Shimadzu - IRAffinity-1
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Shimadzu - IRAffinity-1
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FTIR Spectroscopy

Shimadzu designed the IRAffinity-1 Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) spectrophotometer with high-throughput optics and a dynamic alignment mechanism to increase sensitivity, stability and usability.         The IRAffinity-1 offers the highest signal-to-noise ratio (sensitivity) in its class at 30,000:1, with a maximum resolution of 0.5 cm-1 (according to Shimadzu's investigation in January 2008). The unit achieves this level of sensitivity by using a high-energy ceramic light source; temperature-controlled, high-sensitivity DLATGS detector; and high-throughput optical elements. Also, the IRAffinity-1 includes optimized electrical and optical systems to minimize noise levels.        The IRAffinity-1 includes patented technology to increase stability and precision. Its moving mirror is run smoothly and precisely by a flexible joint system patented by Shimadzu. The interferometer is optimized and stabilized by a dynamic alignment mechanism on which Shimadzu has a patent pending. The interferometer's optical elements are protected from humidity and stabilized by a sealed interferometer, continuously removing moisture by a reactive polymeric desiccator, and coating the beam splitter with moisture-resistant protective film.        To increase reliability, the IRAffinity-1 executes self-diagnosis at initialization and monitors the state of the instrument during operation. Users can check basic performance using a standard-feature validation program.        IRsolution software, standard in the IRAffinity-1, emphasizes operability and analysis support programs to perform data processing and analysis. With IRsolution specialized windows, users can easily perform standard operations, such as measurement, display, data processing, quantitative analysis, search and printing. A variety of optional programs and accessories, such as those facilitating PLS and multilinear regression, deconvolution, and mapping measurement, are also available.


The IRAffinity-1 offers the highest S/N ratio in its class* (30,000:1, 1-minute accumulation, neighborhood of 2,100 cm-1, peak-to-peak), a maximum resolution of 0.5 cm-1, and compact dimensions. Furthermore, the high-performance IRsolution software, which emphasizes operability, and analysis support programs (a foreign matter analysis program and a Japanese Pharmacopoeia compliance program) make it easier to perform data processing and analysis.    *As of January 2008, according to Shimadzu investigations.        Highest S/N Ratio in Its Class: 30,000:1     Through the incorporation of a high-energy ceramic light source, a temperature-controlled, high-sensitivity DLATGS detector, a high-throughput optical element, and the optimization of the electrical system and optical system, the IRAffinity-1 achieves the highest S/N ratio in its class.        Ease of Maintenance Ensured by Built-in Desiccator (JPN:registration of utility model No.3116465)    Beam splitters in the interferometers of FTIR instruments are susceptible to humidity. In order to maintain the long-term stability of the interferometer, the beam splitter must be protected. In the IRAffinity-1, the interferometer is airtight and incorporates a unique internal desiccator (JPN:registration of utility model No.3116465). Inside of interferometer        Equipped with Analysis Support Programs    The two main applications of infrared analysis are the analysis of foreign matter and identification tests. At Shimadzu, in order to allow operators with little experience in infrared analysis to fully utilize the functionality of the IRAffinity-1, we have prepared analysis support programs. These programs are useful in a variety of analysis scenarios where infrared spectra are used.        Contaminant Analysis program (Patent pending)    By combining a library of spectra for substances that are often detected as foreign matter and Shimadzu's own algorithms, this program identifies foreign matter with a high degree of accuracy. Reports are automatically created after analysis, so operators with little knowledge of infrared analysis can perform analysis easily.    This program contains spectra for over 300 highly-selected inorganic substances, organic substances, and polymers that are often detected as foreign matter in Shimadzu´s Analytical Applications Department.        PharmaReport Program     This program makes pass/fail judgments about samples in accordance with the tests specified under "Infrared Spectrophotometry" in the Japanese Pharmacopoeia. In addition to identification tests for pharmaceutical products, use this program for incoming inspections and pre-shipment inspections.         Smart Design     In addition to all the new features and functions, such as the highest S/N ratio in its class, a resolution of 0.5 cm-1, dynamic alignment, and an interferometer equipped with a desiccator, the IRAffinity-1 also achieves a reduction of approximately 20% in installation area and width (compared with other Shimadzu products).         A Wide Range of Accessories     Various accessories, to best meet your application requirements, are available.

Signal-to-Noise Ratio30,000:1 or higher
Wavenumber Range7800 to 350 cm-1
Wavenumber Resolution 0.5 cm-1 (max)
Depth 606 mm
Height273 mm
Width 514 mm
Weight35 kg


-Praveen sharma
6 days ago
Mirror stability error
When i run the background sample then automatically IR solution software is closed,please guide me on this error Reply


7 months ago
Faced problem
after initialising shimadzu FTIR Affinity 1s, when i click to BKG scan, a command box appear that show 'the path is not exist'. How this could be solved? please give the solution.



10 months ago
QC manager from Rene Industry
How to compare the IR spectrum in the IRsolution software ? what i mean that how to get concordence % of spectrum?


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