The San++ unit is a automated wet chemistry analyzer featuring over 300 approved methods for water, beer, wine, malt and industrial samples.

The San++ Automated Wet Chemistry Analyzer also known as Continuous Flow Analyzer has been designed as a modular system to meet the needs of laboratories which process a few samples or large volumes of samples. Based on the Continuous Flow Analysis (CFA) or also called Segemented Flow Analysis (SFA) technique, up to 16 analytical measurements can be made on a single sample simultaneously. With the addition of rinsing valves and software the San++ system can automate; start-up, shut-down, dilutions, reruns, clean-up, and raw data storage.          Skalar, the world leader in wet chemistry technology offers, over 300 proven applications utilizing various combinations of automatic dilutions, additions, mixing, heating, dialysis, extractions, distillation, digestion, phase-separation, hydrolysis, ion-exchange/reduction and more. Skalar has developed a proven systematic approach to providing a quality system starting with complete applications engineered on customer samples to provide the best possible configuration to the customer needs and requirements, training and installation by qualified specialists and complete application and service support.


The Skalar range of San++ samplers offers for each routine laboratory and application the perfect match saving operators time and errors. With the unique automatic standard preparation and over range dilution facility, high workloads are fully automatically analyzed outside working hours, without any operator supervision.      Skalar Samplers offer the highest degree of automation available today with:      • Real Automatic pre- and post dilution runs   • Full automatic standard preparation   • Random access   • Automatic multiple range operation   • Built in rinse pump   • Customized sample containers and racks   • Automatic barcode reader   • Multiple sample probes   • Extended operation outside working hours with automatic start up and shut down   • Full analyzer control



a month ago
Analytics information

I would like to know more information about San++ on how to analyze cyanide, surfactants and phenols. How to calculate reagent expenses, analysis time and technical procedures.



10 months ago
Hello there my skalar san++ analyzer recently doesnt detect the peaks of samples analyzed. the reagent lines have been changed and also cleaned as per the maintenance proceduer but the peaks not only are dimished but do not show at all. how should i go about this?



a year ago
Baseline troubleshooting



we are currently using skalar at a remote location, and about two days ago, we are having trouble with the baseline. TCN always stay about 1.2-1.3 and WAD 1.6-1.7. But now TCN is sitting at 2and WAD is at 3. The baseline is also unstable, with blip like picks all over, thats before using any in house prep solutions. only using DI water. what will be the possible issue here?, we are pretty sure that all solutions lines are flowing well and the glass coils are also clean. We have limited information on possible issues to encounter with the instrument. Can you please help us trouble shoot any possible cause that can affect the baseline and the instrument performance.


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