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Complete control and networked data handling solutions for your laboratory

Agilent Technologies 1100 Series sets the industry standard for HPLC analysis. The combination of our long expertise in chemical analysis with leading computer technology expands networking technology into the laboratory. Since 1996, more than 120,000 LC units and more than 50,000 ChemStation data handling systems have been installed worldwide.            In 2006 Agilent Technologies introduced the 1200 Series liquid chromatography system, successor to its market-leading 1100 LC, including the 1200 Rapid Resolution System.


Handheld controller: Control all instruments in an LC tower and display the analytical signal as it occurs with Agilent's handheld controller.            Standalone ChemStation:            • Increase efficiency with an intuitively-easy graphical user interface.      • Control and evaluate data from multi-technique 2D and 3D instruments      • Add Security Pack software module for support with 21 CFR Part 11 compliance                  ChemStation Plus multi-user/multi-instrument networked data system:            • Extend the standalone ChemStation to a client/server solution.      • Comply easily with regulatory guidelines through fully-traceable data and results,      built-in audit-trails and integrated electronic results approval.      • Archive and retrieve data quickly and easily from any networked location.      • Monitor the status of your analyses remotely.      • Add package for method validation according to ICH guidelines.     



7 days ago
Agilent Chemstation for LC w/ G2170 License
Hi. We are looking for the software for Agilent G1315B DAD and G1311A QuatPump 1100 Series HPLC.

The license number is G2170BA Agilent 32-Bit ChemStation for 2D Liquid Chromatography (LC) systems

Please provide any information. Thanks.

Mykeil +48 693 037 279



3 months ago
G1315 DAD
Instrument powers up, but cannot

communicate through ethernet,

and firmware cannot be written.

Looking for way to diagnose/repair problems with motherboard.



9 months ago
Wavelength inaccuracy
Using Sciex Analyst software, we get incorrect wavelengths for peak maxima of caffeine (e.g. 238 nm instead of 273 nm). When we used chemstation, the maxima were fine.

From this I assume that the detector is functioning correctly, but there is either a problem with the software or the connectors. As I can't find a technician with knowledge of both Agilent hardware and Sciex software we have not been able to resolve this for years now.

Any ideas would be gratefully accepted.


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