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Thermo Scientific - Thermo Solaar M6
Manufactured by Thermo Scientific

Thermo Scientific - Thermo Solaar M6
M6 Dual Atomizer Zeeman AA Spectrometer

The concept of the new SOLAAR M Series is simplicity itself - a Stockdale double beam optical system, each beam passing through a separate atomiser. The user defines which is the sample beam - hence which atomiser is selected. Flame to furnace changeover can, therefore, be totally automatic - no manual intervention whatsoever.       Alignment is perfect, productivity is significantly enhanced and performance guaranteed. No wasted energy and single beam performance with double beam stability!      Unrivalled flame sensitivity is guaranteed. A combination of fully inert spray chamber, impact bead, spoiler and Pt/Ir nebuliser is suitable for all flame and sample types and provides high efficiency nebulisation. The super cool, high solids Universal burner ensures exceptional atomisation.      The automatic gas control management system employs binary flow control, providing reliable repeatability for all flame conditions. Automatic burner height and gas flow   optimisation ensures simplicity of operation. Even the optical instrument parameters may be optimised automatically.      SOLAAR M Series offers a choice of either conventional or AC Zeeman graphite furnace to provide unrivalled analytical detection power with minimum interferences. Both systems employ dynamic optical temperature control to achieve heating rates in excess of 2000oC per second, independent of cuvette age.      New graphite technology has resulted in Thermo Elemental's unique Extended Lifetime Cuvettes (ELC) with up to ten times the lifetime of alternatives - uninterrupted overnight analysis which also proves surprisingly cost effective.      Pre-heated cuvette injection, coolant water temperature compensation and fast furnace operation are examples of the attention to detail which ensures perfect analyses.


• 6 lamp, auto aligning carousel   • Unique data-coded lamp capability   • Binary flow, fully automatic gas control system as standard   • Universal burner and spray chamber for all elements and matrices   • Full flame optimisation of burner position and gas flow   • QuadLine background correction on all systems, including Zeeman   • Automatic burner height adjustment   • Choice of LCD local control or 32 bit Windows PC system   • Optional GFTV in-cuvette video imaging   • Automated system Validation option

Graphite Furnace1
LampsSingle or multi - element hollow cathode lamps. Uncoded and Data Coded hollow cathode lamps. 6 independent lamp power supplies, each providing 0 to 20 mA
Optical SystemStockdale Double Beam
Wavelength Range185 to 760 nm
Depth 595 mm
Height520 mm
Width 780 mm
Power Requirements 100 to 240 V
Weight60 kg


a year ago
Solaar M6 Error MD 1066
Just wanted to see if anyone could help. I keep getting an error message saying there is a furnace contactor error and I have changed the contacts and put in a new cuvette.


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