PerkinElmer - Clarus 680 GC
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PerkinElmer - Clarus 680 GC
Clarus 680 GC
Our Clarus® 680 GC is designed for fast-paced, high-volume laboratories that require fast analytical cycle times.

Our Clarus® 680 GC is designed for fast-paced, high-volume laboratories that require fast analytical cycle times. It maximizes throughput with the fastest injection-to-injection time of any conventional gas chromatograph. The Clarus 680 GC incorporates many other PerkinElmer innovations that provide unprecedented operational simplicity and outstanding flexibility while removing the barriers to productivity that can arise with more demanding samples and applications. The fastest temperature programmable inlets available combined with programmable pneumatic control (PPC) provides simple and straightforward solutions to complex analyses such as analysis for methanol in crude oil or determination of pesticides in food. Its near-ambient performances make the Clarus 680 GC the instrument of choice for the separation of light volatile components or when Large Volume Injection is required to run high-sensitivity GC/MS applications. Complete instrument control is available through TotalChrom and TurboMass as well as Waters® Empower™ 2 and Agilent® EZChrom Elite™ drivers.


Patented high-performance oven - the unique oven design of the Clarus 680 GC provides the fastest available heat-up and cool-down rate, enabling shorter injection-to-injection and analytical cycle times, maximizing your sample throughput and achieve maximum return on your investment • Its twin-walled oven design with concentric air exhaust* allows the user to achieve greater separation at near-ambient temperatures without the use of special coolants, especially important for the analysis of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). • Fast oven heat-up allows faster chromatography, particularly useful when speeding up the elution of late eluting compounds. • Fastest available cool-down rate is delivered using forced convection air. This greatly reduces non-productive time between runs. • Universal Programmable Split-Splitless (PSS) and Programmable On-Column (POC) injectors design enables Large Volume Injection of volatile solvents and cold on-column injections without the use of expensive cooling agents • Novel Swafer™ micro-flow technology dramatically simplifies complex tasks helping to make the Clarus 680 GC easily used by operators at all skill levels • Complete instrument control is available through TotalChrom™, TurboMass™ as well as Waters® Empower™ 2 and Agilent® EZChrom Elite™ drivers.

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10 months ago
Oven not heat
My Clarus 680 GC has not been used for a long time. After the power was turned on, the touch screen showed "Fatal instrument shutdown oven not heat". Fan was not on either. It seems no problem with the thermocouple. Kindly please advise what caused the problems and how to solve them. I thought the fuse might be broken, but I cannot find where it is located in the GC.

Thanks in advance!



a year ago
injector body installation
wire for the heating block broke off at the end that fits into block. Is this a thermocouple?



3 years ago
autosampler adjustment

I have a problem of autosampler clarus 680 GC.It looks like unalignemt appears after longer time of works. It means the needle could not be allingned exactly over the inlet. It is moved outside of inlet hole after longer time. Do you know how to adjust the sampler or / and exchange the firmware of the sampler ?

It it susspected firmawer can cause the unalignemt.

Best regards,



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