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Beckman Coulter - Optima TL 100
Manufactured by Beckman Coulter

Beckman Coulter - Optima TL 100
This product is Discontinued

The Beckman Optima™ TL 100 is a state-of-the-art ultracentrifuge. With its reliable and flexible performance, the TL 100 system meets the full-service centrifugal needs of hundreds of clinical laboratories all over the world as it can reach speeds up to 100,000 rpm and generate a force of 543,000 x g.      The first of its kind in the world, the Beckman Optima™ TL 100 ultracentrifuge uses a vacuum-encased induction drive to eliminate high-speed vacuum seal. The feature also reduces heat output to 6150 Btu per hour and noise output to less than 60dB. Additionally, the friction reduction system of this Optima™ centrifuge minimizes heat output and improves the life of the motor.      The Beckman TL 100 centrifuge is easy to set up, and requires relatively low maintenance. Along with this, the Beckman centrifuge also has the ability to display diagnostic issues or errors, and store up to 10 user programs. Other convenient features and capabilities of the Beckman Optima™ ultracentrifuge include thermoelectric refrigeration, microprocessor control, smooth acceleration/deceleration, air-cooled drive, and imbalance tolerant drive.


• Microprocessor control   • High-torque direct drive induction motor   • No brushes for low maintenance   • Smooth acceleration / deceleration profiles for gentle sample processing   • Imbalance tolerant drive means eye-balancing of you sample tubes



13 days ago
DS802 + DS804 + blinking SPD
Can anyone here translate the above error sequence for me please? We have two of these machines, one being for parts, and no service manual (the price for the service manual is outragously high for such an old/obsolete unit).





a year ago
Speed controller
Dear colleagues,

We have recently recieved a used TL-100 centrifuge. We did not notice that "white" ring (speed sensor) was not tighten up, so eventually it disassembled during rotor release. There are 3 connections (red, yellow and black) to the main board, would you please advice how to connect them ? - Vladimir



2 years ago
Vacuum error

I recently replaced a couple of blown capacitors on the interface board and now the unit fails to maintain a low vacuum.

The rotor will achieve around 40,000rpm and then display drive error. UsingS604 on the interface board it displays the vacuum going down to zero then the vacuum pump will switch off and it will rise up again and cause issues.

Is there a way to adjust the vacuum guage? Is there a service manual available?


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