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Beckman Coulter - Optima™ L-90 K
Manufactured by Beckman Coulter

Beckman Coulter - Optima™ L-90 K
This product is Discontinued
Unmatched Versatility, reliability, and safety.

Capable of generating 694,000 x g at speeds up to 90,000 rpm, the Optima L-90 K Ultracentrifuge enables you to perform more separations in less time. This versatile floor model operates with a broad range of superb rotors, including zonal and continuous flow for large-volume separations. The L-90 K offers the reliability of a vacuum-encased induction drive, the simplicity of user-friendly, microprocessor-based control, and environmentally-friendly cooling systems that eliminate the need for CFCs and other harmful liquid refrigerants. All this makes the L-90 K the right choice for your laboratory’s routine separation needs.

Centrifuge Type Ultraspeed
Maximum RCF694000 xg (Type 90 Ti)
Maximum Speed90000 rpm
Noise Level57 dB
OrientationFloor Standing
RefrigeratedYes CFC-Free
Depth 26.5 in
Height47.5 in
Width 37 in
Weight1025 lbs


15 days ago
Beckman L-90K

I have a customer that is unable to get their L-90K to power on.

They are plugging it into their wall socket and it won't power on, the on/off switch on the side will not stay in the power on position.

I have asked them to send me pictures of their socket and asked them to check the voltage on the socket. Is there anything else that might cause this?




2 months ago
Beckman Optima L-90K errors

I have a Beckman Optima L-90K. I am getting errors d6.3 and d8.1 on startup. It also has Drive and Door(door is closed on startup) flashing in the diagnostic area of the display. Wondering if anyone can assist me with these errors, they don't seem to be in any other forums that I can find.




5 months ago
O/S tach problem
I have a Optime L-90K with a D31 diagnastic indicating a bad or missing O/S disc. The problem persists with all rotors tried. First the O/S disks on the rotors are of the old style, with a new style tack sensor (black). I believe these disks should be replaced with the new more reflective type. I have tried one with the new type disk and I am having the same problem. Can you let me know what the spacing for the tack sensor to the drive spindle is and anything else I might need to know regarding the status of the sensor and it's adjustement.

Thank you for your much appreciated help



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