life and improved solvent compressibility across a wide range of flow rates. Low delay volume and excellent gradient precision ensure highly reproducible chromatographic separations and compatibility with all column types. Available in standard isocratic and gradient configurations, the pumps meet every analytical need


  • A Range of Pumping Options and Configurations  • Exceptional Built-in Capabilities for Flexible Operations  • Excellent Optical Performance, Programmability, and Spectra  Spectra Degasser  • More stable baselines, improved accuracy and precision  • Rapid degassing of up to four solvent channels  • Manual, timed, or programmed operation  • Leak sensor, automatic shutdown, and double-wall containment enhance lab safety  Spectra Pumps  • Real-time pressure feedback control system provides automatic solvent compressibility compensation for accurate and precise flow  • Highest retention time reproducibility from precise flow control, solvent proportioning, and efficient mixing  • Complete regulatory compliance through factory certification and optional field qualification services  • Guaranteed performance to specification through factory QA/QC testing  Spectra Autosampler  • Variable-volume Injection Autosampler  • Integrated Column Oven  • 120-vial capacity with random vial access  • Front panel control display  Spectra UV Detectors  • Dual-wavelength programming with superior performance  • Programmable wavelength changes  • Automatic lamp startup and shutdown  • Interchangeable flowcells for applications flexibility  Spectra PDA Detectors  • Patented LightPipe? technology for highest sensitivity  • Fiber-optic beam shaper provides maximum peak resolution  • Easy maintenance with integrated wavelength validation  • Integrated vacuum degasser for convenient overall system compact design  • Pumps: Available in narrow-bore, standard isocratic and gradient configurations  • Autosamplers: With high sample throughput and several options available  • Detectors: Available choices include programmable, fluorescent and UV      Compatible with: Thermo Scientific ChromQuest software

DetectorSpectraSystem UV Detectors
Maximum Pressure6000 psi
Standard Flow Rate 0.01 to 10 ml/min
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