Panasonic - MDF-U76VC
Manufactured by Panasonic

Panasonic - MDF-U76VC
26 cu. ft. VIP ™ Series -86°C Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer

The SANYO MDF-Series -86°C ultra-low freezers feature new SANYO Cool Safe™ refrigeration systems designed to deliver energy-saving, high performance cooling. Designed for long-term preservation of biologicals, the VIP® Series offers maximum storage volume in the smallest possible footprint. SANYO VIP® ultra-low freezers represent the industry’s most complete combination of refrigeration, control, alarm, monitoring and accessibility for product safety at -86°C. Ideal for material storage in repositories, hospitals, clinics and medical research facilities, the VIP® Series are designed to significantly reduce energy consumption. The SANYO microprocessor control system is secure, easy to use and comprehensive. Setpoint, alarm parameters and self-diagnostic functions are accessed through a tamper-resistant keypad protocol. Control inputs are managed with convenient push-ad buttons on a unitized, sealed control overlay. The panel is door-mounted and angled for easy access. The environmentally-friendly refrigeration system is intelligently managed by intuitive microprocessor controls and integrated into SANYO’s patented VIP® vacuum panel cabinet make the most efficient use of available floor space.


• Inner doors and shelves are configurable for use with stainless steel racks to simplify inventory management. • New SANYO designed Cool Safe™ refrigeration compressors feature innovative refrigerant feedback processes to reduce compressor temperature, thereby extending compressor life and minimizing heat output. • Optional liquid N2 or liquid CO2 back-up systems, offer a circle of protection unmatched in the marketplace.

Freezer OrientationUpright
Freezer TypeUltra-Low Temperature
Internal Depth 23.6 in
Internal Height 55.1 in
Internal Width 34.2 in
Freezer Capacity25.7 cu. ft.
Depth 34.4 in
Height78.3 in
Width 39.8 in
Power Requirements 208 - 230V, AC, 15 amp
Weight805 lbs empty


19 days ago
Ordering new racks
Where can I purchase racks for the MDF-U76VC



a year ago
need replacement door handle and door stop

need replacement door handle/stop



4 years ago
need product number for interior door seals
Would like to replace the small interior door seals of a Panasonic -80 freezer, model number MDF-U76VC-PA. Do not have product number or price. Any help would be super!


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Panasonic - MDF-U76VC