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PHCBi - Labcool MPR-1410 and MPR-1410R
Manufactured by PHCBi

PHCBi - Labcool MPR-1410 and MPR-1410R
MPR-1410: 48.36 cu. ft. Enviro-Center™ Biomedical Refrigerators

Large capacity Enviro-Center Biomedical Refrigerators offer stable and reliable refrigerated environments for exacting laboratory requirements in clinical, research, pharmaceutical and industrial applications. • Enhanced Operation • Forced Air Circulation for Enhanced Temperature Stability • Standard Alarm and Safety Features • Environmentally Friendly • Cycle Defrost • Adjustable shelves and wide range setpoint for varying laboratory applications including chromatography and pharmaceutical storage. • Pull-out drawers for convenient storage available. • Wide settable temperature range of 2°C to 23°C (ambient temp. 0°C to 35°C) offers versatility.


Temperature Stability The SANYO temperature control system with thermistor monitor and microprocessor control reliably maintains cabinet temperature at the set level and is unaffected by ambient temperature. Forced air circulation ensures that the cabinet temperature returns to the setpoint immediately after door openings and remains uniform throughout the cabinet. Powerful, Quick Response Refrigeration To cope with frequent door openings, SANYO Enviro-Center™ refrigerators are equipped with powerful, hermetically sealed compressors. These purpose-built compressors ensure superior pull-down characteristics and precise temperature control. Easy-To-Manage Layout The interior layout flexibility of Enviro-Centers makes them ideal for running experiments that require stable, cool conditions, as well as storage. Standard Alarm and Safety Features Enviro-Center™ refrigerators include buzzers and flashing lights to warn of high and low temperature deviations. In the event of an irregular rise in cabinet temperature, the heater automatically shuts off and forced air circulation reduces temperature. Door locks are fitted to safeguard valuable contents. Single and Double Cabinet Sizes The interior is spacious enough to accommodate column chromatography apparatus or large volumes of reagents, test samples and biologicals. Large Fans The 120mm-diameter fan ensures an even temperature throughout the cabinet (MPR-1410/R models have a double flow system with two fans). Heat spots from powered test apparatus are minimized and pull-up characteristics after door openings are outstanding. HFC Refrigerant and CFC-free Insulation SANYO Biomedical equipment is designed for low environmental impact. The MPR-720 and 1410 series use HFC refrigerant R-134a and the foamed-in-place insulation is also CFC free. Cycle Defrost In the 5°C range, frost buildup on the evaporator is inevitable. This can affect the performance of the heat exchanger. SANYO has solved this problem with a cycle defrost and evaporator temperature sensor system. This system runs automatically, so there is no need to turn off the power for defrosting. Temperature rise during defrost is minimal. The evaporation heater also doubles as protection against drops in cabinet temperature caused by a low ambient temperature.



3 years ago
Temperture Offset
Does anyone knows how to put ina temperautre offset for the diplay? Like the display read 4 degrees but the actual is 2 degrees.



4 years ago
MPR 1410 R Battery Location
Hello, Could you guys please let me know where is the Memory Battery for this model unit.



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PHCBi - Labcool MPR-1410 and MPR-1410R