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Beckman Coulter - Biomek FXP
Manufactured by Beckman Coulter

Beckman Coulter - Biomek FXP
The center of your workflow.

With a larger deck footprint to support a wide variety of requirements and applications along with two pods capable of simultaneous liquid handling and plate movement, the Biomek® FXP liquid handling platform offer superior application control and higher throughput. Popular integration options include incubators, coolers/freezer units, qPRC instrumentation, plate/barcode readers and sealers, and more.


The Biomek FXP continuum starts with a single-pod system. Equip the high-capacity deck with Automated Labware Positioners (ALPs) specific to your research for a dedicated workhorse in your lab. Choose a 96- or 384-multichannel pipetting head or opt for a pin-tool system for high-density replication tasks. A Span-8 configuration featuring independent well access is available for tube-based operations and where direct access to wells in a plate is needed. All pods are easily swapped out for maximum system flexibility. Two heads are better than one A dual-pod system is the smart choice for busy labs. Choose a hybrid system (multi-channel and Span-8 pipetting pod) for maximum process flexibility. Perform hit-picking operations quickly. Replicate plates with a 96- or 384-well head then add reagents unique to each well with your Span-8 pod using tubes, plates or reservoirs. Efficient plate replication A dual multi-channel pod instrument makes fast and efficient work of filtration applications and plate replication tasks. A system with a 96- and 384-pipetting head can rapidly condense and replicate 96-well library plates into 384-well dilution plates. Use the HDR pin-tool head on one pod and a pipetting head on the other. Scale up to a Biomek Assay Workstation The Biomek FXP can serve as the central component in a complete assay system including below-deck storage and labware access, incubation, plate washing, plate reading, barcoders and numerous other components. Powered by SAMI Workstation EX software, the Biomek Assay Workstation is ideal for ELISAs, cell-based assays or any other process involving time-critical incubations. Biomek Assay Workstations are tightly integrated to maximize capacity and throughput in a small footprint. Screening solutions The Biomek FXP is the right instrument for primary and secondary screening as well as all your replication and re-formatting tasks. Choose a pre-configured Biomek FXP system with validated methods, or outfit a system based on your unique needs. With an extensive selection of quality peripherals and automated labware positioners, and a comprehensive library of third-party devices, the Biomek FXP delivers all the performance you need to automate your research workflow.

Depth 33 in
Height43 in
Width 60 in
Power Requirements 50/60 Hz, 100-240 VAC
Weight125 kg
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Beckman Coulter - Biomek FXP