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Thermo Scientific - SOLAAR M Series
Manufactured by Thermo Scientific

Thermo Scientific - SOLAAR M Series

The M Series spectrometers offer ergonomically designed, dual atomizer, multi-element AA systems with a footprint of less than 0.5 sq. m. Employing a unique echelle optical system to cover the range 180nm to 900nm (with wide range PMT option), it sets a new standard of performance. Pre-aligned flame (left hand compartment) and furnace atomizers (right hand compartment) can be selected purely by software means, so that automated changeover in a method is possible. A 6 lamp auto-aligning turret (using data-coded lamps with individual power supplies), pencil beam optics and Stockdale double beam system combine to produce exceptional trace element detection limits. QuadLine deuterium background correction is standard on all units, even when equipped with the optional Zeeman system, and provides guaranteed correction performance.


• Maximise your productivity • High performance atomizers • Dual background correction option • Stored task recall for simpler analysis • Quality results with less effort



a year ago
Error Message MD2071 Solaar M6
What does the error message MD2071 mean for the Solaar M6 AA?



2 years ago
M Series AA Spectrophotometer start up problem
What is the cause of displaying this message " the gas box is not fitted" eventhough the gasses are conected?



3 years ago
Very Low PMT intensity
I have AAS Thermo S Series (semi-auto version of M series). Even after Auto-alignment of HCL beam, error message comes 'low beam intensity'. Upon auto-alignment command, beam moves to different positions at sample compartment exit port to determine best position.

Opened left side cover and found that the PMT (end-on window type) which is mounted horizontally with window facing downwards in a slot has bare 11-pins facing out. Surprised to find that No connector is found connected to these pins!

Is the connector cable missing, or is this PMT (which is outside the monochromator compartment module cover) a Spare PMT for long range wavelength ?

Please help and advise at earliest.

Thanks. Harpreet Singh


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