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Thermo Scientific - Shandon Finesse 325 Microtome
Manufactured by Thermo Scientific

Thermo Scientific - Shandon Finesse 325 Microtome

The Shandon Finesse 325 is a manual rotary microtome for routine paraffin sectioning. It has a lightly balanced flywheel designed to address repetitive stress injury. The Shandon Finesse 325 includes an integral debris tray, organizer storage tray and a resettable section counter. The retraction feature is standard and may be disengaged at the users request. The unit is supplied with a quick release cassette clamp and "x-y" orientation head as standard. Disposable blades or standard microtome knives may be used with this unit, using the appropriate knife holder.


  •Modern Accu-Feed System provides high quality reproducible sections throughout the length of specimen travel.  •Removable deep debris tray for ease of cleaning.  •Removable organizer tray located at the top of the unit for cassette organization.  •Precision response, free-running flywheel with ergonomic design.  •Brake may be activated at any position of the flywheel.  •Retraction may be disengaged at the users discretion.  •Supplied with orientation head, quick-release clamp, microtome oil, dust cover, and operators manual.

Microtome TypeRotary


6 years ago
325 shendom finesse microtome (Please reply Urgently)
Please elaborate on the following points in finesse 325 microtome model.

1) Horizontal Specemen fed approximately in mm

2) Vertical Specemen Stroke length in mm

3) Specemen orientation (X/Y) in degrees

4) Trimming thickness selection in um

5) Specemen retraction in um

6) Section thickness seting



-Prasanna Kumar
7 years ago
shandon finesse me+ microtome
does shandon finesse me+ microtome have CE approval Reply


8 years ago
PM on a microtome (or cryostat)
What is the usual PM on a microtome (or cryostat)? Do you do any disassembly, clean, lube, reassemble? I hate to disassemble if I don't need. I has lots of pieces. Thanks for your help, Reply

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