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Beckman Coulter - CyAn™ ADP
Manufactured by Beckman Coulter

Beckman Coulter - CyAn™ ADP
CyAn™ ADP Analyzer

With two models to accommodate adiverse range of applications, with up to 11 standard parameters and 9colors, the CyAn ADP analyzer is the next step in Advanced Digital Processing with true high speed analysis capability.


  • Enhanced detection for flow cytometry  • State-of-the-art optics and electronics  • Automated compensation  • Easy to walk-up operation    We offer two models to accommodate a diverse range of applications, with up to 11 standard parameters and 9 colors.    CyAn ADP 7 Color has 9 parameters (FSC, SCC, FL1-FL7) and is equipped with 488 nm and 642 nm solid-state lasers. Some key research applications include CD34 enumeration, signal transduction, antigen-specific T-cell detection and multicolor immunophenotyping.    CyAn ADP 9 Color adds the 405nm solid state laser and two fluorescent channels. Up to 9x9 parameter compensation can be performed manually, using bi-exponential transformation (VisiComp)or automatically. Additional research applications include stemcell/SPanalysis, DAPI Cell Cycle analysis and CFP-YFP FRET analysis.

Depth 17.7 in
Height15.7 in
Width 11.8 in
Weight88.2 lbs
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Beckman Coulter - CyAn™ ADP