Cecil Instruments - Merit
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Cecil Instruments - Merit
Easy to Use and Highly Affordable Merit HPLC Systems

Each Merit system incorporates the proven, reliable, consistent, high specification, ultra-low drift and durable performance of the trusted Cecil pumps and UV/Visible detectors. Each system is fully PC controlled, using Merit software, to achieve and save high quality chromatograms. Automatic integration is provided, without the need for further baseline adjustment. Qualitative work is remarkably easy. The fast checking of multi-component samples is easy. These Merit HPLC systems will make life so much easier for so many chemical, biological and materials analysts in so many fields. Multi compound screening scientists, scientists performing initial method development, production scientists, process development chemists, lecturers, teachers and novices, in fact everyone one who wants high impact quick and easy HPLC, will find that a Merit is just right for their needs. The Merit HPLC systems demonstrate the ultimate in HPLC simplicity. Just inject and go.


System choices include a CE 4403 UV/Visible detector, a DAD WaveQuest detector, an isocratic CE 4401 pump, a CE 4402 binary pump and a column heater/chiller. Biocompatible options are available. Set-up of the system hardware is fast, the pump and detector modules each plug into the USB ports of a PC or laptop. The Merit software only takes a few seconds to load and just a few minutes to master. Save HPLC methods and store chromatograms within Merit software or elsewhere on the PC , network or portable drive etc. In the case of the Merit PC software, chromatograms may be copied and pasted into other software programmes, such as Word or PowerPoint. All the numerical data points captured within each chromatogram is saved. In two key strokes, data may be manually copied and pasted into Excel or other software spreadsheets. GLP data such as time, date, serial number of the detector etc. are automatically displayed. Again, data may be copied and pasted into Word, PowerPoint or other software packages. In addition, the Merit software contains a spacious library. Once a chromatogram is created, it may be saved into the library. In two clicks of the mouse, subsequent chromatograms, may then be compared with the saved chromatograms. When any two chromatograms are automatically compared with each other, a numerical match index is automatically created. Within a few seconds, a league table of comparable chromatograms is created. This is such a useful facility when performing initial method development and routine elutions.

Maximum Pressure40 MPa = 400 bar
Standard Flow Rate 0.001 to 10 ml/min
Depth 290 mm
Height365 mm
Width 140 mm
Power Requirements 115V or 230V, 50/60Hz, 30VA
Weight7.5 kg
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