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Thermo Scientific - Versette
Manufactured by Thermo Scientific

Thermo Scientific - Versette
Versatile enough to fit any lab from low-to-high throughput. Scalable to fit a lab's needs today and tomorrow. Easy to integrate into any size lab.

The Thermo Scientific* Versette is a compact and user-scalable automated liquid handling system offering the broadest range of pipetting options in the marketplace with 19 self-interchanging and quick-swap options and a total volume range of 0.1 to 1250µL. Pipetting heads range from single- to 384-channel, offering a choice between 2- or 6-position stages, also two user friendly programming options.


     • Compatible with 19 interchangeable pipetting heads ranging from single to 384-channels     • Pipetting heads available in disposable and fixed-tip formats     • Total volume range: 0.1 to 1250µL     • All pipetting heads include RFID tags to self-identify for tracking usage and service information               Consumables Designed to Optimize Liquid Handling Performance          • Single-, 8-, 12-channel pipetting tools utilize Thermo Scientific ClipTips* that securely seal to the pipetting head.      • These require low insertion and ejection force, extending the instrument component's life     • 96- and 384-channel pipetting heads utilize Thermo Scientific D.A.R.T.s* tips     • D.A.R.T.s utilize a unique surface seal design that ensures accurate and precise pipetting by forming an even seal across all pipetting channels               Options for two- or six-positiondeck          •Two-stage capacity options, whether transitioning from handheld pipetting procedures or incorporating into an integrated system     •Space Matters     •Both can be swapped out with minimal effort and used in standalone or robotic-friendly format     •Compact design allows it to fit on standard laboratory benches and into most biological hoods     • 2- and 6-position units are equipped with a safety shield     • The 6-position stage uses a unique dual-level design to further minimize space requirements               User-Friendly Programming Options          • Compatible with an onboard LCD interface or PC-based ControlMate* software     • Options available for creating and editing simple or complex pipetting procedures     • Ideal for procedures as diverse as automated serial dilution and cherry picking to 96/384 plate replications    

Maximum Dispensing Volume1250 μL
Dispensing TypeMulti-channel
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