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ESPEC - TCC Rapid-Rate Cycling Chambers
Manufactured by ESPEC

ESPEC - TCC Rapid-Rate Cycling Chambers
Designed for quick changes in specimen temperature

Through simulation of wind volume and wind speed, TCC-150 can minimize specimen temperature variations, enabling more accurate quick temperature change testing. For specimen temperature, the ramp rate is 15°C/min. For air temperature,the ramp rate is 23°C/min (temperature heat-up average).      To maintain a constant temperature change rate for test specimens, the TCC-150 uses a sensor (positioned by the user)for specimen temperature measurement,and a newly-developed high-speed controller that enables highly precise specimen temperature control. This controller enables measurement and control processing at a higher speed than conventional controllers.


Large-volume test area The test area can contain up to sixty substrates, when set vertically • Easy wiring access Clear cabinet sides allow easy access for specimen measurement • Cable ports are provided on the right as well as left sides of the chamber • Door hinge with self-closing prevention Site requirements: • Main Power: North American standard 208V (alternate international power: 200V, 220V, 380V, or 400V) • Cooling water supply • Quiet operation with sound levels below 65dB Available options: • Paperless recorder with color display and CompactFlash storage • Strip chart recorder • Computer interface (IEEE-488 or RS-232) • Overcool protection • Casters • Specimen basket / shelf bracket

Depth 16 in
Height20 in
Width 32 in
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ESPEC - TCC Rapid-Rate Cycling Chambers