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Thermo Scientific - SampleManager
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Thermo Scientific - SampleManager

A lab in today’s connected enterprise has to be more than just “paperless.” It has to be more flexible and efficient than ever in order to respond to the needs of the business. The latest release of Thermo Scientific™ SampleManager LIMS—the most widely deployed LIMS in the world—delivers enhanced functionality that empowers timely decision making. It increases productivity and improves the responsiveness and agility of labs across a wide range of regulated and non-regulated industries—including pharmaceutical QA/QC, oil and gas, chemicals, water and environmental, food safety and contract labs SampleManager provides a solid foundation for a total lab automation platform by integrating disparate instruments and laboratory processes with key enterprise and business systems, including PIMS, MES and ERP. Scalable to a very large user base and available in multiple languages, the full-featured system is ideal for both local and global deployments.


The latest release of SampleManager features advanced new tools and interface enhancements that improve laboratory process mapping, management and automation, such as: • Workflow configurability • User-intuitive multiple sample login • Point-and-click extensibility • Enhanced data mining and tracking capabilities



a year ago
Result entry review Thermo LIMS sample manager

Is there a way to set up a sample so when you click save a field pops up telling you what information you entered or did not enter before saving the sample? So if a sample was put on test and read on day five I want a field to pop up telling me what field I filled out and if I didn't fill out a field for this sample. This way important information about the read wont be missed or entered late. Basically is there any kind of alert system we can implement in LIMS that would say "hey, woah there why isn't this entered?" before saving?

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