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Ocean Optics - OceanView
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Ocean Optics - OceanView
Meet the All New OceanView Spectroscopy Software

OceanView spectroscopy software combines powerful data processing capabilities with a clear graphical user interface for use with Ocean Optics miniature spectrometers. OceanView is highly customizable and includes a schematic view that provides a visual roadmap of data flow from spectral inputs to processed results. OceanView delivers results in the form of an answer, rather than just a simple waveform.


Customizable user-interface that allows you to choose what data you want to display and which items to display on the toolbars and menus. Persistence of user settings including: - File locations - Acquisition parameters - Menu settings (hiding/showing of menu items) - Graph view customization Capability of manually saving experiment settings (source, processing type, acquisition parameters, data view customization) and reloading them again later. Ability to perform specialized calculations on spectral and other measurement data, including: - Derivatives and integrals of spectral data - Spectral arithmetic - Ratiometric on the same spectrum or between 2 different spectra - Interpolation, subsetting and concatenation of a spectrum Support of the following experiments/processing modes: - Quick View (formerly Scope Mode) - Quick View Minus Background - Absorbance - Reflection - Fluorescence - Transmission - Raman - Quick View Fluorescence - Relative Irradiance - Absolute Irradiance - Color - Photometry - Concentration - Energy, Power, Photons - Strip Charts - Spectral Math/Arithmetic - Spectral Splicing - Color - Photometry - Peak metrics - Schematic view for processing spectral data on the fly and for customizing your experiment (data acquisition)



5 months ago
Blinking strobe light
How can you prevent tthe stobe light from blinking during the experiment? During each run it starts to blink after 5 minutes.



a year ago
signal, background noise, Fiber optic spectrometer SD2000 Ocean Optics, SpectraSuite

I have a problem using the following Ocean Optics Instruments/Softwares doing my research:

- Fiber optic spectrometer SD2000

- External USB A/D Converter: ADC 1000-USB, Serial-No.: ADUD0930

- SpectraSuite: Spectrometer Operating Software (Product Version: SpectraSuite, Operation System: Linux version 3.2.0-4-amd64 running on amd64, Java: 1.6.0_01, VM: Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM 1.6.0_01-b06, Vendor: Sun Microsystems Inc.)

The signal seems to be disturbed/varies from prior measurements. Over the last few months my data showed a "background noise" of 20-40 counts throughout a bigger part of the light spectrum.

Since last week instead of the background noise, my data shows the value "0".

The values suddenly changed during one measurement. The problem persists since then.

I fixed all the settings the same way as before: same light intensity, same lamps, same settings in SpectraSuite (integration time: 100ms, scans to average: 5, boxcar width: 2, strobe/lamp enable: no, electric dark correction: no, nonlinearity correction: no, stray light correction: no, external trigger: normal).

The spectrometer is fixed to a light microscope – it is removed and fixed regularly. There has never been a problem.

Does anyone have a clue what might have happened?

I’d be thankful for any hint.

Best regards,



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