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TQ-Prep™ Workstation

The TQ-Prep Workstation and IMMUNOPRE PReagent System together provide rapid, no-wash whole-blood sample preparation. Automation provides inter-sample and inter-laboratory consistency and reproducibility. A standard 32-tube carousel allows walk-away processing and perfectly complements both the XL-MCL and FC500 flow cytometers automatic sample loaders for the fastest sample throughput in the industry. Intended primarily for laboratories with a high test volume (at least 300 tests per month), the TQ-Prep uses the revolutionary patented lyse and fix technology introduced more than a decade ago with the Q-PREP Workstation and IMMUNOPREP Reagent System.


    You have flexibility    • Choose between the standard ImmunoPrep Reagent System configuration or the optional low angle light scatter reagent configuration according to your flow cytometer needs.    • Choose between on or off-line incubation step to maximize walk-away capability.    • Choose between set-up on a bench top or inside a safety cabinet to suit your safety considerations.        You have high reliability    • Each component has been tested in excess of 100,000 cycles.    • A new syringe pump system dispenses reagents in precise and accurate volumes.    • State-of-the-art DiskOnChip® FlashDisk provides reliable software operation.    • Vortex system mixing ensures reproducible lysis of homogenous cells.        You have convenience    • Operation is simple with universal touch screen icons.    • You receive constant feedback as to where you are in the incubation and lysing process.    • You have virtually maintenance-free operation.    • Your reagent use is monitored by robust conductive reagent sensing and cycle counters.        High Speed with Accuracy and Reproducibility    • Provides the fastest no-wash flow cytometry-ready preparation available today.    • Takes a sample from whole blood to lysis in seconds.    • Maintains cellular integrity without distortion.    • Minimizes debris or platelet adhesion to leukocytes through clean sample preparations.    • Reduces non-specific binding.    • Avoids centrifugation and selective cell loss.    • Preserves surface attributes.    • Offers 24 hour stability.    • Reduces cell handling.         Excellent versatility    The TQ-Prep Workstation and ImmunoPrep Reagent System are directly compatible with the Coulter EPICS XL-MCL flow cytometer and can also operate with any flow cytometer. The system provides up to 24 hour post preparation stability.

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