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The J6 Series High-Capacity Centrifuge: One Exceptional Instrument for All Your Application Needs

A versatile, high-capacity centrifuge, the J6 continues our tradition of rugged reliability in a quiet floor centrifuge. With a wide range of rotors—including the ARIES™, featuring self-balancing technology—carriers, adapters and other accessories, the J6 can handle all of your high-capacity centrifuge applications.        In addition, the J6 Series offers important safety features with special diagnostics built in, and accessories designed to contain aerosols in the event of tube breakage.       The J6-MC has been discontinued       Available in three models — from the basic, easy-to-operate analog to the sophisticated digital models —the J6 maximizes your throughput in a wide range of applications:        • One instrument for all your application needs    A variety of rotors, innovative MultiDisc™ adapters and cups handle everything from tubes to blood bags and 1-liter bottles.And the J6 can spin the full range of J2 high-speed rotors.    • ARIES Smart Balance Technology provides unmatched performance    ARIES (Automatic Rotor Imbalance Equilibrating System) technology simplifies processes    by eliminating manual sample balancing. ARIES rotors are designated by the letter “A.”    • Maximum uptime for increased productivity    Rugged, belt-drive motors provide higher torque and faster acceleration and offer low wear and long motor life.            The J6-MI — Simply the Best High-capacity Centrifuge You Can Get    The J6-MI centrifuge solution is uniquely designed to achieve key separations in volumes up to 6 Liters. Enjoy maintenance free operations due to the rugged, brushless induction drive which delivers high torque, fast acceleration, and extended motor life due to low wear. Experience full control with up to ten operator definable acceleration and deceleration profiles. Eliminate rotor imbalance with the exclusive ARIES rotors; designed to auto correct opposing, imbalanced loads up to 100 grams without manual intervention or delay.


With the top-of-the-line J6-MI, you enjoy:        • Worry-free performance for years of outstanding throughput     With its advanced induction drive, you'll never have to change brushes, because there are none. This innovative drive provides outstanding performance and long drive life. It's so reliable we warrant it for a full three years.    • An accel/decel profile for your every application need     Choose from ten dual-ramp acceleration and deceleration settings that allow you to protect your delicate gradients from abrupt speed changes in the crucial range between 0 and 500 rpm. For maximum flexibility and control over accel/decel conditions, the acceleration profiles are independent of the deceleration profiles.    • Cool, quiet operation for a comfortable lab environment     The J6-MI generates less than 7,000 Btu/h and 59 dBA — fraction of the heat and sound levels of typical high-capacity centrifuges. You'll see increased productivity as laboratory personnel work with greater efficiency in a quiet, comfortable lab.   



8 months ago
Beckman J-6M taking too long to reach speed set point
Hello, I set the speed to 4k rpm and acceleration to 9 but it takes about 25 minutes to get up to set point. Has anyone here experience this and does anyone have a service manual they can share? Thanks



2 years ago
J6-MC not setting speed
Hello all,

We have a J6-MC which has a problem. When we set speed the speed value will blink but nothing more. We can set time. It will not spin at any speed because of this. It seems to not want to "accept" our specified speed. Tried CE turn off/on etc to no avail.

Any suggestions?



2 years ago
another latch question
Our beckman J6-MC also had a door lock problem, it did not want to open after a run. You could open it by tripping the door lock as in figure 4-2 of the manual. This happend a few times, so I opened the the door lock, and the part whis you trip to open the lock seems te be broken. It was not straight and there was some kind of screw next to it. I think people really tright with too much force to open it. Because I can nowhere find a picture or drawing how this should look or if it is possible to order this part somewhere. Does somebody have a picture/drawing or an ordernumber?

I took it out and the machine worksfine, but you can open it during operation. This is not ideal offcourse.




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