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InnovaPrep - SpinCon II
Manufactured by InnovaPrep

InnovaPrep - SpinCon II
SpinCon II Advanced Air Sampler

The New SpinCon II provides the same capabilities as before with added improvements including a more powerful blower and ruggedized carrying case with built-in storage for sampling supplies. The collector module and controls module can be easily removed from the case to provide ultimate versatility for the user.       The SpinCon® is a portable and energy-efficient wet concentrator air sampler. Tested and proven in user sponsored tests, it is ideally suited for the collection of bioaerosols, particulate matter, and soluble vapors, including submicron-sized particles, airborne molecular contamination, biological particulates, and volatile and semivolatile chemical compounds. The system addresses a broad range of advanced air sampling requirements and is the gold standard for collecting large quantities of airborne pathogens. Validating data show that the SpinCon efficiently collects and concentrates, in a liquid medium, micron and submicron bioaerosol particles, such as molds, pollen, fungi, bacteria, viruses, and bacteriophages.


High collection efficiency and particularly high collection rate —The very high flow rate of 450 L/minute, when coupled with high collection efficiency across a very broad range of particle sizes, gives the SpinCon superior collection rates. The ability to vary sampling time makes it the ideal choice for both intermittent and continuous monitoring application.      Ability to concentrate and retain particles in solution — The ability to concentrate and keep particles in the sample makes it possible to achieve sample concentrations of the target many times higher than what is in the air. This allows the SpinCon to produce samples that are well within the detection limits of most sensitive detection devices, even if the agent sought is in low ambient concentrations

Depth 8 in
Height18 in
Width 15 in
Power Requirements 120V
Weight46 lbs
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