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Thermo Scientific - Orion 3-Star Plus
Manufactured by Thermo Scientific

Thermo Scientific - Orion 3-Star Plus
Orion 3-Star Plus Benchtop pH Meter

This competitively-priced, single-channel pH meter is easy to set up and use while providing reliable, accurate pH measurement for any general laboratory or QC application. The rugged meter offers a full complement of GLP-related features. You can record and store up to 10 setup parameters and calibrations—a valuable feature for busy multi-user labs.


• Bright LCD display with ready indication • Convenient built-in Quick-Start Guide • Automatic or manual calibration • Stores up to 10 methods with password protection • IP54 dustproof and splashproof • BNC pH electrode connectors • Automatic or manual pH calibration with 1 to 5 calibration points • Auto-Buffer Recognition (ABR) of DIN and NIST/US buffers • Advanced self-tests on meter operation, self-diagnostics • CE, CSA, UL, TÜV and FCC Class A limits approved • Universal power adapter for worldwide operation • Three-year replacement warranty.

mV Accuracy0.2
mV Resolution0.1 mV
pH Accuracy0.002
pH Meter Temperature Range-5 to 105 °C
pH Meter TypeBenchtop
pH Range-2 to 19.999
pH ResolutionSelectable
Temperature Accuracy0.1 °C


9 months ago
Computer program
I just purchased a used D.O. meter and I was wondering if this instrument has the ability to interface with a computer? Are there any BOD calculating programs that are compatible with this instrument?



6 years ago
interfacing to computer
I am working on interfacing a thermo Orion 3 star pH meter with a PC through HyperTerminal. I am very new to using HyperTerminal and I am struggling to log all the data. I basically want a pH reading every minute to be measured and send over to HyperTerminal. How do I achieve this? I need to do this for an unlimited amount of time till I stop it.

  1. Where do I set the time interval for data collection? I did setup, type, time but I can’t tell whether the time needs to put in as 0.017 hours or just as 1.00 minutes. The screen does not specify the format.
  2. How do I start data transfer to pc. If I press view log and send…it starts a count up which finishes after sometime. How do I get this to transfer continuously.

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