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Beckman Coulter - Optima™ MAX-XP
Manufactured by Beckman Coulter

Beckman Coulter - Optima™ MAX-XP
Beckman Coulter - Optima™ MAX-XP
Beckman Coulter - Optima™ MAX-XP

The Optima MAX-XP tabletop ultracentrifuge is a power-packed solution that delivers fast, efficient separations from samples as small as 175 Μl up to 32.4 ml and at speeds of up to 150,000 RPM and more than 1,000,000 x g. Every detail of the Optima MAX-XP is designed with the user in mind–from the system's compact design, versatility and quiet operation to advanced multi-lingual software.


Quicker on the job.    Optima MAX-XP offers faster speed, thanks to our new MLA-150 fixed angle rotor. It has a low k-factor for faster separation of subcellular particles, viruses, proteins and more. With the most efficient rotor available, you’ll reduce overall turnaround time and accelerate workflow.        Reliability you can count on.    As the world leader, Beckman Coulter is known for delivering the highest quality separation in the shortest time, day after day. We’ve leveraged over 60 years of proven centrifuge technology and made it available to you in this advanced benchtop design.        Fits in anywhere.    Designed for ultimate flexibility, Optima MAX-XP works well wherever you need it–from your personal lab space to a pedestal table. Keeping biosafety in mind, we made it small enough to fit inside a standard biosafety hood, yet so powerful it will boost efficiency. HEPA filter option available.        Makes everyone more comfortable.    Optima MAX-XP operates so quietly, it won’t disturb coworkers. Pleasant instrument sounds with adjustable volumes alert you when your run is complete. And the ergonomically designed door handle can be easily opened with just one finger.

Centrifuge Type Ultraspeed
Maximum RCF1019000 xg (with MLA-130 rotor)
Maximum Speed150000 rpm
Noise Level47 dB
RefrigeratedYes CFC-Free
Depth 23 in
Height16.1 in
Width 29 in
Power Requirements 220/240 VAC, 6 A, 50 Hzl 120 VAC, 60 Hz,; 100 VAC, 12 A, 50/60 Hz
Weight230 lbs


9 months ago
Vacuum Issue

I am having an issue with the ultracentrifuge in our lab. When the temperature is set to 4c, the vacuum fails to fall below 1000microns, though the temperature drops to 4c.

If I break the vacuum seal I can hear the air rushing in, meaning there was some sort of vacuum.

If i change the temperature to 25c, then the vacuum will be able to fall below 100 microns. After the vacuum falls, then I set the temperature to 4c and the vacuum remains.

What is causing this issue? Vacuum failing to form only when it is cold, but it is able to keep vacuum after reaching proper levels and changing the temperature afterwards.



3 years ago
Temp 503
Researcher says its not pulling vacuum; diagnostic error says rotor temp issue.

What does TEMP 503 mean? What part should I order?



4 years ago
Service Mode

The manual I have says to log in as administrator and select the Service item from the main window menu, but there's no Service item. Instead it says My Options, and the only option is to change the picture on the administrator button. Is there another way in?




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