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Thermo Scientific - TruProcess
Manufactured by Thermo Scientific

Thermo Scientific - TruProcess

Thermo Scientific* TruProcess NIR Analyzer is the next generation Near-Infrared (NIR) spectrometer for real-time blend analysis, drying, and other Process Analytical Technology (PAT) applications. It contains the capability of a benchtop system in a small, lightweight enclosure, making the analyzer an ideal NIR solution for small batch processes to large scale production.


Real-time sample monitoring during continuous manufacturing is critical to ensure product quality and achieve efficient manufacturing. Utilizing NIR spectroscopy, the TruProcess analyzer contains the capabilities of a benchtop system in a small, lightweight form factor making it ideal for global deployment. Providing fast, reliable, real-time process analysis, the analyzer optimizes manufacturing throughput while improving product quality and lowering production costs. It is ideal for use with processing equipment of all sizes. The small and lightweight enclosure allows for complete process scalability from small-scale laboratory blending equipment through pilot scale-up, to large-scale production. Key Benefits • Non-Destructive: Non-contact, diffuse reflectance measurement with programmable acquisition trigger allow for non-destructive measurements • Fast, Accurate Monitoring: Complete with wireless communications, real-time data analysis and storage, the analyzer scans within 5 microseconds and has a blending rate of up to 25 rpms • Advanced Technology: Micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) technology transforms traditional NIR spectroscopy into a process-line NIR sensor • Customizable: Compatible with Thermo Scientific Method Development software which allows for both qualitative and quantitative applications including; drying, blending and moisture analysis

Depth 177 mm
Height158 mm
Width 127 mm
Weight2.95 kg
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