ALMSCO - BenchTOF-dx™
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ALMSCO - BenchTOF-dx™
BenchTOF-dx offers a unique combination of high-performance & affordability to any GC/MS user interested in trace detection

BenchTOF-dx is a fast, high performance reflectron time-of-flight (TOF) mass spectrometer (MS) for analysing ultra-trace level volatile and semi-volatile organic chemicals in complex real-world samples. Novel architecture and proprietary noise reduction algorithms offer and unrivalled combination of:                    • Sensitivity          • Compound resolution          • Spectral quality, and          • Robust operation                    All clear advantages for trace analysis.                    This affordable bench-top MS platform can be interfaced to any major brand of gas chromatograph (GC).                    Moreover, integration can include transfer of BenchTOF-dx data into various GCMS data systems, enabling the performance enhancements of BenchTOF-dx to be realised within a familiar GCMS operating environment.                    BenchTOF-dx offers a unique combination of highperformance and affordability to any GCMS user with an interest in trace detection. Offering compatibility with conventional and high-speed GC, key applications include chemical agent monitoring, flavour/fragrance profiling and monitoring low-level environmental pollutants.                    Example Applications:                    • Flavour/fragrance profiling: Detecting trace olfactory components          • Chemical agent monitoring: Counter-terrorism & civil defence          • Environmental monitoring: Measuring trace toxic & odorous chemicals         


          • State-of-the-art ion optics & direct ion extraction technology maximise sensitivity. Full range spectral data at quadrupole SIM sensitivity levels (>800:1 s/n for 1 pg OFN while acquiring over full mass range)          • Enhanced detection of trace target analytes          • High speed spectral acquisition (10,000 Hz) for compatibility with fast GC, GCxGC (Comprehensive 2D GC) and complex conventional GC profiles. Up to 560 spectra written to disk every second.          • Mass range of 1 to 1000 amu, with mass resolution of 1000, ensures compatibility with every GC application          • Mass spectra simultaneously stored in both true centroid & continuum/profile data formats for accurate ion ration determination (Cnotinuum mode to 0.01 amu resolution)          • Extreme stability of both mass axis & detector response reduces tuning/calibration frequency, optimising system productivity          • Uniquely powerful noise reduction software minimises requirement for manual data manipulation          • Integrates with popular GC/MS data analysis software to eliminate operator learning curve          • Optimum versatility: Compatible with all makes of GC and a wide range of hyphenated techniques          • Low cost for performance in a compact technology that operates in standard laboratory environments ensuing fast return on investment                    [u]High performance trace analysis[/u]                    Innovative engineering allows BenchTOF-dx to go beyond the traditional TOF applications of fast GC and GCxGC. In addition to high speed scanning, BenchTOF-dx offers users full-scan capability at conventional single ion monitoring (SIM) detection limits. It, therefore, provides a robust, high-sensitivity alternative to quadrupole MS technology for the most demanding conventional GC-MS measurements, such as aroma profiling, chemical agent detection (counterterrorism) and trace environmental analysis.                    Sensitivity                    In quadrupole MS instruments only a proportion of the ions produced in the ion source actually reach the detector because the technology utilises a mass filter which only allows one mass unit through to the detector at a time. This reduces the inherent sensitivity of the quad MS technology. The impact on sensitivity is worsened with increasing scan speed and mass range. Optimum sensitivity is obtained from a quad during          SIM operation, e.g. monitoring between one and three individual mass ions, but this means most spectral information is lost.                    Enhanced sensitivity with direct extraction (dx)                    TOF MS operates on an entirely different principle with all the ions entering the flight tube ‘flying’ directly to the detector without filtering. This has the potential to allow full spectral acquisition at the same sensitivity levels as SIM mode in quads. However, this theoretical sensitivity advantage is not fully realised in traditional          TOF MS designs because of the need to first transfer the ions from the source to a separate extraction area to preserve mass resolution. This ‘orthogonal extraction’ process results in a loss of ions and reduced sensitivity.                    Using innovative ion optics, BenchTOF-dx dispenses with the orthogonal extraction of ions and adopts a cutting-edge and highly effective direct extraction (dx) approach.                    With dx technology, ions are directly extracted from the ion source and are transferred to the flight tube and detector with minimal loss orf ions or mass resolution. The result is enhanced sensitivity over other TOF systems using orthogonal extraction.                    No other affordable bench-top MS can compete with BenchTOF-dx sensitivity in full scan mode

Mass Spectrometer TypeTime-of-Flight
Depth 600 mm
Height635 mm
Width 630 mm
Power Requirements 115/230V Switchable, 50/60 Hz, 400 VA
Weight80 kg


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